Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1178

Chapter 1178 Amazing Tactics

"Alright, dear students." Dean Fergos signaled with his hands as his voice filled with authority could be heard across the entire plaza. "Now that the award ceremony is over, its time for the highlight of this years Astral Genius Battles first stage. The Mentors Evaluation. Now, let us welcome the senior mentor, Mr. McCarron, for his comments. Everyone, lets put our hands together to welcome him!"

Instantly, a thunderous round of applause could be heard below!

During the Mentors Evaluation stage, they would mainly comment on the different teams tactics and the members overall abilities. This was a highly popular segment. After all, if they could master the good tactics, they would improve greatly in future battles.

Soon, the mentor McCarron, wearing a suit of black armor, walked on stage. He was around 2.3 meters tall and carried a giant ax on his back. He looked very fierce.

Although McCarron did not pose at all, everyone still felt his strong aura and authority. Many of them were instantly drenched in a cold sweat.

Even the stronger ones like Silver Frost and You Muming sat up and carefully waited to listen to McCarrons comments.

"Dear students, hello. Im McCarron, a mentor from the Gao Astral." McCarron completed a simple self-introduction and continued, "This years Astral Genius Battle was incredibly interesting and exciting. I will cut the formalities. Lets first look at the Champion team, the Muda Astral Team, and their overall strategy and tactics."

As he said that, a giant holographic projection appeared above the podium. This holographic projection had a rather small field of vision. A team inside an ordinary residential area was displayed. McCarron pointed at that team and said, "This team is the Muda Astral Team led by the Chosen One, Silver Frost. Next, let us analyze the Muda Astral Teams different combat tactics."

The Muda Astral Team was shown to operate with simple and clear movement.

"The Muda Astral Teams tactics are easy to dissect and analyze," McCarron said slowly. "In the beginning, all the different teams were testing one another out for intel and assigning members to suitable roles. Nothing much can be said about that. The true emphasis should be placed on the later stages when large-scale clashes occur.

"As we know, Astral Genius Battles are focused on team battles between small groups. Hence, individual heroism is not favored unless you possess extraordinary skills and strength. If thats the case, the other members can focus on playing the roles of support. Muda Astral Team utilized this strategy. Silver Frost acted as a sharp knife that focused on killing the opposing teams captains. The other members focused on artillery support from the back, as well as picking off enemies who were left alone."

McCarrons analysis of the Muda Astral Teams tactics was simple but clear.

In reality, Silver Frost indeed utilized this strategy because of his incredible individual strength. In the instant replays shown, Silver Frost always obtained information on the exact location of enemies. Then, he would select the most opportune timing to cut into the enemy group like a sharp knife. He would instantly kill the opponents captain or even the Chosen One. Then, the rest of his members would focus on cleaning up.

Simple, yet effective tactics.

After analyzing the tactics, McCarron also made a simple evaluation of Silver Frost. "In simple terms, the Muda Astral Teams strategy is very simple and practical. However, there is one shortcoming, which is also the most dangerous part of the plan." McCarron glanced at Silver Frost and smiled. "If the enemy team has a stronger warrior than Silver Frost, this tactic will become disastrous for the Muda Astral Team. In other words, if Silver Frost cant win the battle quickly and is instead restrained by the opponents best member, he will become trapped in the enemy camp. His other team members cant rescue him in time, and that will cause a devastating blow to his team. There wont be any hope for them to recover."

Silver Frost was truly genuine.

To be honest, Silver Frost was still full of confidence in his own strength. Even if he could not win quickly, it would not be a problem for him to escape quickly. However, McCarrons words reminded him that he could not be overconfident of his own strength. After all, his opponents in the future would all be Chosen Ones. He was indeed extremely powerful. However, there were no geniuses more talented than him in this universe? That was almost impossible.

Hence, after listening to McCarron, Silver Frost reexamined his own strength. Was he truly invincible? Probably not!

