Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1182

Chapter 1182 Behave Strongly And Proud

"Its my fault, I should die, Im wrong!" Liu Mingyi cried and knelt down in front of Hong Xingyu, then slapped himself on the face heavily. "I was blind in the past and didnt see the situation clearly, standing on the wrong side. Please forgive me! I can give you money, I can give you half of the total estates of my family!"

Liu Mingyi was really anxious.

Looking at the current circumstances, the Hong Family was currently very strong. Now that Hong Dali got third place, the status and power of the entire Hong Family would increase too. It wouldnt be a problem for the Hong Family to double its strength in a short period of time in the near future.

Once Hong Xingyu managed to obtain some good items or a secret manual and won the Marriage Annulment Challenge, would he even have a chance to escape?

Hong Xingyu had always dealt with his enemies ruthlessly. By that time, it would be a problem if he could still survive or not, let alone losing half of his familys fortune.

For such a matter, once he chose the wrong side, the consequences werent something that he could easily bear.

Unfortunately, it wasnt possible for Hong Xingyu to accept him now. For a person like Liu Mingyi who would easily change sides, what good would there be in accepting him? It wasnt possible to trust him fully, but it also wasnt Hong Xingyus liking to really treat him like a dog. Also, this Liu Mingyi came to hug his legs because of Dali winning third place. But if Dali didnt achieve such a feat, Liu Mingyi would definitely be the first person to attack the Hong Family once he lost the Marriage Annulment Challenge.

Therefore, Hong Xingyu was clear what he should choose—if he let him off him he could only get half of the Liu Familys fortunes. On the other hand, he could not accept him and obtain all of the Liu Familys fortunes if he won, and also get rid of this fence-sitter, appeasing his heart by doing so too.

Looking from these options, it was clear as to how he should choose.

"Hehe, Chief Liu." Hong Xingyu looked at Liu Mingyi with disdain and slowly said, "You should understand my temper. Its fine if you are just a small lackey, but for a head lackey like you, if I accept you, it would be too good for you. Yup, my mood is still quite good now. Its better for you to make use of this chance to go as far away as possible from me. Oh right, help me tell Bei Mingxuan and Zhu Yunzhou that since the Marriage Annulment Challenge has already been decided, then just wait for the day to come. There isnt a need to mention other things now. Also, they better not try to think of any trick or plot, my body is still quite good currently. If I discover that they laid their hands on the younger members of my Hong Family, their younger members will all not be able to escape too. Alright, thats all I have to say. Scram!"

After finishing saying this, Hong Xingyu kicked Liu Mingyi out of the door, then waved his hand and said, "Throw this annoying thing out, just throw him in front of the Bei Familys door. Let those fence-sitters see clearly that our Hong Family isnt someplace they can come and go as they wish."

"Okay, Chief." The guards instantly dragged Liu Mingyi away.

"Hehe, Chief Hong, you are still as firm and cold as ever." Ye Wuyou smiled and said, "He almost fooled me just now. Hes really daring to come here. I was still wondering what the head lackey of the Bei Family would do, but I never expect him to come here so fast."

"My old eyes arent blurred yet." After kicking away Liu Mingyi, Hong Xingyu felt much better. He smiled and said, "What use is there in keeping this trash here? Half of his familys fortune? Hehe, once I win the challenge, none of the members of the Liu Family can escape. Does he really think that I am easy to bully? They were so arrogant and detestable last time, I will count this debt one by one next time."

Hong Family, Hong Xingyu!

He was very caring and adored in Hong Dali, but this didnt mean that he was a good person.

Being able to become the chief of a big family, these kinds of people were all vicious and ruthless people. A fence-sitter surrendering and coming to hug his leg? What kind of joke was that, what use was there in accepting such a person? It was much better to get rid of all of them next time. Not only would that appease his heart, but the entire fortunes of his enemies would also be his for the taking, right?

The battles between families were just this cruel. If a person chose the wrong side, then dont blame the opposite party for not giving any chances!

A few guards from the Hong Family brought Liu Mingyi to the entrance of the Bei Family and smiled in disdain towards the Bei Family. "Anyone in? Come out and pick up your people!"


Once the Hong Family guard shouted this, 10 plus guards rushed out from the Bei Family. The lead person looked at Liu Mingyi who was lying on the ground like a drowned dog and asked with a gloomy face, "Whats the meaning of this? Coming here to provoke us?"

"Were not that bored." A Hong Family guard replied, "This person came to find our Chief to pledge his loyalty, but our Chief didnt accept. So we are here to send him back, hehe."

The lackey of his master actually went to pledge loyalty to the enemy, such a thing was really a slap to his master. Instantly, the faces of the guards of the Bei Family all turned very ugly.

