Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1191

Chapter 1191 Final Ability Second Phase Completed

After getting such a great benefit and receiving the lackey mark from the System, when should he proclaim his loyalty if not now? The Demon King knelt down on one knee in front of Hong Dali and said in all seriousness, "Demon King Polygal thanks Master for his graciousness. For the rest of this life, unless my demon soul is destroyed, I will never betray you!"

"Hahaha. Not bad, not bad." Hong Dali was extremely happy, happier than if he had benefited himself. "Aiyaya, you have such a beautiful body now. This is really a good thing. En, right, since you merged with this body, do you know what is happening here? Where is this place?"

This was something Hong Dali was very curious about. The fact that such a laboratory would suddenly appear here made him feel a little abrupt and a little unsure.

"This is actually a laboratory belonging to a mad scientist from ancient times." The Demon King glanced around and said, "At that time, on the Esolil continent, the top deities were hugeabout 100-meters-tall. In addition to these huge Gods, there were also trillions of ordinary humans, which were about our size.

"The owner of this laboratory was a mad scientist, one of the ordinary people. His name was The Great Engineer Manla Dib. He wanted to achieve the eternal life of the Gods through artificial engineering. Unfortunately, before his research was complete, the second War of the Gods broke out. Seeing that the world was about to be destroyed, he could only abandon the laboratory and escape into spacethats good too, I got a good deal out of it, hehe."

En, this was really a good thing that was just lying around waiting to be picked up

Hong Dali smiled widely. He had one more powerful lackey today and was in a very good mood. "Hehe, thats good, thats good. Lets go look around some more and see if theres any more good stuff!"

To be honest, it was a bit of a surprise to get such a powerful new lackey out of the blue.

Of course, unexpected surprises like this did not come oftenobviously, it would be impossible to find anything good later.

Oh well, he should know to be content. This was something Hong Dali understood.

"Dali, where did you go? Where did this person come from?" When they got back to the Green Phoenix and the others, Gu Feifei looked at the Demon King Polygals new body and asked curiously, "Who is this?"

"Oh, my new lackey, Cyborg 01. You can call him Zero." The Demon Kings real identity could not be revealed. After all, the relationship between the Demon Dimension and this dimension was not very friendly. Hence, Hong Dali gave the Demon King a new name. "According to the ranking list, hes my 36th lackey. Hehe."

"Hello, my name is Zero. Pleased to meet you." Demon King accepted the new name graciouslyit did not matter what he was called. He was happy as long as he could live well.

"Your aura is strong." Dyke could sense that the Demon King, who was now the Cyborg Zero, was extraordinary. "Your body is very powerful, I can feel it."

As he spoke, he raised his right hand and pushed out with his palm. With a "huff", a strong and horrifying flow of air rushed towards Zeros chest. A loud resounding impact was heard and Zeros chest became concave from the strike. However, in the blink of an eye, it rebounded back as if nothing had happened to it at all.

The whole process took just a split second and looked casual. But who was Dyke? He was the Seven-Colored Dragon King!

His casual blow contained great power and the result was that the attack only caused a superficial temporary dent on Zero. In fact, he was not hurt at all.

"His body is very strong indeed." The Green Phoenix sighed. "Its indeed a Cyborg manufactured by Esolil. The structure is not something we are familiar with. Zero, what kind of weapon knowledge do you have?"

The Esolil Continent was the birthplace of life on this dimension. Their martial arts skills and capabilities were far beyond peoples imagination. Born here, Zeros strength must not be underestimated.

"I dont have enough proficiency at the moment." Zero raised his hand and it soon transformed. First into a long and narrow scimitar, then a long sword. With a swoosh, it became a laser gun.

"In simple terms," Zero smiled, very satisfied with his body, "I can transform into any form I wish during battle. For example, I can become a combat spaceship."

His body expanded rapidly and became huge. In just a few breaths, it had taken on the appearance of a military spaceship. There was even a high-tech laser gun on the streamlined shape of the spacecraft.

After demonstrating the basic abilities of this body, Zero regained his human form and laughed. "I can transform into any form suitable for combat. In fact, this body is practically born for combat."

"Dali, it looks like you really got a treasure this time." Gu Feifei shrugged her shoulders. "Hes indeed very powerful. Thats beyond doubt. Of course, its best if you can guarantee his loyalty. Hopefully, nothing goes wrong."

