Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1187

Chapter 1187 Cemetery Of The Gods

As the Green Phoenix spoke, she started walking inwards. When Gu Feifei walked past Hong Dali, she gave him a long intent look before turning to follow the Green Phoenix into the cave.

Hong Dali touched his nose and looked at Gu Feifeis back curiously.

He did not know what was up with Gu Feifei today, but it was obvious things might be developing in an unexpected direction. These included Gu Feifei, the many unknown secrets of the universe, and the Dimension War.

As soon as he entered the cave, Hong Dali was surprised to find that it was actually a rather small space. There was nothing much in it. The mountain walls were bare and there was just a blue door in the center of the cave.

It was a portal.

"This is our biggest secret." The Green Phoenix pointed to the blue door and said softly, "Stargate. All secrets are beyond this door. This door is very easy to enter, anyone can do it. But it wont be so simple for them to leavesimply put, the threshold is inside. You must think carefully if it is worth it to enter."

The Green Phoenix looked at Hong Dali and Gu Feifei as she spoke.

What she meant was simple. A Gods Chosen One or a Devils Chosen One would have no problems even if they went in. For anyone else, it would be easy to enter, but there was not much hope that they would be able to exit.

Fortunately, the identities of Hong Dali and Gu Feifei just happened to fulfill the conditions of entry and exit. Gu Feifei nodded first. "I will enter."

Hong Dali and Cutie Ke nodded together. "Me too."

"Since you have decided, come with me." The Green Phoenix looked at Hong Dali, Cutie Ke, and Gu Feifei again. Then, she led the way into the Stargate.

Gu Feifei followed, then Hong Dali and Cutie Ke.

The passage was magnificent and beautiful. On both sides, the time-space turbulence was constantly surging and ebbing. Inside, Hong Dali felt that he had become weightless, as if he were in the water, drifting along with the waves. He let the turbulence carry him forward.

The passage was not very long. After a few minutes, Hong Dali had already left the passage and his feet were once again on the ground.

It was a vast, barren land. There were no signs of life, plant, or otherwise, as far as the eye could see.

It was desolate, weird, and horrifying dark clouds hovered above his head. Thunder roared in the clouds and countless lightning strikes hundreds of meters thick constantly bombarded the ground. Countless meteorites landed, forming huge mushroom-shaped clouds when they hit the ground. Violent energy laid waste to the whole world.

"Were here. The environment feels weird, right?" The Green Phoenix stood between Hong Dali and Gu Feifei, looking at the lightning and meteorites in the sky. She said slowly, "This is the origin of the universe, or rather, the starting point of intelligence in the universe, the continent of Esolil."

This is the origin of life in the universe? In such an environment?

"Really?" Hong Dali looked around. "Such an environment can produce life?" After they entered, they had been enveloped in a protective energy shield to protect them from the violent energy waves of the meteorites impacting the ground. Hong Dali had no doubt that without this energy shield, any shock wave generated by a meteorite landing was enough to completely destroy life.

"The Green Phoenix is right." At this time, a deep voice was heard. Hong Dali turned his head to see a middle-aged man in a colorful robe approaching them slowly. Hong Dali smiled suddenly. "Uncle Dyke, why are you here?"

The man in front of him was the Seven-Colored Dragon King, Rioms Van Dyke, whom Hong Dali had met before.

"Im not the only one who came. Several others are hibernating here." Uncle Dyke walked to Hong Dali and the others and waved his hand gently. Soon, a huge barrier went up around everyone and the ground began to rumble and quake. A huge stone gate that was more than 500 meters high appeared in front of everyone.

"Come with me." Dyke led the way. "Creak", the door slowly opened to reveal stairs that led downwards. The steps were very high, each about five-meters-tall. Of course, such a height was not a problem for Hong Dali and the othersthe Green Phoenix transformed into her true self and let Hong Dali and Gu Feifei sit on her back. Mr. Dyke transformed into the Seven-Colored Dragon King. He was more than a thousand meters in length and was exceptionally powerful.

It was obvious his current size was such as he had limited his size. After all, his real body was more than 4,000 meters in length.

As for Cutie Ke, well, it was very simple.

"What is this place?" Hong Dali asked curiously as he sat on the back of the Green Phoenix.

"Cemetery of the Gods." Dyke said, "Of course, this can only be regarded as a relatively low-level cemetery. The levels of your Sister Green Phoenix and I are not high enough, and we can only lead you till here. However, I think you should be able to find much of the information you need here."

