Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1180

Chapter 1180 Our Hong Family Is Just So Capricious

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"What followed after this proved my prediction," McCarron said loudly. Just then, the holographic projection also displayed the scenes where the various teams sent out their scouts. McCarron said, "Everyone, please look at this. The teams have sent out their scouts. However, due to the geographical location, is it true that nobody got any useful intel?"

Everyone nodded. Indeed, based on this location, there was only one entrance in front. The other sides were all sealed off by the artificial lake. Who could obtain any intel? Especially since one team was planning to send a suicide squad to ambush others

"Look at this, one team is planning on launching an ambush from underwater," McCarron said excitedly. "Look at how this team ends up. Isnt it exactly as I predicted?"

Everyone nodded in agreement. There was nothing to refute. The proof was right there the team that wanted to ambush them died without even revealing themselves

"This Hong Dali is impressive. I always thought that hes just a prodigal." Everyone discussed. "Now it seems like Hong Dali may be a strategy master?"

"His calculations were so accurate. His team must be filled with talents."

"Indeed, these tactics are so amazing."

"Hong Dalis tactics were indeed amazing." McCarron continued with his praises. "Look at this. At night, Hong Dali did not even assign a single person to guard their doors. They all slept soundly with their doors wide open. Nobody dared to approach, as they had no idea what would happen to them if they tried to enter. Hence, while everyone else was exhausted, Hong Dalis team got a good night of rest. Who else can think of this?"

Everyone shook their heads.

Even if they had ten times the guts, they also would not dare to try this in the Genius Battle.

"After the first night, what followed was even more unexpected," McCarron exclaimed. "On the second day, they even planned to fight for motorcycles! This move completely toppled the traditional tactics used in the Genius Battle. It elevated the level of the Genius Battle! This creative move was truly epochal!"

Hong Dalis fight for motorcycles was something everyone was well aware of.

Countless people exclaimed. "Indeed. This made Hong Dalis team invincible. They changed from infantry troops to cavalry troops. Thats almost like cheating. So powerful."

"Thats right. We sent out so many people from our team back then. In the end, we all died because of this move. Once discovered, there was no way we could get away!"

"Indeed. This move was so amazing!"

Hong Dalis fight for motorcycles was the most unexpected thing in the entire battle. McCarron was extremely excited. He looked at Fergos and hurriedly said, "Dean Fergos, can I raise a request?"

It was Fergoss turn to feel strange. "Mentor McCarron, you can raise any request you want. I will try my best to fulfill it."

"I want to" McCarrons expression was a little embarrassed. "I want to ask Hong Dali, how did he think of this. His idea was so ingenious."

McCarrons words represented everyones thoughts. In an instant, everyone in the plaza turned to look at Dean Fergos. They all hoped that he could contact Hong Dali and ask him how he came up with such a brilliant idea.

"Cough, cough." Dean Fergos was a little embarrassed too, as everyone stared at him in anticipation and expectation. Nobody would turn this request down, right? Hence, Dean Fergos cleared his throat. He still looked rather proud as he said, "Since everyone wishes to know, we will try our best to fulfill your wishes."

As he said that, Dean Fergos took out his communicator and slowly contacted Hong Dali.

Soon, the call was successfully connected. Hong Dalis image was displayed. However, to everyones surprise, Hong Dali was a little impatient. "What do you guys want? Can I still play happily? What is it?"

"Oh, haha, heres the thing." Fergoss attitude was unprecedentedly kind. "We are curious about your ideas, Dali. Everyone wants to know how you got the idea to get the motorcycles and turn your team into cavalry troops?"

This question was on everyones minds. Suddenly, the entire plaza was silent. Everyone waited on Hong Dalis reply.

"A cavalry? What cavalry? I didnt want any cavalry troops." Hong Dali was curious. "What are you researching about? Why would I want to turn my team into cavalry troops?"

"Heres the thing," McCarron spoke this time. His voice was filled with excitement. "Dali, Im the one analyzing your tactics previously. I felt like your move in perfectly utilizing all usable props was ingenious. It converted your team from infantry troops to cavalry troops. Hence, I wanted to find out how exactly did you think of that idea?"

"Oh, you mean getting the motorcycles?"So thats the thing. Why didnt you lead with that? What cavalry troops. Is there a need for me to do that?Hong Dali said, "I was just really bored. This competition was so boring, so I planned on bringing my wives and lackeys around on a joyride. As for everything else that followed, I didnt even think about those at all."

