Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1176

Chapter 1176 Award Ceremony

"Cough, cough, cough. Alright, everyone, get ready." Dean Fergos coughed and cleared his throat. He secretly glanced at Hong Dali with a smile, his eyes were full of unrepressed appreciation. When he was done looking, he said, "Everyone, return to the real world first. Then, we will begin the award ceremony for this years Astral Genius Battle. Thereafter, the mentors will debrief all of you. Im sure everyone must be looking forward to it."

The award ceremony was so-so. What was important were the additional benefits of this Astral Genius Battle.

Everyone could learn one or two good things from the battle. But the important thing was having the heavyweights come from various major Astral Realms to discuss business with Shenglong Astral. The other important thing was the debrief given by respective mentors. Through analysis, everyone would be able to understand their shortcomings and at the same time, they could increase tacit understanding with each other.

"Of course, this years genius battle is full of surprises." A mentor smiled and nodded. "Its far from what we had imagined. Alright, lets return to the real world first."

Immediately, a dazzling golden light flashed and all of them disappeared from the virtual world. When they opened their eyes again, they had returned to the real world.

The first stage of the genius battle had ended. After returning to the real world, everyone emerged from their spacecraft and gathered at the Divine Colleges main square. They waited for the results of the award ceremony as well as the mentors debrief.

Over ten thousand people gathered at the main square and it was extremely lively. Everyone was discussing their battles.

Although everyone fought each other to their deaths during the competition, when the competition ended, they still had a lot to talk about with each other.

After all, only Heavens Chosen Ones had the pressure of the Shuraba in the future. Other than the pressure, the other students did not engage in many circumstances where they had to fight each other to their deaths. It was beneficial for everyones personal growth to get to know more about warriors of other Astrals.

"Hehe, youre good. You trashed me so hard in the competition. How do I address you? Lets exchange counters when we get a chance, okay?"

"Haha, I had a good time. Dont take it to heart. Lets have a drink when we meet again to get to know each other better."

"Definitely. Lets find a place to analyze the battle when we return. There are a lot of learning points from this years battle."

"Yes, yes. Lets keep in contact"

Such conversations were initiated one after another and the atmosphere was very good.

It was just a competition in the virtual world, after all. There was no best writer, nor was there a second-best fighter. Scholars tend to disparage one another while people who practiced martial arts tend to sympathize with one another.

"Alright, dear students, powerful Heavens Chosen Ones," When everyone had gathered, Dean Fergos cleared his throat and said loudly, "After the previous Astral Genius Battle, I believe that everyone already knows their strengths in many ways. Now that the Astral Genius Battle is over, its time for the award ceremony. This is an important moment, and its also time for us to congratulate the heroes who have returned triumphantly. So, first of all, the winner of this Astral Genius Battle, the Muda Astral Team!"

His rhythmical rhetoric quickly attracted everyones attention.

After all, this was the winner of the Astral Genius Battle. They were not ordinary people. Especially since the strength of the very talented team leader of the Muda Astral Team, Silver Frost, left a very deep impression on everyone.

Soon, a suave Silver Frost in white led all one hundred people of the Muda Astral Team and went up the podium slowly.

Once Silver Frost went up the podium, he did not appear too excited over their victory. He just smiled calmly and casually, winning the favor and marvel of everyone.

All the students from various Astrals secretly sighed. "Hes here, Silver Frost. The most powerful genius in this years Astral Genius Battle! Hes really handsome!" "Hes so good looking, so powerful, so cool. I wonder if hell like me. I want to give birth to his children" "Hes too cool. Look at his handsome looks and his strength. Comparisons are odious"

At this moment, Dean Fergos coughed and waited for all the students to calm. Then, he introduced with a smile. "I believe everyone is well aware of how powerful the Muda Astral Team is. Theres no need for me to say more. No words of praise can describe the shock that the Muda Astral Team brought everyone! Now, let us welcome the team leader of Muda Astral Team, Heavens Chosen One, Silver Frost, to give us their victory speech. A round of applause for them!"

There was instantly a thunderous round of applause and countless people shouted. "Silver Frost, youre the best!" "Youre so handsome!" "Silver Frost, I love you!"

"Thank you for your support, everyone." Silver Frost took a step forward and smiled as he looked around the audience. Then, he slowly said, "I have benefited a lot from this years Astral Genius Battle. Yes, we won. I received a lot of support from everyone. But what I wish to say is, our Muda Astral Team is a whole. Its impossible to win this by myself. Thank you, everyone. Thank you, my team. Thanks to everyone who supported me. Thank you, all."

