Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1188

Chapter 1188 The Dragon Kings Successor

Battle of the Gods, Sister Green Phoenix made it sound like a fantasy.

"Sister Green Phoenix," Hong Dali stared with his eyes wide open and asked curiously, "this Father of the Gods and Goddess of Wisdom? Are they the most supreme Gods or something like that?"

Heavens Chosen One, Dimension Master, Lord of Gods, and the Devil, there did not seem to be a link between them

"Hehe, of course not." Indeed, the Green Phoenix shook her head. "I mentioned the Big Bang before, this dimension was already a singularity before the Big Bangs explosion. You should have heard of the Big Bang theory, right?"

"En, thats right. From 15 billion to 20 billion years ago, the universe was created by the Big Bang of a singularity," Hong Dali said curiously. "Why does it matter? Did it have something to do with this?"

"Of course it does." Seven-Colored Dragon King smiled and said, "Have you thought before, in the vast space, other than this singularity, what does it look like?"

He had never thought about it. It seemed science was not able to explain it as well.

"What is it?" Hong Dali asked.

"Simply put, other than a singularity, its still singularity. Countless singularities." The Green Phoenix said slowly, "One of the singularities formed the dimension were in. The other singularities became other dimensions, resulting in endless dimensions. In other words, this Esolil continent is the origin of life in our dimension. After the second War of the Gods, the Esolil continent became what you see now. Countless people escaped from Esolil. As they fled, they inadvertently brought the seeds of life into the universe."

"In fact, in the virtual universe world, space oscillation and space teleportation were brought out by those who were born in the Esolil continent and fled."

What an unusual story. Hong Dali finally understood.

Simply put, in the beginning, at the birth of the universe, a planet with wisdom was first produced. After millions of years of development, this planet became extremely advanced in technology and people were extremely strong and powerful. The incident triggered war and led to the destruction of the planet. At the same time, because of the destruction of the planet, those people who fled brought out the seeds of life

However, that did not explain the relationship between the Dimension Master and the Lord of Gods, right?

"What about Heavens Chosen Ones?" Hong Dali asked.

"Heavens Chosen One, was, in fact, the regional agent for each region of the universe from the people who escaped the Esolil continent." Sister Green Phoenix laughed. "After the second War of the Gods, the people who escaped Esolil were distributed into the various Astrals of the universe, and these people existed in the form of small groups. The highest chief of the Astral Alliance was from Esolil. And the Dimension Master was the leader of this small group. In order to maintain activity among humans, they created this Heavens Chosen One, which was something they created out of boredom. To them, all human beings are just their toys."

Damn, Im not their toy!

Then again, if Sister Green Phoenix was speaking the truth, then the people who escaped from Esolil were all very strong. They actually managed to come up with such a strong individual as Heavens Chosen One. Naturally, they must be a lot stronger.

"What about the Lord of Gods and the Devil?" This was mostly related to him. "What about them?"

"Lord of Gods, this involves the dimension." Seven-Colored Dragon King explained to Hong Dali. "In short, in this endless dimension, there are countless groups like Esolil. However, the development level of each one is different. The two strongest opposites are the Lord of Gods and the Devil. Of course, both the Green Phoenix and I are unable to understand the details at our level. In the future, you might have a chance."

Alright, its a long road ahead. But so-so. At least I understood about this Dimension Master and the Heavens Chosen One. The rest is just troublesome matters caused by troublesome people.

"So-so." Hong Dali sniffled. "So why did you bring us here?"

Hong Dali looked around. There was nothing special except the sarcophagi. He was now curious as to who was in the sarcophagi. Was it the people from Esolil?

It should have been billions of years now. Was it not rotten yet? It had been such a long time, it should have decomposed by now, right?

"The reason why I brought you here is that the Dimensional War is approaching." Hearing Hong Dali mention it, Sister Green Phoenix sighed and said, "This Dimensional War, every time it breaks out, it will cause unimaginable destruction. Countless galaxies will be swept clean and countless people are likely to be killed in their sleep. The real masters of the major dimensions might not make any moves due to the agreement they had with the Gods. But the powerful Heavens Chosen Ones will become their strongest fighters. And our dimension, to be honest, our main force suffered heavy losses in the last Dimensional War. So far, the Heavens Chosen Ones are not powerful enough. Hence, the important thing now is to increase the overall strength of our dimension to prepare for the upcoming Dimensional War."

