Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1189

Chapter 1189 Five Colored Empress

"This this is" Cutie Kes entire body was enveloped by the red light. The red light was like liquid flowing out from the sarcophagus. Cutie Kes body was right in the middle of the red light. Her feet slowly left the ground and she floated up.

"Youre indeed the Fire Dragon Princess." As he watched Cutie Ke in the air, Dyke nodded with satisfaction. "Her attributes are very suitable, it seems that it will not be long before the energy transfer will succeed."

"Is evolution as simple as that?" Hong Dalis eyes widened. "It seems easy"

"Its easy to have attributes that match." The Green Phoenix smiled. "The person must have the truest Fire Dragon blood and must have awakened his or her abilities before being able to absorb the Fire Dragon Kings energy. Otherwise, do you think that just anyone from the Fire Dragon race will do?"

At this time, Cutie Kes body in the sky was emanating a fierce red, fiery light. Her light merged with the red light as if a child playing outside was responding to his fathers call.

"But its still a little weird." Dyke rubbed his chin. "It will normally take at least a few months for this evolutionary ritual to reach the current level. How did she do it so quickly?"

After all, Dyke had lived for an extremely long time. When the previous generations of Dragon Kings passed the power to their offspring, it often took at least a few months. Today, something seemed wrong. How could this little princess of the Fire Dragon race absorb the energy so smoothly? Even Arebusta, the already hibernating Fire Dragon King, took six months to finish absorbing the power of the previous Fire Dragon King.

Sure enough, the ray of red light entered Cutie Kes body at a speed that was almost visible to the naked eye. Within an hour, Cutie Kes body no longer shone. Having finished absorbing the Fire Dragon Kings power, Cutie Ke did not seem any different from before except for the two little red horns that appeared above her ears. The horns were crystal clear and on them were extremely complicated patterns. They were breathtakingly beautiful.

"Its over just like that?" Hong Dalis eyes widened and he looked closely at Cutie Ke. Then, he asked, "How do you feel? Speaking of which, you sure took a very short time to receive all your power. It has only been an hour or so, right?"

"I I dont know. It seems to be finished." Cutie Ke looked at her hands. There did not seem anything out of the ordinary except for the immense power she felt within herself. The force within her was like a volcano. No, not a volcano, that would be undermining it. More like a star surging inside her. She could imagine how terrifying that force would be once she allowed it to erupt.

"Yes, this is the right aura." At this time, the Demon King in Hong Dalis mind secretly came out and said, "Cutie Kes aura is exactly like that of the Fire Dragon King, Arebusta. I fought him for more than three months without either side gaining. I wont forget even if I turn into ash. Its just strange. How is it that such immense power was transferred so quickly?"

As expected, the Demon King noticed that something was different as well.

After all, the greater the amount of power, the longer it took for it to be transferred. Why did Cutie Ke take such a short time?

"Cutie Ke." Hong Dali took her hand with a grin. "Did you do anything while the transfer was ongoing? Tell me about it. There may be some new discoveries, hehe."

"Ah? Me, I didnt do anything. I only had Lord Arebustas appearance in my mind" Cutie Ke thought for a while but did not think of any other anomalies. Finally, she said, "Thats it."

"I understand now." Hong Dali laughed. "It looks like my luck is really good, hahahaha! Come, come, lets continue." As he spoke, he pulled Cutie Ke and stopped in front of the sarcophagus of the Earth Dragon King Bretina Reza. He smiled and said, "Put your hand on it and bring up the image of the Earth Dragon King in your minddo you know what he looks like?"

"I know." Cutie Ke did exactly as Hong Dali instructed. In fact, she had always thought that Hong Dali was an intelligent man who also happened to have very good luck. He was right about everythinghence, Cutie Ke simply did whatever he told her to and put her hand on the sarcophagus

"Brat, stop playing around." Dyke finally saw that they were doing something they should not. "This little lass is a member of the Fire Dragon race. If you ask her to touch the sarcophagus of the Earth Dragon King, something really bad will happen if her attributes do not match!"

As he spoke, Dyke reached out to pull Cutie Ke back. Unexpectedly, before he even reached her, the Earth Dragon Kings sarcophagus, too, started glowingthis time it was with an earthy yellow-colored light

"Damn, whats happening?" Even with Dykes status, he could not help but swear. He had never encountered such a situation. In fact, he never even imagined it was possible.

The Princess of the Fire Dragon race had been recognized by the Earth Dragon King? Was he dreaming?

