Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1177

Chapter 1177 Huge Embarrassment

Fergos did not know how to continue. Most importantly, Hong Dali and the rest were still not on stage yet

This was a rare occurrence. Usually, winning teams were all eager to claim their awards. Where were Hong Dali and the rest? Furthermore, not only was Hong Dali missing, nobody from his entire team was here. This was a little confusing.

Fergos hurriedly looked around to no avail. In the end, he saw Hong Xingyu and Hua Yueling. He walked down in a hurry and helplessly asked them, "Erm, have you seen Hong Dali?"

Hong Xingyu and Hua Yueling shook their head in unison. "No. We dont know where he is. The communicator isnt working."

"What?!" Fergoss eyes widened in shock. "He cant possibly have run away, right? Its a great honor to come in third place. But he ran away? What to do now? We cant end this without someone collecting the award, right?"

It did not make sense for people to come in third place yet refuse to collect the award. Hong Xingyu found this a difficult situation too. "Nothing we can do about it. You know that our Dali has always enjoyed squandering. Hes the best at spending money. However, hes never been interested in earning money"

Fergos was even more depressed. "He still has to collect the award back, even if hes unwilling to take the money. Can you try to contact him again?"

"Sure. Ill try." Hong Xingyu tried to call Hong Dali again.

Everyone realized that Hong Dali and the rest were not present. They all extended their necks and hoped to see whether Hong Dali could be contacted.

Fortunately, the communicator ringed for a while and finally connected!

"Dali." Hong Xingyu looked at Hong Dalis image displayed on the communicator. He could finally relax. "Where are you? The Award Ceremony has begun. We cant find you here. Hurry back!"

"Ah? Award Ceremony?" Hong Dali said nonchalantly as everyone watched. "It doesnt matter. Just get any random person to do it. Why do they have to make it so official?"

Find a random person?! What situation do you think this is?! Are these things so casual?!

Everyone was stunned, but Fergos panicked. He ran forward and screamed. "You little rascal, do you know how big of a contribution you made this time?! Third place in the Astral Genius Team Battle! Third place without a Chosen One! Yet, you ran away like that?! At least assign someone to collect the award!"

"Relax, relax." Hong Dali shrugged his shoulders and replied helplessly, "Why make it so official for the third place? The most important thing is that we got out already. Theres no way we can head back."

"Where did you go?" Hong Xingyu hurriedly asked. "We couldnt contact you just now."

"Oh, us?" Hong Dali smiled. "We got out once we returned to the real world. We were in Phase Transmission just now. Space was enclosed, theres no way to contact me there."

Phase Transmission! He was planning on a cross-Astral tour!

"Little rascal, I dont care where you are." Fergos was so angry that his mustache almost stood up. "You have to resolve this. You have to find someone to come collect the award! Otherwise, Ill skin you alive once you come back!"

Everyone shuddered! The students around all stared in bewilderment.

What was this Hong Dali thinking about? Third place in the Astral Genius Battle! He did not care about such a huge deal? He ran out using Phase Transmission? He did not care about such a huge glory, but who could collect the award on his behalf? Could they ask a random person who did not attend the Genius Battle to collect it?

"Im outside now, what can I do about it?" Hong Dali jumped up. "I want to squander! Squander! Squandering is what I should be doing. What fun is it to collect awards? I have to stand still on stage like a wooden log and try to smile. Then, I need to accept everyones stares, like Im an animal in a zootheres no way Ill go back!"

After Hong Dali said that, the place turned silent for a while. Then, everyone turned to look at the podium

Indeed, after listening to Hong Dali, Silver Frost and You Muming looked exactly as he described

What the heck! Why did you have to ruin a proper Award Ceremony?!

"I dont care!" Fergos lost his composure as an Elder. "How many years has it been since our Shenglong Astral last had a Chosen One? We finally got a good placing this year. It doesnt matter. You have to figure something out!"

"I dont have any good solutions" He touched his chin and thought for a while. Suddenly, his eyes lit up. "Oh right, Bei Yuanqing did not come with us. Is he over there? Just ask him to collect the award. He attended the competition too. It should be fine."

Ask Bei Yuanqing to collect the award?

