Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1179

Chapter 1179 Huge Losses

Everyone present shared the same thought. Nobody thought that Hong Dalis tactics were excellent. In their minds, Hong Dali only obtained third place because of his good luck.

At this time, McCarron started his step-by-step, detailed analysis of Hong Dalis tactics

"First, take a look at this. How did the Shenglong Astral Team, led by Hong Dali, establish their initial advantageous position from an inferior start." McCarron pointed at the giant holographic projection with an excited expression. "Look at this. Initially, when Hong Dalis team first entered the battlefield, they had no Chosen Ones to lead them. Neither did they have any information on the other teams. How can they best protect themselves from this position?"

The students from the different Astrals were curious as well.

Indeed, how can teams without any Chosen Ones best protect themselves and avoid being targeted by the stronger teams? Under these circumstances, everyones first thought will be to test the opponents and get a feel for their strengths and weaknesses.

Try to avoid the stronger teams and continuously harass the weaker teams until you find a way to get rid of them completely.

Obviously, Hong Dalis Shenglong Astral Team was a weaker team in everyones minds, as they were not led by a Chosen One. How they should approach the start of the battle became more important.

"I believe that you all understand what Im trying to say. Indeed, how should weak teams start out from an inferior position?" McCarron said loudly. At this time, Hong Dali and the rest were shown walking outside of their villa. McCarrons expression grew increasingly excited. "Look at this. Hong Dali did not send anyone to collect intelligence on the opponents. Instead, he chose to"

This was supposed to be the time for an introduction to the teams tactics. However, Hong Dalis team was obviously undergoing some changes

"Look at that, theres some infighting going on in Hong Dalis team!"

"Thats right, thats right. Oh god, their infighting is very intense. Look at that, they killed someone!"

The students stared in bewilderment. This Hong Dalis team killed one of their own without any battles yet! Furthermore, why did that person who died look so familiar?

Instantly, everyone turned to look at the person who went up to collect the award. Why did they look like the same person

"Hey, hey, is the guy who got killed by his own team immediately the same person who collected the award?"

"I think thats him. Otherwise, why will Hong Dalis entire team be gone except for him?"

"Its definitely him. Look at his armor and his weapon. Theyre completely the same. It must be him. No need to think more about it!"

"Hahaha, so interesting. A guy killed in the opening seconds came out to receive the award. Has the world changed so much? This guys skin is way too thick? If I were him, I would have dug a hole and buried myself in it!"

"Thats right. His skin is so thick. This is a new experience for me. Hahahahaha!"

Instantly, the entire plaza was filled with thunderous laughter. "Hahahahahahaha!"

Bei Yuanqing, still on the podium, wanted to dig a hole for himself in the ground. His face was beet-red. However, it was neither wise for him to stay on the stage nor run off it now. He would look like a tragedy either way. His face was completely lost today, irrecoverably lost.

"Hong Dali, just you wait. This isnt over. Its not over!" Bei Yuanqings head hung so low that it was almost in his pants. He wanted to cry but could not

"Hahahaha, Old Bei." Hong Xingyu laughed at Bei Mingxuan with a gloating look. If he did not add fuel to the fire now, what else would he do? "Aiyaya, I told you. Dont try to play with my sweetheart, or youll die a tragic death. Hahahaha!"

"Hong Xingyu! No need for you to gloat!" Bei Mingxuans veins on his forehead were showing. He heard everyones discussion now. There was no way for him to avoid it, as everyone was pointing at him.

"Look at that, isnt that the head of the Bei Family? Thats his son on the podium now. This is such a huge embarrassment!"

"Indeed. Hong Dali led his team to third place, but the Bei Family did not contribute at all. They lost big this time!"

Upon hearing the discussions around, Bei Mingxuans face turned green, then pale again. His mood was at an all-time low.

There was nothing he could do about it. This was how the Astral Genius Battle worked. The winners received countless benefits. However, the important thing was that their Bei Family had no contributions at all. Instead, they were a net-negative.

What consequences would that bring? Simple. He would not receive any benefits for coming in third place at this years Astral Genius Battle. Furthermore, the allies he tirelessly gathered previously would probably lean to the Hong Familys side!