"Hahaha, just as I thought." Hong Dali laughed happily. "As I said, our luck is pretty reliable, hehehehehe"

"What the hell is going on?" Dyke did not dare to underestimate Hong Dali this time. "How did you do it?"

The Green Phoenix also looked at Hong Dali curiously. To be honest, this magical young man had really exceeded all her expectations.

"Its the effect of the Transformation Soul Stone, right?" Gu Feifei was the first to guess correctly. "Speaking of which, your luck is really good. I didnt expect it to have such an effect."

"Correct." Hong Dali snapped his fingers and explained to Dyke and the Green Phoenix. "Our Cutie Ke obtained a high-level Soul Stone previously. En, it was a Transformation Soul Stone. At first, I just thought it was rather interesting. She had not fused with any Soul Stone yet, so I asked her to merge with it "

"And then?" Dykes expression was extremely curious. "What happened next?"

"Then, she used the ability of the Transformation Soul Stone to transform into herself." Hong Dali shrugged. "I was actually just playing, but just like that, she became the Fire Dragon Princess." Hong Dali looked at Cutie Ke, who had obviously already absorbed a lot of the Earth Dragon Kings energy, and said, "When she was absorbing the energy of the Fire Dragon King, she had the Fire Dragon King in her mind. Now, she has the Earth Dragon King in her mindspeaking of which, the Transformation Soul Stone is really easy to use. As long as she can project an image that is accepted by the other party, she will be able to completely inherit the other partys power. In the future, our Cutie Ke will be really powerful!"

Hearing that, the jaws of both Dyke and the Green Phoenix gapedit worked that way?

One Fire Dragon Princess to absorb the energy of all five Dragon Kings?! God, what would she become, then?

"Okay." Even the Demon King Polygal could not remain calm now. "I did realize that being on your side has unexpected benefits. A little girl from the Fire Dragon race has become the Queen of Fire Dragons in just a few days and she can even absorb the power of the other Dragon Kings. Can you think about it and see if you can arrange anything for me?"

En, in the blink of an eye, a Fire Dragon Empress was born. He reckoned everyone would have to call her the Five-Colored Empress in the future.

If he, the Demon King, could get such benefits too

He felt happy just thinking about it. Was it possible that he could level up a notch when that time came?

"The problem is that we cant find you a suitable body." Hong Dali pouted. "Also, you are now imprisoned by my System. There is no way to let you out. By the way, these Dragon Kings are all dead and gone, how come your soul is still here??"

This was a question Hong Dali had always wanted to ask.

The Dragon Kings and the Demon King were evenly matched, but the Demon Kings soul was still here while the Dragon Kings were thoroughly dead. This was obviously not fair

"The dimensions are different and thus incomparable." There was nothing the Demon King could do about it. "When the beings from the Demon Dimension reach a certain level, they can create their own demon souls. Unless the demon soul is destroyed, we dont really die. This is determined by the innate laws of the dimension. Its not that I dont want to teach youBrother Dali, Big Brother Dali, think of a way to resurrect me too, please"

Being called "Big Brother Dali" by the Demon King, who had lived for at least ten thousand years, Hong Dali felt goosebumps all over his body. He said, "Can you hold back a little? No matter what, you are a demon who has lived for more than 10,000 years. Can you at least be majestic like a highly skilled master should be?"

"Im imprisoned by you, majestic my ass." The Demon King was forlorn. "How about you show me how to be majestic if it were you, and you had just a sliver of your soul left!"

Eh, what he said made sense

"Okay, I will consider it if there is a chance." Hong Dali was also feeling a little depressed. "But you have to promise that you will not turn against me after you resurrect. Otherwise, I will not dare to let you out so easily."

"Turn against you, my foot!" The Demon King stomped angrily. "Ive been with you for a while and Ive long realized that there are a lot of benefits to sticking with you. There will be no good end for anyone who goes against you! Besides, the previous Fire Dragon King was able to draw with me. Now, great. You even have a Five-Colored Empress. Do you think I still stand a chance?!"

En, what he said was true. It was clear by now that people who stayed on Hong Dalis side would generally do well, while those who went against him did not fare well. Also, the Demon race was on the Devils side and Hong Dali was the Devils Chosen One. Strictly speaking, they were in the same camp and the relationship between them was roughly equivalent to that between a prince and his minister. So it did not seem like a bad idea to let the Demon King out.

"All right. Dont worry. Ill keep a lookout for a suitable body for you," Hong Dali said. Anyway, there was nothing much else to do now. They might as well just take a look around. Perhaps, they would find something unexpected






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