Damn, the Dimensional War is coming? What rhythm is this? Are you sure?

"It cant be. The Dimensional War is coming?" Hong Dali drew in a cold breath. "How much time do we have?"

The Green Phoenix slowly put out one finger and said, "Within ten years."

Heck! The Dimensional War will break out in ten years time? Is this a joke? Ten years! What can we do in ten years? Even if I have kids now, theyd only be eight or nine-years-old then, right?

"Sister Green Phoenix, you must be kidding, right?" Hong Dali was so shocked his mucus almost dripped out of his nose. "Ten years, what do you expect me to do in such a short time? It wont do! Even if I was a deity, its impossible to improve the strength of the entire dimension in such a short time! Im a prodigal! I cant be responsible for such an important task!"

Even Gu Feifei nodded secretly.

The Dimensional War was happening in ten years. How could they achieve that?

"I brought you here precisely because were short on time. Im afraid you cannot say no." Dyke spoke and shrugged helplessly. "According to the latest calculations, the entrance of the Dimensional War in Shenglong Astral, unfortunately, does not seem far from your Milky Way." Then, he added, "Its not too far from Shenglong Star as well."

Done, it was obvious nowyou can run, but you cannot hide

"Tell me, what do you want me to do?" Hong Dali was dejected. "Im a prodigal. Which prodigal would take on the responsibility of such a difficult task? This is not the way it should be"

"Actually, its not too difficult." The Green Phoenix pointed to five largest sarcophagi beside and said, "These five sarcophagi contain the fallen Five-headed Dragon King from the last war in hibernation. Of course, its impossible to revive him. But if this Fire Dragon Princess can get recognition from the Dragon King, she will become the real Fire Dragon King. In that case, we can have an extremely powerful force. How is it? Do you want to try?"

Hong Dali finally understood why he had to bring Cutie Ke along. The original remains of the Five-headed Dragon King, whom Dyke told him about, was here

"I Can I really do it?" Facing the possibility that she could become the King of the Fire Dragons, Cutie Ke felt a little uneasy. After all, such things should not be taken lightly. If she failed

"Youre here, anyway. What are you afraid of?" Hong Dali pushed Cutie Ke forward. "Just try. Im here if anything happens. Dont be afraid. Hehe."

"Then alright, then." Cutie Ke walked up and looked at the people around her. Then, she looked at Seven-Colored Dragon King. "How.. how do I begin?"

"Its simple. Just put your hand on the sarcophagus." Seven-Colored Dragon King brought Cutie Ke to the sarcophagus in the middle and said, "The Fire Dragon King, Arebusta, lies here." Then, he introduced to her all the people in the surrounding sarcophagi. "On the far left is the Earth Dragon King Bretina Reza, and the second from the left is the Ice Dragon King Riedestim. On the far right is the Light Dragon King Vincent Darrow, and the second from the right is the Wind Dragon King Valmaridio. These five dragon kings fell in the last war and are hibernating here."

After introducing the five dragon kings in hibernation, Dyke looked at Hong Dali and said, "Speaking of which, I should really thank you. I didnt think you would be able to make a member of the Fire Dragon race become the successor of the Dragon King so quickly. Its not easy."

"Dont mention it." Hong Dali was still feeling dejected. "There are only ten years before the Dimensional War breaks out. I only managed to find one, there are four more I havent even been to their planets yet"

"Dont belittle yourself." Sister Green Phoenix walked over and comforted him. "Nothing is easy from the start. The first one is the most difficult. As long as this Fire Dragon Princess successfully evolves into the Fire Dragon King, it wont take long to find the successor for the other five Dragon Kings."

Alright, this should be the first piece of good news so far.

Hong Dali nodded helplessly. "Alright. Ill take your word for it. En, lets begin the evolution, then. Sigh, ten years"

"Then Ill start now." Cutie Ke looked at Hong Dali again. She always felt that Hong Dali could give her confidence without any reason. After seeing Hong Dali nod, Cutie Ke stepped forward and pressed her hand lightly on the sarcophagus. In an instant, a red light flashed. It was just to test Cutie Ke, who was Fire Dragon Princess Krishnata. Then, the red light enveloped Cutie Ke like liquid!






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