"Dont worry." Hong Dali grinned. "This is my 36th lackey. Therell be no problem with loyalty."

The System had already implanted the lackey concept in him. It was naturally foolproof. He might doubt other things, but he had full confidence in his Great Prodigal System.

While they were chatting, Cutie Ke had finished absorbing the power of the Light Dragon King, Vincent Darrow, the last Guardian Dragon. When the dazzling golden light had completely faded out, Cutie Ke finally descended to the ground and then walked toward them.

Originally, the two horns on her head glowed with a red light. It was now multicolored. It was red, white, blue, green, and gold. There were extremely intricate and beautiful patterns on the horns. From time to time, her entire body would glow in various colors.

Cutie Ke could no longer be called the Dragon Princess.

To be precise, her title now would be the Five-Colored Empress, a five-colored giant dragon that had mastered fire, ice, wind, earth, and light!

Her body exuded a powerful force. That terrifying aura could possibly knock out someone who was weak. Fortunately, Cutie Kes personality was adorable. After she had calmed down, Cutie Ke finally returned to her usual self.

"Dali, am I am I beautiful like this?" Cutie Ke stood in front of Hong Dali shyly. Right then, she exuded an unimaginable power even though her expression was quite anxious. Otherwise, why was her nickname Cutie Ke? She was all kinds of cute!

"Beautiful, much prettier than before, haha!" Hong Dali stepped forward excitedly and tapped Cutie Kes arm forcefully. "Work hard, Cutie Ke. You will be the most powerful empress of the Dragon race!"

"This is a miracle!" Dyke shook his head and sighed. "A five-colored dragon that has gathered the power of the five Dragon Kings. When I think of how she can continue to develop in the future powerful, powerful!"

At this point, this journey to the Faerie Star could be considered successfully completed. There were even additional gains. It felt quite good. Hong Dali looked at the Green Phoenix and said, "Sister Green Phoenix, since theres not much time, I will get ready to go back now. I have great plans to implement. Time and tide wait for no man. I will get ready to leave now."

"Yes, I understand." The Green Phoenix knew Hong Dali well. There were less than ten years to go. It was indeed necessary to lay a good foundation now. The Green Phoenix immediately sent everyone out of the Stargate and back to Faerie Star. The Green Phoenix whispered, "Dali, if you encounter any difficulties, remember to come to me anytime."

"Dont worry." Hong Dali nodded, grinning. "Sister Green Phoenix is the best, I wont forget you."

At the same time, the Systems voice said

"The Origin of the Universe, Step One completed. Mission Reward: 1,000 attribute points, 1,000 Achievement points. The second phase of the Final Ability is complete. The effects of all the Hosts abilities have increased by 100%."

Oh my, this is awesome! The effects of all abilities increased by 100%! Thats double!

He quickly brought up the Great Prodigal Systems interface and sure enough, the Lackey Halo, Elemental Affinity, and Elemental Shock, as well as Second Gear and Star Knight transformation, all of their effects had doubled!

This was only the second phase of the Final Ability. What kind of ability would he have when the Final Ability was completed? It would be unimaginable!

The System continued, "The second part of the mission, the Origin of the Universe initiated: The Dimension Battlefield. Head to the Dimension Battlefield to obtain more information about the Dimensional War. Mission Reward: 2,000 attribute points and 2,000 Achievement points."

"The third phase of the Final Ability: Obtain a total of 10,000 Achievement points. Mission Reward: All the effects of the hosts abilities will be increased by 50%." Woah, it was already doubled now, another 50% increase would be three times the effect now. He would be practically invincible, wahahahahaha!

It was just that 10,000 Achievement points would not be easy to obtain

He would not care about that for now. Things would usually work themselves out. He would simply put in a little more effort, hehe.

Hong Dali was ecstatic, but Gu Feifei suddenly frowned and subconsciously glanced at Hong Dali. The expression in her eyes was complicated. Then, she lowered her head, unsure of what had just happened

Of course, Hong Dali knew nothing of her thoughts. He followed the Green Phoenix and left the cave. Once he saw Tang Muxin and the others, he shouted immediately, "Lackeys, time is short and were done here. We will set off as soon as possible to pick Brother Wuwei and then to Earth to pick Big Turtle Black Tortoise. After that, we will go to my uninhabited planet. Quickly!"






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