But the problem was, what else could they do? Use this chance to take revenge on the guards of the Hong Family? They were only responsible for sending Liu Mingyi back, it wouldnt be reasonable for them to attack them because of this—which of the three big families was easy to bully? Especially the Hong Family. If they attack the members of the Hong Family now, wouldnt that be giving the Hong Family a chance to come to find trouble?

The voice of the lead guard of the Bei Family was as if it was squeezed out from his teeth. "Since thats the case, sorry for the trouble. You guys may leave now, I will take him to my Chief."

Saying so, he instructed the other guards to carry Liu Mingyi and hurriedly went back in.

They couldnt stay out here any longer, each minute more they stayed would be a minute more of embarrassment. There was no reason for them to stay out here any longer.

"This feels really awesome." Seeing the guards from the Bei Family going back in, the guards from the Hong Family all sucked in a breath in satisfaction. "Awesome! We havent been able to behave so strongly and proud for a long time!"

The Hong, Bei, and Zhu families were the three big Shenglong Royal Families, but the Bei and Zhu families had never given any good faces to the Hong Family before. Now that the Hong Family had Hong Dali, the situation instantly overturned. It was only a few days, but they were already suppressing the other two families until they couldnt even catch their breath.

"Bei Family, ptui!" A guard spat in front of the entrance and said, "Now that our Hong Family has Young Master Dali, they can only suffer at our hands from now on! They were so arrogant last time, but they cant act that way anymore now, right?"

"Isnt that so." Another guard laughed and said, "Young Master Dali is an incredible person who obtained third place in the Astral Genius Battle! Just this alone gave the Hong Family a lot of benefits. Once our Chief wins the challenge, oh my, just thinking about the fortunes from the Bei and Zhu families becoming our Hong Familys is already very awesome!"

"Thats for sure." Another guard laughed loudly and said, "Alright, lets go back and report. This slap on their face today feels really great. Its worth it even if I have to die right now!"

Bei Family, in a secretive small conference room. Bei Mingxuan and Zhu Yunzhou were sitting together, discussing what they should do next. After all, it was really out of their expectations that Hong Dali could obtain third place in the Astral Genius Battle this time.

"I never thought that Hong Dali could actually obtain third place." Bei Mingxuans eyebrows frowned tightly together, his face full of worry. "This time, we are in a really bad position. According to the news I received, the various royal families from the different Astral realms are already on their way here. Once they arrive, they will definitely go directly to the Hong Family. This way, our Bei and Zhu families will be in a very bad position."

"Thats right." Zhu Yunzhou sighed and said, "Our only chance to turn this around now is to win the challenge. I have gained some progress in the secret manual, but it seems that its still far from enough."

"Indeed. We have no choice but to try our best now." Bei Mingxuan nodded and said, "Our families are on the same boat. If you lose, I also wont be able to run. Therefore, we can only pool all of our resources together and hope to win the challenge. Once we win, everything else wont be a problem. Without Hong Xingyu to lead them, the rest of the Hong Family will break apart and be easily defeated."

"Thats right, we can only tolerate it for now." Zhu Yunzhou thought for a while, then said, "But currently, I dont have any especially powerful martial arts on hand. Even if I fused what I have now, I can only increase my power by 30% at the most. That old fellow Hong Xingyu isnt easy to handle, a 30% increase doesnt give me confidence in defeating him."

In the past, a 30% increase in power was already considered not bad. But from the looks of things now, it wasnt very hopeful. After all, with Hong Dalis victory this time, who knows what the other Astral realms would give him as a present. If he obtained some powerful secret manual and fused them together

"Yup, we must be careful of this." Bei Mingxuan thought carefully for a while, then his eyes suddenly lit up and he said, "Speaking of which, my Bei Family has a secret manual thats not bad. But in the past, I sealed it away because it was too dark and evil. Now that the circumstances are in this state, I feel that it will be good if you practice it."

"Oh? A secret manual?" Zhu Yunzhou instantly got curious and asked, "What kind of secret manual? Quick, tell me. As long as it can increase my power within a short period of time, I will practice it even if its evil or dark. Its better than sitting around doing nothing."

"Thats what I think too." Bei Mingxuan instantly introduced this secret manual to Zhu Yunzhou. "This is a secret manual from an evil faction from the Cultivation dimension. Its called Yin Yang Fusion Great Joy Sutra. It absorbs the Yin energy from females to increase ones power in a short period of time. The drawback is that after practicing this, your power will reach a limit very quickly. Once that happens, it will be hard for you to make any progress in the future and be stuck at the same level of power."

A secret manual from the evil faction of the Cultivation dimension!

To the three big families, this type of secret manual was naturally not something precious.

The truly eerie thing about such a secret manual was that it could enable a person to get stronger in a very short period of time. Although the method of cultivating in this realm was different from the Cultivator dimension, if he could fuse this secret manual together with his own, he would definitely be able to increase his power in a short period of time. As for the drawback—that didnt matter, the most important thing now was to stay alive!

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