Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1186

Chapter 1186 Gu Feifeis Weird Ability

Other than coming here to pick up his old brother Green Dragon, the other matter was to ask about the Dimensional War.

After all, Hong Dali had really got into contact with too many matters in this period of time.

The Chosen Ones, Dimensional War, slaves from other dimensions, Demon King, Seven-colored Dragon, Golden Emperor Beetle, and so on. All of these were linked to the Dimensional War in one way or another.

Hong Dali wasnt a fool. In fact, when he got serious, he was actually very clever. Therefore, since he came here this time, he definitely had to listen to what Sister Green Phoenix would say about the Dimensional War.

This was very important, so important that it concerned how he could protect his dimension and family.

"You have indeed learned about a lot of things." Green Phoenix looked at Hong Dali deeply, then, a blue light flashed and she turned into a beautiful sister wearing a blue dress. She softly grabbed Hong Dalis hand and gently said, "Come with me, I have waited for this day too long." Saying so, she looked at Cutie Ke who was in the group of people, then smiled and said, "You are the princess of the Fire Dragons? You can come too."

"Oh, okay." Seeing that Green Phoenix saw through her real self with just one look, Cutie Ke didnt hesitate and instantly walked up.


After Green Phoenix said this, deep inside the cave, a heavy stone door gradually opened and revealed a secret tunnel. The tunnel was about five meters tall, the steps led downwards, and it was dark inside. They were not able to see where it led to.

Green Phoenix pulled Hong Dali with her into the tunnel and walked down. Very quickly, a rumbling sound came from behind as the stone door gradually closed and became completely sealed again.

"Sister Nianwei." Tang Muxin looked at the stone door and held Tang Muxins hand, slightly scared. She softly said, "My heart is jumping very quickly. I keep feeling that something major is going to happen. I wonder what kind of change there will be after Dali goes down."

"Dont worry." Li Nianwei gently hugged her waist and consoled her. "Belief in Young Master, hes our sky. As long as hes around, there wont be any problem."

Standing at one side, Gu Feifei instead looked at the stone door tightly as if she had thought of something.

She touched his chin, then suddenly walked up in front of the door. The guards stopped her with their weapons crossed, blocking the door, and said in a deep voice, "Venerable is below. Other than those with her permission, no one is allowed to barge into the Faerie Star secret realm!"

"Stand aside." Gu Feifei didnt look at the guards at all. "I have to go down and take a look too, dont force me to attack you guys."

"No, we must definitely abide by the prohibition." The two guards blocked in front of the door with their weapons in their hands. if Gu Feifei took a step forward, they would instantly attack.

"Stupid idiots." Gu Feifeis body didnt even move and the two guards already flew out.

Luckily, she didnt want to kill them, so they only laid on the ground and temporarily lost their ability to move, but their lives were still safe.

"Big Sister, what are you planning to do?" By this time, the other students noticed the situation and nervously said, "Green Phoenix is a Venerable-level holy beast guardian. Even if you are a member of the Shenglong Royal Family, you cant easily offend her!"

"Shut up." Gu Feifei turned her head and squinted her eyes. "Dont speak if you dont want to die!"

No one dared to disregard the might of the Big Sister, so no one dared to say anything anymoreif they offended her, they would have to lie on the hospital bed for at least two months. This wasnt a joke.

The guards on the ground stared deadly at Gu Feifei and said, "Even if you are very powerful, this door is made from the most sturdy obsidian stones. Unless the Venerable approves, you will definitely not be able to enter"

Obsidian stones were the sturdiest stone material in the universe. Even a peak Star Sector-level also wouldnt be able to destroy it. Any chambers made from this kind of stone would be safe from practically any harm.

"Hehe, thats not certain." Gu Feifei smiled mysteriously, then placed her hand on the stone door. She didnt seem to have done anything, but the faces of everyone changed. The five-meter tall and three-meter wide door was still as high as ever, but the width was actually changing! It actually shrunk from three meters to 1.5 meters, and Gu Feifei entered through the gap easily. Then, the door returned to its original state. Other than Gu Feifeis disappearance, nothing seemed to have changed at all!

"What situation is this?" A student felt strange and asked, "How did Big Sister achieve that? Thats a door made from obsidian stone, and she actually entered without damaging it?"

