Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1183

Chapter 1183 Im Back Again

"Yup, thats right. I shall practice it first." Zhu Yunzhou agreed without any hesitation and said, "We need to win the challenge first before we can consider other things. Its fine even if theres a drawback to it. Compared to surviving, all other things are just small problems."

"Its good that you can think about it this way." Bei Mingxuan nodded and took out a secret manual with the words "Yin Yang Fusion Great Joy Sutra" written on it, then handed it to Zhu Yunzhou. "I hope this will help you achieve a breakthrough in your power. Practicing this secret manual requires the virginity of 10,000 women. You can just buy them from the slave market, they are not worth much. The main thing is that you need to fuse it with your own secret manual. After all, this isnt from our dimension. You wont be able to use it with ease if you dont fuse it."

"I understand." Taking over the secret manual, Zhu Yunzhou instantly stood up and said, "I shant waste any time and return home now to practice this. For other matters, try your best to help out my Zhu Family if needed. Were on the same boat now. If I lose, none of us can escape."

"Of course. Go, I shant waste the effort to send you out," said Bei Mingxuan as he stood up.

Very quickly, Zhu Yunzhou entered a secret tunnel in the conference room and disappeared.

"Chief." Not long after Zhu Yunzhou left, a guard came in and reported, "Liu Mingyi has been brought here."

"Bring him in." Bei Mingxuan sat on the sofa and humphed.

"Master." Liu Mingyi carefully walked up to Bei Mingxuan and said, "I have done what you asked me to do." The current him didnt have the pathetic look of a drowned dog anymore. Instead, his face was full of smiles, just lacking a tail to really wave it like a dog.

"How did it go? Tell me about it." Bei Mingxuan laughed and then drank a sip of a beverage.

This beverage was called crystal liquid and was very expensive. Just this small cup cost 10,000 Shenglong Dollars.

"I didnt succeed in joining his side." Liu Mingyi took him what happened in detail, then said, "But according to your instruction, I used the detector you gave me to detect his power when I hugged his leg. Hong Xingyus power is about maximum Third Order Star Sector-level now, about 10% higher than what we expected."

"10% higher?" Bei Mingxuans eyes lit up and stretched out his hand. "Quick, let me see it!"

"Here." Liu Mingyi removed a very small layer of round plaster skin-like material from his palm and passed it over.

"Lets see." Bei Mingxuan placed the round plaster on a specially made device and a figure instantly float from the device: "Current battle power: 18,000."

"Hahahaha!" Seeing this figure, Bei Mingxuan instantly laughed loudly. "Indeed, he only increased by one level. Hahaha, this is easy to handle then!" Saying so, he waved at Liu Mingyi and said, "Its enough that we can obtain this information. Liu Mingyi, it was worth it for you to be willing to do such an embarrassing thing. I definitely wont mistreat you."

This small device was a modified power detector.

This power detector could almost perfectly detect the battle power of a person. Under the attribute compression force field, the figure shown on this device would only have an error of around two percent.

This meant to say that under the attribute compression force field, this was basically what Hong Xingyus battle power really was.

In this period of time, because of the immense pressure, Zhu Yunzhous power increased by 30%, reaching a battle power of 21,000! But Hong Xingyu was only at 18,000, just this fact was enough for Bei Mingxuan to be happy.

Hearing Bei Mingxuans words, Liu Mingyi was instantly delighted. He bowed and said, "Master, then I"

"Yup, because you got thrown out by them after trying to pledge loyalty to the Hong Family, it isnt suitable for you to appear at my side for the time being." Bei Mingxuan slowly said, "I will give two of the Bei Family businesses to you later, but keep it to yourself. Then, go out and hide for a few months. Once we win the battle, you will receive more benefits. Oh right, didnt Ye Wuyou allied with the Hong Family?"

"Thats right. Master, when I went there, Ye Wuyou was just beside Hong Xingyu that old fellow." Liu Mingyi suppressed his delight, vaguely sensing something. "Your meaning is"

"Once we get rid of the Hong Family, the next target is the Ye Family." Bei Mingxuan laughed and said, "By that time, you can have the Ye Family. As for how much assets you can seize, it will depend on your own capability."

This was really a big surprise. Liu Mingyi instantly thanked him and said, "Thank you for your graciousness! My Liu Family will forever follow behind your lead!"

"Hahaha, go now." Bei Mingxuan stood out and patted on Liu Mingyis shoulder amiably. "You will receive a lot of benefits by following me."


Milky Way.

When the spacecraft that Hong Dali and the rest were on just approached the heart of the Milky Way Alliance, a fleet of 1,600 space carriers had already come out to fetch him. The spacecraft in the lead was a Fifth-Order Stellar-level space carrier. Upon seeing Hong Dalis spacecraft, it instantly signaled its welcome. Then, the fleet of 1,600 space carriers lined up in a circle with Hong Dalis spacecraft in the center and headed towards Silver-blue super-planet!