"Oh, I see." Hear, hear. Cemetery of the Gods, how classy was that?

They flew fast and it did not take long before Hong Dali saw a quaint stone door. The stone door was about a thousand meters high and 800 meters wide. There were indecipherable symbols on the stone door which they deduced were probably the words "Cemetery of the Gods".

The four of them stood in front of the stone gate and Dyke put his hand on it. A dazzling light flashed and the stone gate rumbled open.

More than 500 sarcophagi were parked within the stone gate. Each sarcophagus was about 100 meters long and 30 meters wide. The Gods that the Green Phoenix and Dyke spoke about were probably resting in them.

"Okay, this is the Cemetery of the Gods. Its a simple place, right?" The Green Phoenix looked around and said softly, "But this is one of the most important places in the whole universe, or rather this dimension."

Just as the Green Phoenix finished speaking, the System in Hong Dalis mind issued a task. "The host has triggered the Ultimate Mission: The Origin of the Universe. Mission Description: Understanding the origin of life in the universe. Mission Reward: 1,000 attribute points, 1,000 Achievement points. At the same time, after this task is completed, the second phase of the Hosts final ability task will be complete."

What the heck! He got a task like that at this time? It seemed that this was a very important task! It was the ultimate task! The origin of the universe!

"En." Hong Dali nodded. The Cemetery of the Gods, he could sense that it was a very important place just by the name. He should ask about the stories of the Gods next. Hong Dali said, "Sister Green Phoenix, tell me, what kind of stories are there about this place?" The task that the System had just issued should just require him to listen to stories?

Fortunately, the Green Phoenix did not keep them in suspense. Just by looking at the expressions of Hong Dali and Gu Feifei, she knew both of them would be interested to listen to the story she was about to tell. One of them was Gods Chosen One, and Hong Dali seemed to be Devils Chosen One. Anyway, both of them were important people and she would not dare keep them waiting. She quickly started her story

"In the beginning of the universe, during the Age of Chaos, which was about 12 billion years ago, the universe underwent the Big Bang. All the celestial bodies as we know had just formed right at the very center of the universe. On a planet named Esolil, life was first seen.

"The life that had developed on this planet, Esolil, was the original Gods Chosen Life." The Green Phoenix said slowly, "In this world, life continued to evolve and change and finally became the earliest known intelligence in the universe. He was what we callGod!"

God, this word had often appeared in Hong Dalis sight and hearing, but it was only now that he finally knew what this God was. Simply put, it was the first human being ever.

"After intelligent life appeared on Esolil, those Gods evolved until they finally formed the earliest known society. It was just like the history of the evolution of human society today, only much slower." The Green Phoenix said slowly, "Intelligent life often has a characteristic, that is, it likes to fight. The Esolil continent was no exception. These Gods were constantly fighting and evolving. Through struggle, their power increased. The more powerful they became, the higher their technological level.

"After more than one million years of strife, which was the first War of the Gods, the final victory was won by a ruler named Karina Kron.Pasak Enresa. He named himself the Father of the Gods and the first Lord of Gods was born.

"Karina Kron.Pasak Enresa was extremely powerful and his technological ability was also extremely high. Often, when a societys power is too concentrated, tragedy will ensue. Esolil was no exception.

"As the most beloved youngest daughter of the Father of the Gods, Lasada Masoyalyn, the Goddess of Wisdom, had been adored by millions until the 366th year of the new Esolil Continental Age.

"In this year, the Father of the Gods Karina Kron.Pasak Enresa was assassinated and killed by the God of the Underworld, Sunlurodi Nelakusta, a person he had considered to be his closest friend and a comrade who had fought by his side in the first War of the Gods. He did it because Karina Kron.Pasak Enresa was unwilling to let his beloved daughter marry him.

"And this was the cause of the second War of the Gods.

"In order to avenge his most beloved father, the Goddess of Wisdom Lasada Masoyalyn shed all her tears, blinded her eyes, and finally condensed her eyes into a staff that had the power to destroy the world. This was the Eye of Lasada Masoyalyn, the Goddess of Wisdom.

"Holding onto this staff that she had transformed from her own eyes, the Goddess of Wisdom led her fathers most loyal fighters and took over the entire Underworld which was controlled by the God of the Underworld. She also imprisoned the God of the Underworld, Sunlurodi Nelakusta, in the eternal dark universe"





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