"Im feeling puzzled too. How did Big Sister do that?" Another student scratched his head continuously. "Speaking of which, did Big Sister use her ability before in school?"

"I dont think so." A third student shook his head and said, "Big Sisters power seems to have no limit, who could force her to use her ability? However, didnt Big Sister always say that she doesnt have any ability? Then, whats the situation today?"

"Although she says she doesnt have, I think she should have an ability." A fourth student slowly said, "However, its just that no one from our school can force her to use her ability, thats all. But now, it looks like her ability is super weird, its power is practically infinite! Hehe, I really had an eye-opener today. I actually saw Big Sister using her ability! What a gain!"

While these students were discussing her, Gu Feifei had already gone in and was softly walking down the steps.

The cave was very dry and didnt felt moist at all. It could be seen that the ventilation here was still quite good. Although she couldnt see the end of the tunnel as she walked down, the tunnel was getting wider and wider, and the walls on both sides had become normal green-black colored. Also, about 100 plus meters in front, a black cave hole could finally be seen.

"Secret realm." Gu Feifei frowned as she walked. "The System actually asked me to come in for sure, what the heck is it trying to do? It gave me this strange mission but didnt tell me what to do, just saying to come and take a look. What can I see from this? This is really strange."

A System. As expected, Gu Feifeis Gods Chosen Ones Sign was also a System!

Thinking of this in her heart, Gu Feifei didnt hesitate too much. She just had to come to take a look, after all. With her power, what danger could there possibly be? That was practically impossible.

Gu Feifei had hidden her power very deeply, so no one knew of her true strength. The only one who could tell that she wasnt simple was the Demon King in Hong Dalis head.

As for Green Phoenix, it was hard to say if she noticed. But she was a holy beast venerable who was in charge of guarding one place, after all. It was most likely that she pretended not to know.

Very quickly, she approached the black cave hole. Gu Feifei went in and the surroundings instantly changed. Inside, the surroundings were actually that of the universe! Countless galaxies and endless universe spaces could be seen. It was very vast and spectacular. Humans could felt how insignificant they were here compared to the endless universe.

And when Gu Feifei entered, the System gave her a new mission at the same time. "Mission releasedThe Origin of the Universe: Discover the true source of the Dimensional War. Mission reward: 100 Exchange Points."

Hearing that the System actually gave her another mission, Gu Feifei instantly felt that this mission was different from the normal missions.

"Giving me a mission is nothing much, but this mission reward" Gu Feifei frowned and secretly thought, In the past, the reward was normally a few points for a mission. But now, the reward is actually 100 points. From this, it can be seen how important this mission is. However, the true source of the Dimensional War or such, what situation is this? Could it be that it wants me to participate in the Dimensional War in the future?

Shaking her head, Gu Feifei was unable to guess the motive of the System for the time being.

But since she was already here, she couldnt turn back now. She would, of course, continue and see what the Dimensional War was exactly about.

She proceeded forward in this mini-universe space, looking around as she walked.

As she walked, some stars disappeared and some appeared. Some galaxies clashed and some split up. In the darkness, every time she walked for a part of the road, the image of the universe would change to another image.

As she walked on, the ground of the cave had started to become level and not downwards anymore, just forward. A short while later, she suddenly stopped and heard Green Phoenixs voice.

"Youre finally here." Dressed in a blue dress, Green Phoenix gradually walked out from a cave hole in the front. Beside her was Hong Dali and Cutie Ke. She looked at Gu Feifei, smiled, and said, "When I brought Dali in, I already guessed that you would definitely come in too. Turns out I was right. If I didnt guess wrongly, your identity must definitely be the same as Dali. Its not simple, right? Gods Chosen One?"

Gods Chosen One!

Green Phoenix could actually see that Gu Feifei was Gods Chosen One! Hong Dali knew of this, but it wasnt possible for him to tell this to Green Phoenix. This meant to say that Green Phoenixs true strength, or rather, true identity, was much higher than the holy beast venerable that she appeared to be on the surface!

"You can see through my identity, thats very impressive." Gu Feifei didnt refute and walked up. "Youre right, Im Gods Chosen One. The reason I came here is because of a mission. Then, do you have anything you want to say to me?"

"Of course, I wont have any other thoughts towards Gods Chosen One." Green Phoenix turned around and said, "Come with me, the answer you want is inside, right in front."






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