Very quickly, after entering Silver-blue super-planet star sector, the 1,600 space carriers stayed in space while more than 10,000 small-sized spacecraft came out from them and escorted Hong Dalis spacecraft into the planet.

When they reached Shenluo City where Hong Dali stayed last time, the plaza was already packed with people. All of them maintained a half-bowed position, welcoming the arrival of Hong Dalis spacecraft.

The various Galaxy Aristocrat Elders stood at the front of the crowd, their expression extremely zealous, like believers worshiping the God that they believed in.

When they received news that the Shenglong Royal Family was coming for a visit, the Elders informed all of the citizens in the city firsthand and gathered them together here early in the morning. After all, the one that was coming was from the Shenglong Royal Family was akin to the emperor going to a village for inspection. Who would dare to be careless about this?

But while they were waiting, their hearts were also very perturbed.

After all, the difference in their status was too big. It was impossible for them not to be nervous. Also, all of them were wondering what the identity of this member of the Shenglong Royal Family was.

The spacecraft slowly descended.

Hong Dali came down from the spacecraft and looked around. Then, he felt strange and asked, "This isnt right. Xiaoyi, why are there so many people here?"

Ling Xiaoyi was a bit puzzled too. "I have no idea. I only said that the Young Master was coming here to play, why are there so many people here?"

It was no wonder that they felt strange. After all, they left this place and came back again. To them, they naturally felt that there wasnt much change. But for the people of the Milky Way Alliance, the Shenglong Royal Family was coming here

It was impossible for them not to be concerned about this.

Of course, that wasnt important anymore. What was important was that they finally saw clearly who the person was

"This its its Young Master Dali!?" Old Elders eyes almost popped out and he hurriedly rushed out. "Young Master Dali, you actually came back!?" Saying so, he loudly shouted, "Young Master Dali came back!"

Hong Dali! Hong Dali came back!

Hearing this, everyone instantly erupted!

Hong Dali! The legendary figure of the entire Milky Way!

When he had only just come here from Earth, he was already very quickly in the spotlight. At that time, when he was still a normal person, he had already dared to beat the Galaxy Aristocrats. After that, he ranked top in the Tower of Trials, the Galaxy Aristocrat Meeting, then fought the High Nobles, fought the Zergs, and was even a member of the Shenglong Royal Family. Any of these achievements could already be called a legend!

And now, he actually came back!?

"Young Master Dali, its actually Young Master Dali! He didnt forget us, hahaha! Our Milky Way will be in for a fortune from now on!"

"Isnt that so. No matter where Young Master Dali goes, hes the absolute king there. Now that he came back, our Milky Way will become powerful too!"

"Its rare that such a big-shot like him will actually still think of us, wuwuwuwu"

Countless people cheered, and the Galaxy Aristocrats were all very excited too.

What was Hong Dalis identity now? A member of the Shenglong Royal Family! Now that he came here, he didnt even need to do or say anything. As long as he stepped foot in the Milky Way, who would dare to offend the Milky Way from now on? Even the High Nobles would have to give them some respect!

"Hehe, Im back!" Hong Dali smilingly hugged Old Elder and very quickly saw Jiang Qianxues grandfather, Jiang Dongliu. He hurriedly walked up to him and greeted him. "Grandfather Jiang, long time no see, hehe."

Jiang Qianxues relationship with him was basically acknowledged now, he naturally had to follow etiquette.

"Youre a member of the Royal Family, please dont be so polite towards me." Jiang Dongliu hurriedly walked towards Hong Dali, smiled, and said, "Its good enough that you are safe and sound."

"It isnt good for you to be so courteous." Hong Dali sniffled, then twitched his lips and said, "No matter what I am now, you are always my Grandfather. Hehe, you cant deny this, Qianxue wont allow that."

As expected, Jiang Qianxue who was following behind him stepped forth, grabbed Jiang Donglius hand, and sweetly said, "Grandfather"

Seeing that Hong Dali was still as amiable as ever and didnt change at all, the hearts of the Galaxy Aristocrats finally relaxed. A person rushed out and shouted, "Dali, you are back, hahahaha! I really missed you!" This person wore the cape of the Galaxy Aristocrats, had blue short hair, and was extremely handsome. It was Yin Tianzong!

"Hehe, Brother Tianzong, long time no see." Hong Dali laughed and hugged him, then said, "Youre even more handsome than last time!"

"Hehe, only average, not comparable to you at all." Yin Tianzong laughed and gave Hong Dali a punch. "Dali, is there anything fun to play with now that you came back?"

Yin Tianzong understood Hong Dalis character very well. If Hong Dali appeared, there would definitely be something fun to play with!






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