Hearing that, nobody present could remain calm.

What the heck. Can you stop being so cocky? What do you mean "so bored that you planned on going for a joyride"? Theres a limit to how pretentious you can be, alright? You created such an amazing tactic just because you wanted to go for a joyride? Then, if you plan to make love with your wives, wont you easily get the first place?

McCarron was sweating profusely. As he wiped his sweat, he asked, "Dali, did you seriously come up with this tactic unintentionally?"

"Why would I think of any tactics?" Hong Dali asked curiously. "Its such a boring competition, is there a need for me to purposely think of tactics? I dont care about rankings. If my team wasnt in desperate need of participants, I wouldnt even bother to participate in this kind of competition. Alright, please continue your research. Ill continue to play."

As he planned on shutting off his communicator, Silver Frost, who was sitting on the side, could no longer maintain his composure. "Hong Dali, do you seriously not care about such a formal competition at all?"

"Why should I care about it?" Hong Dali asked curiously. "I dont need any money. I have everything that you have. I have everything that you dont have. I dont want what you want. Why should I care about this?"

Hong Dalis words made everyone almost choke to death.

However, there was no way for them to refute him.

There was nothing they could do or say. He did not care about money. He had no desire for battles. He hated fighting. Most importantly, he was not a Chosen One. So what if everyone else was fighting for their lives? He was just a prodigal. Did you ever see a prodigal risking his life to fight others? His main occupation was to squander, okay?

"Hong Dali, you!" Silver Frost was insulted and frowned. "Even if you dont care about it, you cant act this way! Im challenging you in the upcoming second stage. I hope that you wont run away!"

Silver Frost felt wronged.

He was in the first place. However, his glory had been completely suppressed by Hong Dali. He obtained first, yet everyone was focused on the third place. This difference was maddening and infuriating.

"Ah? Challenge me?" Silver Frost was depressed. However, how could Hong Dali know what he was thinking about? This guy asked with a confused expression, "Challenge me? What are you challenging me for? Youre the first place. When did the first place ever challenge the third place before? Thats not really logical, right?"

After listening to what Hong Dali said, everyones jaws dropped. Why did everything Hong Dali say make so much sense? Indeed. Youre in first, but you chose to challenge the third place. That doesnt seem right!

"This" As expected, Silver Frost was stunned too. "I" After hesitating for a while, he said fiercely, "I dont care. Im just going to challenge you. Hong Dali, prepare to accept my challenge!"

"Youre trying to stuff this down my throat!" Hong Dali was so angry that he jumped up. "Who forces others to fight you? Forget it, forget it. I just wont attend the second stage of the competition. Its a boring ranking game. Youre all behaving like babies. You can get whatever rank you want. I dont care. Dont drag me into this!" After Hong Dali said that, he immediately turned off his transmitter.

The entire Divine College plaza was silent. Everyone was stunned.

This Hong Dali, did he just say that he was not going to participate in the second stage of the competition?! He forfeited? He actually forfeited?!

Fergoss face turned black as he gritted his teeth and scolded. "Hong Dali, just you wait. When you come back, I promise not to kill you!"

Hong Xingyu and Hua Yueling shared a glance as they helplessly shrugged. "Our sweetheart is indeed very capricious. He forfeited the competition just like that. He doesnt care about this competition at all. Haha!"

"Our Hong Family is just so capricious!" Hua Yueling was all smiles as pride filled her face. "So what if we forfeit? We already got the third place. Authentic and genuine. So what if we choose to sit out from now on?"

"Thats right." Hong Xingyu was in full agreement. "If he doesnt like it, he shouldnt participate in it. We are just so capricious!"

Silver Frost was completely depressed now. As for the students below, they went quiet for a while, then completely erupted!

"Hong Dali forfeited! Hes no longer attending the second stage just like that?!"

"Thats right. The second stage is the true highlight. How can he sit out like that?"

"Only Silver Frost and You Muming will be competing for first place now. Thats so boring. I wanted to see what Hong Dali was going to do if he participated in the second stage! His tactics are so amazing!"

"Thats right. Without his participation, the competition is no longer interesting. I strongly urge the organizers to get Hong Dali to participate again!"

1"Thats right. Hong Dali must attend the competition later on. What else is there to look at?!"

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