Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1184

Chapter 1184 Slave Market

"Of course, hehe." Hong Dali beamed with delight. His relationship with Yin Tianzong could be said that it was forged out of fighting each other, very strong and firm. When he was facing against Li Tianxing last time, Yin Tianzong stood firmly by his sidethis kind of relationship was definitely not a joke. Hong Dali said, "I came back this time to play a big one, hehe."

"Play a big one!" Hong Dali always did things on a large scale. Now that even he said that he wanted to play a big one, then that would definitely be extremely awesome! Yin Tianzongs eyes instantly lit up. He instantly grabbed Hong Dali along and walked away, saying, "This isnt a place to talk, lets go back first!"

Now that Hong Dali had arrived and he was always very generous, the others naturally followed and listened to him. Therefore, a large group of people went towards Jiang Qianxues house.

On the way there, Li Tianxing carefully came close and embarrassingly said, "Young Master Dali, last time, I"

"Its all in the past." Hong Dali laughed and punched him, then said, "It was all a misunderstanding last time, just forget about it. Dont worry, Im not that small-minded."

Li Tianxing was instantly touched and cried, saying, "I always knew that you are the best, Young Master Dali. From now on, if you need me, just say the word. I will do whatever you ask of me!"

Therefore, it could be considered that they reconciled.

Hong Dali was naturally not a person who would dwell on past debts. Anyway, Li Tianxing had suffered at his hands quite a bit

Very quickly, they came to the Jiang Family Manor. After going in, Hong Dali and the other members of the Shenglong Royal Family sat in the first-floor living room. Hong Dali introduced them. "Brothers, this is where I came from. This is called the Milky Way. If you guys have any good stuff next time, dont forget this place. After all, we shouldnt give benefits to outsiders and forget our own people, hehe."

Brother Dalis words were very useful. They instantly introduced themselves. "Hello, Im Brother Dalis schoolmate. My name is Ma Jiexiong, Im from the Shenglong Royal Family."

"My name is Liang Shengyue, Im Brother Dalis schoolmate too. Do you guys need any assistance here? I can invest in a small business here first."

These schoolmates of Hong Dali were all from the Shenglong Royal Family, any one of them was enough for the people from the Milky Way to treat them like an emperor. But now, there were as many as 100 plus them. The Galaxy Aristocrats were almost scared to death. They really felt what was called feeling pain and happiness at the same time now


"Dali, quick, tell us, how are you planning to play this time?" Yin Tianzongs relationship with Hong Dali was the closest, so he didnt feel too restrained and just smiled and asked, "Is there anything I can help you with?"

"Its actually quite simple." Hong Dali smiled and said, "Im planning to built a planet. I snatched a few lifeless planets from the High Nobles last time. I chose the largest one and am planning to play with it. You guys mainly need to help me advertise it and help do some construction and stuff. It isnt very difficult, just that quite a lot of manpower is needed."

Brother Dali is planning to build a planet! This fellow did games last time, and he wants to built a planet now. Hes really daring in thinking big

"Dali." Tang Muxin asked, "What plans do you have for the planet?"

This was a good question! Hong Dali laughed and touched his chin, his saliva almost coming out as he laughed. "Hehe, hehehehe Im the master of my planet, I can, of course, do whatever I want with it!"

"Then, lets start?" Yin Tianzong couldnt wait and said, "I already feel like I cant wait to get started, hehe."

"No problem!" Hong Dali smiled and nodded, then said, "Then lets go now. Lets go to the slave market to take a look first! Brothers, lets move out and buy some people from the slave market!"

Everyone cheered at the same time. "Okay!"

Yin Tianzong hurriedly got up and said, "Sure, I shall lead the way!"

The slave market was located in the western part of Shenluo City. It was a very big plaza with all kinds of humans gathered on it. Of course, those were lower-grade slaves, the type where one Galaxy Dollar could buy a lot. They were considered laborers.

The medium-grade slaves were the beautiful women or those more talented people chosen from the various planets. They were mostly brought back to be concubines or guards. These were worth about 100 Galaxy Dollars or so.

As for the high-grade slaves, those were much more impressive.

This grade of slaves had all kinds of wanderers captured from the Dimensional Wars. They were not very powerful, but what was rare was that their looks were quite unique, and there were many different races too. For example, from the Demon Dimension, there were women from the fox race, men from the tiger race, or goblins and dwarfs from the Magic dimension. Also, there were normal Cultivators from the Cultivation dimension, and so on.

The price of these slaves was incomparable to the slaves from this dimension. They were worth at least one million Galaxy Dollars, absolutely high-grade goods.