Although his words sounded a little scripted and everyone knew that he was humble, everyone enjoyed listening. A thunderous round of applause roared and the cheers were deafening.

"This kid knows the way to peoples hearts." Hong Xingyu touched his beard and looked at the students from Muda Astral who were full of admiration for Silver Frost. He was full of praise for him. "He won but is not proud, this kid has a great future."

"Indeed, its rare that he can still think of the people in the team. He did not let his success get to his head. Its very rare, indeed." Hua Yueling also only had praises for Silver Frost. After all, to be able to rank first in 100 Astral Realms, he must be very capable. Especially the reason why their team was able to get first place, Silver Frost played a very big part, but he was not proud at all. It was really hard to come by.

At this moment, an attendant had already approached with a wooden plate covered with a red cloth. A trophy-like item was beneath it.

"Thank you for your speech, Silver Frost." Fergos had a very good impression of Silver Frost as well. He stepped forward and smiled as he took off the red cloth. It was indeed a shiny golden trophy. There was also a card beside it. Fergos took the trophy and handed it over to Silver Frost. He then smiled and said, "Congratulations, Silver Frost. This is your reward for coming in first in this years Astral Genius Battle. The Genius Battle Trophy represents the utmost glory. Please take good care of it."

"Thank you, Dean Fergos." Silver Frost bowed respectfully and took over the trophy. Unexpectedly, he handed the trophy to his team members who were standing behind him and said, "We are a whole. This trophy belongs to everybody. Please share this honor with me. Thank you, everyone."

When he said that, his team members were so touched they almost cried. They choked and could not say anything.

Toward Silver Frosts performance, Fergos gave him a very high evaluation. Then, he handed the card to him and smiled. "This is the reward for coming in first. Three billion Astral Dollars. Please keep it properly."

"Thank you, Dean Fergos." Silver Frost took the card and passed it to his team members again.

In an instant, there was non-stop thunderous applause.

At this moment, the prize for the winner had been given. Next was the award ceremony for the runner-up Alang Astral Realm.

Everything was similar as before, just that when You Muming, who had his silver-and-white giant sword on his back, went on the podium, he shot Silver Frost a death stare and said softly, "When we get to the 2nd stage, I hope to have a chance to battle against you."

Silver Frost smiled and nodded. "I hope so. If you dont go looking for Gu Feifei first."

"You know Gu Feifei too?" Hearing that, You Muming narrowed his eyes. This Silver Frost actually knew Gu Feifei. It seemed very strange.

"Since you know her, I naturally know her as well." Silver Frost shrugged his shoulders. "Anyway, I look forward to our duel. Its a good thing I wont have to wait too long."

"Me too." As they spoke up to this point, You Muming took another glance at Silver Frost and then walked away.

Soon, the award ceremony for You Muming also ended. Next was the main highlight of this years Astral Genius Battle. Third place, Shenglong Astral Teams award ceremony.

The reason why this was the main highlight was that this years Astral Genius Battle, including previous years battles, Shenglong Astral Team was the first and only team to be ranked top ten without any Heavens Chosen One in the team. Especially this time, Shenglong Astral Team even came in third. This was something that was unimaginable in the past.

"Alright, dear students." Fergos tried his best to look impartial, but his slightly trembling hands gave him away. For many years, there was no Heavens Chosen One in Shenglong Astral. They had always been at the losing end at the Astral Genius Battle. He did not expect that they would have a chance to turn the tables around this year Cough, cough. This was an honor brought to the Shenglong Astral. It was worth a celebration.

Fergos shouted, "Next, let us welcome the second runner-up, which is also our Shenglong Astrals team, to come up to the podium to receive the award! Everyone, a big round of applause!"

The Shenglong Astral Team led by Hong Dali could be said to be a legendary presence in this competition. Everyone responded with enthusiastic applause. Even Silver Frost and You Muming were slightly excited.

At this time, Fergos did not forget to introduce everyone to this team from the college. "The Shenglong Astral Team had no Heavens Chosen One to lead the team. But they eventually managed to come in third this time. This is extremely rare in the history of the Astral Genius Battle. Hence, they deserve to be warmly congratulated by all of us!"

The audience broke into thunderous applause once again!






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