"Old man." As expected, Bei Mingxuans worst fears came true. Hua Yuelings voice was not overly loud nor soft, just enough for him to hear. "After this, those allies of the Bei Family, as long as theyre not too stupid, should all understand who to support, right? Haha."

"I feel so too." Hong Xingyu smiled and nodded. "Lets consider what to do about that. The Bei Family and Zhu Family will probably become generals without armies!"

Zhu Ningyu was in the crowd and her face turned pale after hearing that.

She was not qualified to participate in the Astral Genius Battle previously. Now that she watched Hong Dali achieve the big win, she deeply regretted trying to renege the engagement previously at the Hong Family. Especially now that she saw how Bei Yuanqing looked like a loser on the podium, Zhu Ningyus body trembled as she choked on a mouthful of blood, almost coughing it out.

The Zhu Family was about to face huge losses this time.

"Cough, cough, cough." Dean Fergos hurriedly coughed as he saw the loss of order below. His cough contained some authority, and the place finally calmed down again.

It was his decision to let Bei Yuanqing collect the award on stage. Hence, he had to salvage the situation. "Alright, dear students, there was a tiny accident just now. Please do not focus on such details. Let the tactical analysis continue."

After that, the entire place went silent again.

After all, they had to give face to the host.

"Alright, there was a little accident. Of course, it doesnt matter." McCarron cleared his throat and continued, "Lets continue to analyze Hong Dalis tactics."

The students all listened carefully as official matters were more important to them.

"Please look at this." McCarron pointed at the holographic projection and said, "When Hong Dali first arrived, he did not send anyone to scout for information. He instead, he focused on utilizing the advantage of his geographical location." McCarron pointed at the venue where Hong Dali held the concert. "This is the easiest place to defend and the hardest place to attack in this entire area. Theyre surrounded by water on three sides. Hence, opponents cannot sneak up on them easily. This is especially so because theres an awakened Ice Soul Stone ability user in their team. In other words, anyone who dared to come by water was just asking for death. Hong Dali perfectly utilized the geographical location and the talent in his team."

Everyone nodded as they listened to McCarrons analysis. In the beginning, everyone thought that Hong Dali was just fooling around. However, now that they thought about it, this was indeed a good strategy.

"Of course," McCarron said excitedly, "if that was the only thing, Hong Dali would not have gotten such high praises from me. Lets continue." He pointed at the holographic projection and continued, "After making use of the geographical advantage and the talent in his team, he did something incredible. He held a concert here."

Holding a concert was a part of his tactics?

Some of the students were curious and asked, "Mentor McCarron, Hong Dalis concert should just be him fooling around, right? Was that part of his tactics?" The students question was on everyones minds. Instantly, countless people nodded. It was quite a sight to behold.

"Fooling around?" McCarron smiled condescendingly. "Ordinary people might think that. However, I think that this is the stroke of genius from Hong Dali. Let me ask you this. Whats the occasion here?"

All the students replied in unison, "Astral Genius Battle!"

McCarron nodded. "Indeed. Then, think about this. Under such an occasion, with this kind of timing and venue, how would you feel if you saw someone holding a concert? Would you dare to test their strength out?"

Eh? After hearing what Mentor McCarron said, this made sense to the student. Then, he exclaimed, "Mentor, you have a more profound view of the situation. I thought that he was just fooling around. However, after your analysis, it seems like this Hong Dali is indeed very amazing!"

"That goes without saying." McCarron humphed. "Why else would I give him such high praises?" He continued, "Hong Dalis decision made use of the unique timing as well. Hence, he fully utilized the timing, location, and talent advantages available to him. Let me ask all of you sitting here. Who can do that?"

Everyone shook their heads. Indeed, a simple idea made use of timing, location, and talent. No ordinary person could do that.

"Our sweetheart is so amazing." Hong Xingyu smiled happily. "Hes so much stronger than everyone else. Hahaha!"

Dean Fergos also smiled and stroked his beard. McCarrons high praises for Hong Dali made the entire Shenglong Astral proud. After all, such praises had not been received in over a thousand years. Only one other team received this kind of feedback around 1,200 years ago.

And that team was the champion of that years Astral Genius Battle!






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