Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1190

Chapter 1190 Lackey Number 36

"Ill go look around, you can say here first." Since he had decided, Hong Dali could not sit still. He was ready to take a look around.

No matter what, this was the cemetery of the Gods. This place was so high-end, magnificent, and classy. Impressive treasures aside, there should be some other gains, right? Otherwise, would he have made a fruitless trip?

"En, alright. Its good to walk around." Dyke nodded. He had experienced Hong Dalis magic. This child had always had good luck and did not go by logic. He might find something incredible if he took a walk around the area

Hence, Hong Dali began to look around.

The cemetery of the Gods occupied a wide area. That could be seen partly from the huge steps nearly five-meters-high at the entrance. The huge sarcophagi around were very neatly arranged, just that one could not see what was inside them. To be qualified enough to be placed here, they should all have been great people.

"It will be great if I can go inside the sarcophagi to take a look." Hong Dali touched the corner of a sarcophagus, disappointed. He was a little dispirited. "Its a pity they are too big. And I cant tell what material this is. Theres not much chance of going in"

As he said that, the sarcophagus where he placed his hand on suddenly emitted a dazzling light. Then, a dark door appeared on the wall of the sarcophagus. It sucked Hong Dali in with a "swoosh"!

"Aye? Aye?!" Hong Dali was dusty and dirty from the fall. Compared to that, the surroundings gave him a bigger shockinside the sarcophagus was actually a laboratory full of scientific apparatus!

"What the heck, what situation is this?!" Hong Dali was momentarily stunned. Then, he started going around the laboratory slowly.

When was this laboratory left behind from? It seemed like ruins of a high-level civilization, but the scale was not too big. Structurally, it should be a research institute.

There were various experimental apparatus in the ruins, and at the center of this ancient super-civilization ruin was a huge coffin made of an unknown material. From its appearance, it looked similar to crystal. Of course, it was just similar.

"This looks like a strange place." Hong Dali slowly walked to the crystal coffin, then looked around. "There doesnt seem to be anything else in this ruin except this crystal coffin. Is there a corpse here as well?"

"Highly possible." The Demon King sounded obviously excited. "Think about it, what place is this? Cemetery of the Gods! Obviously, remains of ancient Gods were placed here, as well as remains of those giant dragons. Simply put, this is a place for the esteemed remains. And a crystal coffin was placed right here. Someones body must be inside! Body! Hahahaha. I was just worried about the lack of a body and theres actually one here! Brother Dali, Big Brother Dali! Youre my real brother, indeed! Its indeed beneficial to follow you. All my wishes come true!"

Heck, can you not be so nauseating? An old freak who has lived for ten thousand years calling me big brother

"Count yourself lucky." Hong Dali shrugged his shoulders. "How about we take a look?"

"Of course." The Demon King was anxious.

At this moment, the ruins lit up accompanied by a crackling electric sparksuch a high-end laboratory, there was naturally no problem with the energy supply. Soon, the master control of the ancient ultra-civilization ruin restored its startup state and the entire area was bright. At least it was not as dark as before. The remains lying in the large crystal coffin could be seenit was a human-looking organism that seemed to be in deep sleep.

This was a young male human naked body with a perfect height of about 1.85 meters, a perfect body ratio. He had light-brown healthy-looking skin, silvery-white platinum-like soft long hair, silver-colored eyebrows, high nose bridge, and angular facial contours. The corners of his mouth turned up slightly as if he was always smiling. The mans arms were slender and long, naturally placed on both sides of his body.

Judging from the body alone, it was almost a perfect human being. However, the side of the huge coffin on which he was lying had several fist-sized text symbols arranged using some unknown metal: Cyborg 01, Male.

This was actually a cyborg left behind from the ancient ultra-civilization!

"Heck, this body is good." The Demon King looked at the Cyborg body within the coffin. he was so excited his voice trembled. "Not bad, not bad. This body is tailor-made for me! Hahahaha! Big Brother Dali, I love you!"

Damn it!

