Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1185

Chapter 1185 Hong Dalis Big Plan

On their own, each slave by themselves wasnt worth a lot, but there was a large number of them

Hong Dali directly bought a few billion of them, including normal types, pretty women and muscular men, and also the slaves from other dimension types, a mix of all of these. It was quite messy.

Of course, once the number of people became a lot, the overall price would be very high too. Very quickly, Xiaoyi settled the bill and reported, "Young Master, I have cleared the bill. Currently, we bought a total of 1.2 billion normal slaves, costing 12 million Galaxy Dollars. 2.6 million high-grade slaves, 260 million Galaxy Dollars. Different kinds of slaves from different dimensions, a total of 158,000 of them, costing an average of 1.2 million Galaxy Dollars each, for a total of 189.6 billion. Overall, the price is 19 million Shenglong Dollars."

Yup, as expected, normal people arent worth much no matter where they are. 1.2 billion normal slaves arent even close to how much high-grade slaves are worth

In total, its 189.6 billion Galaxy Dollars, equivalent to 19 million Shenglong Dollarshuh? Counting it this way, it seems really cheap

"Thats quite cheap." Hong Dali nodded in satisfaction. "We will just buy this much for now. Xiaoyi, tell those slave sellers to send the slaves to the spacecraft and get ready to leave at any moment. Hehe, I managed to get so many people already, not bad. After I finish buying everything I want, I will talk to the slaves for a bit."

"Okay, Young Master." Ling Xiaoyi smiled and nodded. Ling Xiaoyi wasnt in the least worried about the slaves. With Hong Dalis kind character, although it couldnt be said that the lives of the slaves would have a complete overturn, at least their lives would definitely be much better than now.

"Dali, what are we going to do next?" After buying the slaves, the next thing to do was naturally to purchase other essentials. Hong Dali seemed to be planning to build a strange planet. The others werent sure what kind of planet exactly, but it would definitely be very fun. Therefore, Yin Tianzong was really looking forward to it.

"We will need to buy some tools next." Hong Dali looked around. Things like buying tools seemed to be quite boring, so he decisively instructed, "Brother Tianzong, you can send people to settle this part. Yup, I want those lower-end tools, not the too advanced ones. The type that can be transported away after its not needed anymore. Also, help me prepare some transport spacecraft. I plan to transport some stuff to those planets this time."

He was indeed going to do this thing on a big scale!

Yin Tianzong hurriedly nodded and said, "No problem, I shall go and arrange it now."

With Yin Tianzong handling the purchase matters, the rest was simple. Hong Dali looked around and felt that he shouldnt be lacking anything else. He had people and tools now. Oh right, he still needed to buy food. Hong Dali pulled back Yin Tianzong who was about to leave and said, "Brother Tianzong, help me buy food too. Buy enough for five years. As for how much money Never mind, I shall give you 10 billion Shenglong Dollars first. Just buy as you see fit."

10 billion Shenglong Dollars! Hes giving it to me just like that?

Yin Tianzongs heart jumped rapidly. As expected, working for Brother Dali would definitely be very beneficial!

Money made things easy. With the might of 10 billion Shenglong Dollars, the entire Shenluo City started working. Countless spacecraft flew up and transported all kinds of things to space. Everyone got busy with Hong Dalis big plan.

On the ground, Hong Dali leisurely basked in the sunshine. Tang Muxin lay beside him and softly asked, "Dali, what are you planning to do this time? Why did you think of building a planet?"

"Its nothing much." Hong Dalis face was full of mystery and leisurely said, "The heavens secret mustnt be leaked. You just need to know that this is a very very big plan, hehe."

"Oh" Since Hong Dali didnt want to say, Tang Muxin didnt ask anymore. Instead, the Demon King in Hong Dalis head came out and asked, "Hehe, Dali, I seem to smell something sinister. Yup, tell me, what are you planning to do? I saw people from the Demon race just now. Hehe, now that you bought them, it wont be a problem to craft a demon artifact anymore."

"Huh? The people from the Demon race are needed to craft demon artifacts?" Hong Dali didnt think of this, so this was an additional surprise? He curiously asked, "Quick, tell me, what situation is this?"

"Its actually very simple." Polygal smiled and said, "Didnt you bring my big head with you? Although the big head is needed to craft the demon artifact, the descendants of the Demon race have the energy of the Demon race on them. This type of energy is needed to craft the artifact. Therefore, after we go to the planet, I shall teach you to craft something good to play with. But I have a condition. Im a Demon King, after all. Youre not allowed to mistreat these descendants of the Demon race. This shouldnt be a problem, right?"

Being the commander of the Demon race, the Demon King was still quite caring of these descendants of the Demon race. He even offered to craft a demon artifact in exchange for him to treat them well.