Everyone started looking around after hearing Hong Dalis suggestion. Fergos, on the other hand, directly rushed into the Bei Familys seating area and found the stunned Bei Yuanqing. He pulled him away without saying anything.

He directly dragged Bei Yuanqing all the way to the podium. Bei Yuanqing was completely lost and could only stand still in his confusion.

Fergos was still quite happy that someone could collect the award. He hurriedly said loudly, "Alright, dear students from the Astrals, our Shenglong Astral Team had to settle some urgent matters. Hence, they are not present here. However, it doesnt matter. This student, Bei Yuanqing, was a participant as well. The Team Captain Hong Dali has assigned him to collect the award on the teams behalf. Everyone, lets welcome him!"

Good, good. Someone stayed. It was fine as long as someone could collect the award. All the students below clapped warmly for Bei Yuanqing.

Fergos had to boast about his Astrals team now. He smiled and said loudly, "This years Astral Genius Battle is truly epochal! Our Shenglong Astral Team, without a Chosen One, still managed to come in third place! This is unprecedented! Hence, this years Astral Genius Battle is monumental! Now, allow me to present the winning teams award!"

The old man was excited and overjoyed. His face was all smiles, and he looked like a chrysanthemum flower.

Soon, a servant walked forward holding a tray. Of course, the trophy was on the tray. Fergos proudly handed the trophy to Bei Yuanqing and smiled. "Student Bei Yuanqing, congratulations on winning such a grand award. This trophy for third place is well deserved. Please keep it well for Dali!"

"O OK" Bei Yuanqing was sweating profusely. If he rejected the trophy, it would be a bad look in front of everyone. If he accepted it, he would feel really guilty

In the end, Bei Yuanqing was probably the most terrified award recipient of all time.

"Alright, the award presentation is over now." After handing the bank card to Bei Yuanqing as well, Fergos coughed and said excitedly, "Now, please be silent for a while and allow Bei Yuanqing to say a few words. Everyone, lets give him a warm round of applause!"

What the heck! I didnt attend the competition. I got killed by Hong Dali in the beginning! How am I supposed to give a speech?! Must I thank Hong Dali for killing me?!

Bei Yuanqing was depressed. Bei Yuanqing was at a loss. Bei Yuanqing wanted to tear out all his hair!

However, there was nothing he could do about it. He had to put up an act now! He could not drop the ball. He had to say something!

Hence, Bei Yuanqing thought for a long while before saying tentatively, "First, I must thank Hong Dali for bringing us to victory. Without his leadership, our Shenglong Astral Team would not have achieved such great results. Even though he left, he will always live on in my heart. Thank you!"

What the heck. Ill kill you if I ever get the chance. Remember this!

The students were kept in the dark and clapped loudly. Hong Xingyu was all smiles as he stared at Bei Mingxuan. "Aiya, seems like your son didnt learn much from you, but this thick skin is definitely one of the few things he inherited"

Bei Mingxuans face was so red that it could almost drip blood. This was a huge embarrassment today!

However, there was nothing he could do today. There were over 10,000 people present today. Most of them were geniuses from their own Astrals. Would Bei Mingxuan dare to lose his temper here? That was unimaginable.

Hence, he could only maintain the polite smile on his face as he gritted his teeth at Hong Xingyu. "Old man, theres no need to smile so happily now. Youll get whats coming eventually!"

"Haha, what, do you have any ideas?" Hong Xingyu wagged his finger at Bei Mingxuan. "Come, come, come. If Im afraid of your thick skin, Ill write my own name backward. Ill call myself Yu Xinghong!"

Hua Yueling smiled and nudged him from the side. "Old man, actually, that name sounds pretty good. Lets give him some face today. He probably wont get to smile for much longer"

Bei Mingxuans face turned blue as he heard them mocking him. He decisively turned his head away and stopped talking. He just prayed secretly that there would be no leaks about his son being killed immediately during the competition. If news about that got out, he would lose all his face

The award ceremony continued. The teams that followed were very proud as well. After all, they were extremely strong and talented to be able to enter the Top 10.

Soon, the award ceremony was over. The main highlight of the Astral Genius Battle, the Mentors Evaluation, was next.






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