He did not fight against You Muming yet. That mysterious Gu Feifei from the Shenglong Astral Team never even struck at all. She did not even kill a single person in this whole competition. As for that Hong Dali

Why did I think that Im definitely stronger than them? Theyre all geniuses on my level. Who doesnt have some true trump cards?

Silver Frost was drenched in a cold sweat. He did not dare to look down on any other genius in this universe.

McCarron received a thunderous ovation as the students carefully considered this analysis. They were all in agreement with him

"This Silver Frost is indeed very confident. Mentor McCarron is right. His teams tactics have clear advantages and flaws. It seems like there are no perfect tactics."

"Thats right. Their tactics are perfect for dominating others, as long as there is a sizable difference in skill level between the two sides. However, if there are hidden masters in the opposing teams, Silver Frosts team will be put in a dangerous spot."

"Thats right. This Astral Genius Battle is held in the virtual world, so everythings still fine. In the future, once the Dimensional War breaks out, if they use these tactics again without any information on the enemies, they might be committing suicide."

"Indeed. Arent they offering their heads? Theyll be sacrificing the entire team too"

"Alright, everyone, calm down." McCarrons voice was heard again as the place settled down into silence. When no more noises could be heard, McCarron started his review of the second-place Alang Astral Team.

"Overall, the Alang Astral Teams general tactics are different from those of the Muda Astral Team." McCarron pointed at the holographic projection and said slowly, "Their tactics arent that difficult either. To summarize: careful and more careful."

"Their team is very powerful too." McCarron still offered high praise. "Be it their Captain, You Muming, or their members, they all possess some real skills. However, they are different from the Muda Astral Team, as they are incredibly careful and cautious. As for this, I hope that everyone can learn from them."

All the students listened carefully.

McCarron paused before continuing, "Try to imagine this. Who will become our biggest enemies in the future? The invaders from the other dimensions during the Dimensional War. They are our eternal enemies. However, we can never guess just how powerful they are. Hence, during real wars, we can only protect ourselves by being extremely cautious."

McCarron pointed at the holographic projection again and offered precise and exact explanations for every move that You Mumings team made. No wonder he was the one nominated to conduct the strategic analysis. Alang Astral Teams every single move was interpreted correctly.

In the beginning, You Muming was still nonchalant about everything. However, as McCarron continued, his expression turned more respectful. When McCarron finished, You Muming hurriedly stood up and bowed respectfully. "Disciple You Muming has learned."

"Haha, please sit down." McCarron smiled and asked You Muming to sit. "In fact, you did very well. I have a good review for your tactics."

"Thank you for your praises, Mentor." You Muming hurriedly thanked him.

Now that he was done with the Alang Astral Teams tactics, it was time for the highlight of this competition. The strategic analysis of Shenglong Astral Team, the team in third place.

Everyone focused their attention on McCarron and anticipated how he would evaluate Hong Dalis tactics.

Obviously, McCarrons review of Hong Dali exceeded everyones expectations!

"Alright, dear students, now its time for the most important third place. The Shenglong Astral Teams strategic analysis." McCarron stood up directly. He looked very excited and crazed at the same time. "In fact, I never imagined that someone could come up with such amazing tactics! At first, I thought that this Astral Genius Battle was merely a stage for the Chosen Ones. They are strong, they have unlimited potential, and they lead the teams. Other ordinary teams may only be supporting characters, or rather, only capable of being supporting characters. However, this Astral Genius Battle completely changed my entire perception of combat tactics!"

McCarrons analysis and reviews made everyone, including Silver Frost and You Muming, deeply respectful of him. However, everyone was shocked at his descriptions now of Hong Dalis tactics. This difference in attitude completely shocked them!

"Seriously? Mentor McCarron has such praises for Hong Dalis tactics? No way? I think that Hong Dali was just lucky. How is he so godly?"

"Thats right. Hong Dali is just an ordinary student. I heard that hes a prodigal with average strength. How can his tactics be so amazing? Lucky. Hes definitely just lucky!"






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