At this moment, the artificial intelligence within the ruins had been fully started up. A cold, emotionless voice sounded from the AI in the empty hall: "Volgart Institute initiated. State of the institute is being analyzed." After about five seconds, the AI began to report its current status: "Volgart Institutes current status: Energy Reserve: C, Number of members: 1, Degree of Destruction: F, Degree of Functional Recovery: B. Overall control instructions intact. Executing Level A special command, input of awakening command of the Cyborg 01 is completed. The awakening process will execute in one minute. Please access the soul program."

Damn, this Cyborg 01 is starting up!

Hong Dali was frenzied. This was beyond his expectations. After all, no one knew if this Cyborg would be an enemy or a friend. He quickly asked, "Demon King, this thing is starting up. Quick, think of something. How do we access the soul program? It will be troublesome if it wakes up and treats us as its enemies!"

"How do I know how to work this thing?" Seeing that this bird was about to fly away, the Demon King got anxious. "Quick, look for the interface. Ill try and figure out how to get out with your System. Hurry up!"

"Okay!" Hong Dali hurriedly looked for an interface-like device around the laboratory. It was a good thing the equipment within the laboratory was all rather high-end. There was a lot of basic equipment that was not too complicated. Soon, Hong Dali found an interface and said, "This should be it. How is it on your side?"

"The System wont let me go!" The Demon King was going berserk. "Big Brother Dali, Im depending on you!"

"System," Hong Dali quickly called out, "release the Demon King. He said hes going to be my lackey!"

"Yes, yes, yes. Im willing to be Hong Dalis lackey!" The Demon King shouted desperately.

"A new lackey of the host has been detected. Please wait a moment" Soon, the Systems voice was heard. The status analysis was initiated and in no time, the Systems voice sounded again. "Target: Demon Dimension Heavens Chosen One Demon King Polygal, implanting lackey concept implantation is completed. The Demon King Polygal is the hosts lackey number 36. He must always submit to the host. Otherwise, he will be wiped out."

Wahahahaha! I can finally rest assured. Another powerful lackey! Great!

Hong Dali was pleased. He saw a black aura rush out from his hand and instantly entered the interface. At the same time, the sound of machines buzzing could be heard in the Volgart Institute. Endless currents began to flow into the huge coffin and the AIs emotionless voice could be heard at the same time. "Cyborg 01s awakening process begins. Energy input initiated. Energy input will be completed in 20 seconds. Combat knowledge program input will be completed in 15 seconds. Body control program input will be completed in 15 seconds. Survivability program input will be completed in 10 seconds. Internal organization function work program input will be completed in 10 seconds. Cyborg soul program input will be completed in 30 seconds."

Time passed quickly. Once the program input completed, Cyborg 01 slowly opened its eyes.

Those were a pair of extremely gentle eyes. The black eyeballs eyes were like the most beautiful glaze in the world. It was gentle and collected. Together with its faint smile, this was undoubtedly an excellent Cyborg.

The cover of the coffin was pushed open and it stood up slowly, looking around. Then, it stretched lazily and laughed out loud. "Hahahaha, Im finally revived! Ten thousand years! Its been ten thousand years! I can finally move again! Hahahaha!"

Just after he finished speaking, the emotionless AIs voice sounded again. "Cyborg 01 has been resurrected. Next set of instructions initiated. Cyborgs enhanced chip program initiated. Enhanced chip content: combat state enhanced, physical survivability strengthened."

After a slight buzzing sound, both mechanical arms raised out and two chips were placed into Cyborg 01s arm, which was now the Demon King Polygals arm. Both chips seemed to melt into his arms.

"This feels good!" The Demon King took a deep breath, satisfied. Then, a black aura enveloped his body. When the aura disappeared, the Demon King Polygal was dressed in a modern set of clothes.

His ears were almost blocked by the high collar and the length of his shirt reached his feet. The top was fitting and the bottom was wide. The slightly long sleeves covered half his hands, revealing his slender fingers. A super long trench coat with fitting black pants, a pair of shiny black shoes, with his platinum-like long hair, gentle eyes, the ends of his lips slightly turned up. The Demon King was extremely pleased with the way he looked. "Handsome!"

Hong Dali was dumbfounded. "Wow, such a good-looking lackey"






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