When the other customers and people saw Hong Dali and group, seeing the Galaxy Aristocrat leading them, they hurriedly bowed and moved to the side. At the same time, they secretly wondered what the identities of the people protected in the middle of the group were.

The result caused them to sweat profuselythese people were definitely not ordinary people!

"Dali, this is the slave market." Yin Tianzong pointed at the fences on the sides and said, "The ones here are samples, you can understand most of the information of the slaves that you want by looking at the samples."

Hong Dali looked aroundthe low-grade slaves were all very skinny and yellow-faced from hunger. They sat on the ground despondently, waiting for buyers to spectate them. Some of them looked to be in a much better condition, especially the womenthey were even quite well dressed and continuously posing and displaying themselves to Hong Dali and group, hoping that Hong Dali would buy them back. If they could serve their master well, at least they would have a better future than this.

As for those wanderers from other dimensions, they were more composed. It might be that they didnt think that they had much chance of being bought, so they just sat there with their eyes closed, waiting to receive their final judgment.

Tang Muxin walked and looked about. She then pouted and softly said, "They are so pitiful"

Li Nianwei nodded and gently grabbed her hand, then consoled her. "Dont worry, Young Master will make arrangements."

"Brother Tianzong." Hong Dali didnt have any expression and only asked, "How were these slaves captured? And those from the other dimensions, they actually survived until now?"

"This matter of capturing slaves has always existed." Yin Tianzong softly explained to Hong Dali, "The low-grade slaves are captured from newly discovered bumpkin planets. This type is captured to become laborers. However, normally the buyers wont be too cruel to them. Most of them will sign a 20-year contract, after which the slaves will gain freedom and obtain the identity of being a citizen of the Milky Way Alliance. Then, they can return to their planet and help their planet to develop, or they could also choose not to go back. After all, we are a civilized society, we wont easily do evil things like killing slaves. We have laws to protect slaves here."

Hong Dali nodded. As long as their lives werent in danger, it was still better than nothing.

"The second type are those women with decent looks and figures or muscular men. These are the higher grade ones." Yin Tianzong continued, "This group of people is chosen from the large numbers of slaves. The women will be very obedient when they are bought back. As long as their living is still acceptable, they wont have any different ideas. The men are suitable to become guards, it wont be a problem as long as their treatment is not bad. This group of slaves is more popular, normally businessmen and nobles or such will buy them back as maids or guards.

"The third type are the wanderers from the other dimensions." Yin Tianzong lastly spoke about this group of slaves. "These slaves are the descendants of the people from other dimensions. Because they are unable to return to their dimension, they will find a secretive place in the universe to live. They are not very powerful and their lives are quite hard because they are enemies in this dimension. Once they are discovered, they will be captured and become slaves. Because their number is very small, their price is normally higher too. However, its quite troublesome to tame them."

After introducing all of the different types of slaves, Yin Tianzong asked Hong Dali, "Dali, which type do you plan on buying?"

Speaking of which, the reason that Hong Dali came here was mainly to increase the population on his planet. Those lifeless planets of his were originally prepared for the Earthlings. However, because of the Tower of Life on New Earth, it wasnt worth it for the people there to leave New Earth. Therefore, it was easier and cheaper to buy slaves to populate those lifeless planets.

Being a person who rarely stepped out of his house in his previous life, Hong Dali had always had a dreamto build a world of his own. He wanted to build World of Warcraft, One Piece, Dragonball, Dungeon Fighter

Hong Dali touched his chin and said, "Yup, buy all the slaves from the other dimensions. Buy all of the pretty women and muscular men too. As for the normal slaves, buy all of them too"

You could have just said buy all of them

Sweat flooded down profusely from Yin Tianzongs face as he said, "Dali, the slaves here are only samples. If you want to buy all of them, I reckon there will be about billions of people. Thats a lot of money!"

Billions? Just average. Im rich, anyway. That 200 billion is still waiting to be spent

"It doesnt matter, buy all of them." Hong Dali snapped his finger and said, "We still have to buy other stuff, no rush. We shall walk around today and just buy anything thats useful. I still have 200 billion to spend."

"2 200 billion!" Yin Tianzong was instantly astonished. "We havent seen each other for just this short period of time and you already have 200 billion?"

"Yup, Shenglong Dollars," Hong Dali added.

Yin Tianzong directly broke down mentally.

200 billion Shenglong Dollars, thats akin to 2 quadrillion. In front is number two, behind it are 15 zeros!

"Understood." Yin Tianzong felt really awesomeother people buy one or two slaves after careful choosing. Brother Dalis buying of slaves is much more awesome, directly buying all of them. This type of awesome feeling is something that ordinary people will never be able to experience!





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