Of course, as the Demon King lived for more than 10,000 years, he naturally knew what kind of person Hong Dali was. He said this mainly because he didnt want to owe Hong Dali too many favors.

"No problem, I wasnt planning to mistreat them in the first place. Even if you dont help me craft the demon artifact, I will still treat them well. You should know what kind of person I am, right?"

"Hehe, I shall thank you in advance then." The Demon King solemnly said, "Sincerely."

"Look at how polite you are, its making me a bit embarrassed, hehe." Hong Dali laughed, then closed his eyes and slept peacefully.

Hong Dali did indeed have his own plans for building such a planet.

Squandering was one aspect of it. On the other hand, he planned to really start his big plan. A plan that wasnt very complex, but was definitely very important.

Of course, a plan was a plan, the most important thing was to have fun

Time passed very quickly. After about five or six hours, Yin Tianzong returned and said, "Dali, everythings done. What shall we do next?"

Now that the things were purchased, it was naturally time to proceed to the next step. Hong Dali smiled and said, "All done? Thats very fast, hehe. We shall go to Faerie Star next, then make a trip to New Earth. Then we can set off to that lifeless planet of mine."

Since the itinerary had already been decided, the following was simple.

Hong Dali and the people following him directly boarded the spacecraft and headed towards Faerie Star. Speaking of which, the turning point in Hong Dalis destiny was on Faerie Star. If it wasnt because he got rid of that High Noble whose name he had forgotten, Hong Dalis identity as a member of the Shenglong Royal Family wouldnt have been discovered

This was just how marvelous fate was.

The traveling time passed very quickly. After Hong Dali had a good sleep, the spacecraft had already stopped in the air territory of Faerie Star.

He got off the spacecraft and came to the mountain where Green Phoenix was on. This place was still the same as before, with hundreds of Black-level Honorary Aristocrats gathered at the entrance of the cave. However, different from last time, when Hong Dali arrived, they all knelt down on one leg and respectfully shouted in unison, "Greetings to Sir Royal Family!"

Yup, this was really as if Hong Dali was an emperor inspecting his land in disguise, the feeling was still not bad

"Yup, all of you may rise." Hong Dali grinned and waved his hand, saying, "Theres no need to be too polite, just do what you guys are supposed to do."

Saying so, he brought his people into the cave. As for queuing, since when did Hong Dali the prodigal ever queued before?

Only after Hong Dali entered the cave did the Honorary Aristocrats dared to stand up. They softly discussed, "This is the Shenglong Royal Family? Their aura is indeed different."

"Impressive, I never thought that I would ever see the Shenglong Royal Family in my life."

"This day can be recorded in history. Im a person who saw the Shenglong Royal Family too, hahaha!"

Yup, to them, being able to see the Shenglong Royal Family with their own eye was already quite an incredible matter.

As Hong Dali walked into the cave, the guards all bowed respectfully. Hong Dali brought his people into the cave and very quickly saw Sister Green Phoenix resting inside.

"Sister Green Phoenix." Hong Dali jogged up and hugged Green Phoenixs neck, then intimately said, "I havent seen you in so long that Im already missing you." Yup, other things aside, this fellows mouth was really sweet. He wouldnt act high and lofty, which caused people to like him a lot.

Green Phoenix was very happy as well and smilingly looked at Hong Dali, then gently said, "We havent seen each other for a while and you are already a member of the Shenglong Royal Family. Congratulations." Hong Dali gave her quite a good impression, so her attitude towards him was very good.

"Chirp chirp chirp" At this moment, the little Green Phoenix, Acka, that was resting in Hong Dalis space watch flew out by itself and excitedly circled over Green Phoenixs head, then landed on Hong Dalis head.

"This little fellow has grown up. Looks like his diet is quite good." Green Phoenix stretched out a wing and touched Acka lovingly, then smiled and said, "Acka must have eaten quite a lot of good stuff, right?"

"Only average." Hong Dali nodded heavily and said, "I obtained quite a lot of useless equipment on Shenglong Star and feed all of it to her. You dont say, I didnt pay attention to her for this past few days, and she has already grown by quite a bit, hehe."

"A child will always grow up eventually." Green Phoenix softly breathed in, then looked at the others. She gently said, "Can the rest of you go out for a while, I have some words to say to Dali."

Although Green Phoenix was staying on Faerie Star, which was a village-like place to them, her status was very high. Hearing her words, even the members of the Shenglong Royal Family nodded and walked to one side.

"Dali, you probably have some ideas in mind for coming here this time, right?" Green Phoenix looked at Hong Dali and gently said. However, the meaning in her words was quite interesting.

"Yup, there is." Hong Dali didnt hide his intention and said, "Its regarding the Dimensional War, I want to know about it in more detail."






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