Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1192

Chapter 1192 Good Guy Hong Dali

"Huh? Dali, youre in such a rush?" Upon hearing the Hong Dalis words, Tang Muxin rushed forward. "Whats so urgent? Are we leaving now?"

"Its indeed quite urgent." Hong Dali nodded. "Alright, lets prepare to leave. Well head to Lake Ze An first!" As he said that, Hong Dali turned to look at the Green Phoenix. "Sister Green Bird, well be leaving first. Well come back once we have the time."

"Alright, go ahead. Be careful." Green Phoenix smiled and patted Hong Dali on the shoulder. "Ill leave it up to you."

"Understood," Hong Dali replied and led everyone out.

Soon, the cave was empty. Dyke stood next to Green Phoenix and sighed lightly. "I wonder if this little guy can make it. Sigh, time is a little too tight, and hes just a little too young."

"That doesnt matter." Green Phoenix had a soft gaze as she smiled. "Hes someone good at creating miracles. I can see that at least. Trust him. He can even create the Five-Colored Empress. What else cant he accomplish?"

"Indeed, haha. My mood has improved after hearing you say that. Alright. Ill be heading back for now. See you next time."

"See you."

Faerie Star, Lake Ze An. Lake Ze An was calm and purified now. Plenty of birds hunted for fish at a relaxing pace. It was a completely different sight from when Hong Dali first arrived here.

Hong Dali stood beside the lake and cupped his hands in the shape of a megaphone before yelling, "Big Bro Wuwei, Im here to see you!"

His yell was extremely loud. It alerted countless birds as they flew toward the sky.

"Boom!" Accompanied by a loud noise, a green shadow rushed out of the water straight toward the sky. It circled in the sky and instantly laughed once it saw the people below. "Hahahaha, my Brother Dali is here to see me! Brother, have you been well?"

"Well, very well." Hong Dali smiled and said, "Big Bro Wuwei, I came to ask you for a favor. Is that okay?"

"Okay. Of course. Tell me, what do you need?" Wuweis giant dragon head snuggled up to Hong Dali and nudged him gently. "I will do everything I can to help you."

"Its actually very simple. I just need your help in imposing some intimidation and authority." Hong Dali shared his plan with Wuwei. Wuwei nodded and said, "No problem. Lets leave now!" After he said, Wuwei turned into a flash of blue light and headed straight for the sky, instantly disappearing beyond the clouds.

This brother. Hes quite fast, haha.

"Alright, lets go now! Everyone, get onto the spacecraft!" Hong Dali waved at everyone and prepared for the journey.

In space, inside one of the spacecrafts transporting the slaves.

The Dwarf race was an amazing race. They came from the magic dimension.

They were all born with a passion for inventing all kinds of small items. Every single adult dwarf would invest a whole list of items, some useful, some useless. To this race, the act of invention itself was a very joyful activity. As for whether the inventions were practical, that was not part of their consideration. They were only around one meter tall. However, their well-developed brains resulted in their heads accounting for around one-third of their height.

As a member of the dwarf race, Lager understood two things since he was born. First, he must evade being captured by humans. Second, he must invent.

He invented countless wonderful small items before he was captured. They all served different purposes. His props did not have high attacking power, and he was evaluated as an Advanced Inventor by the Dwarf Engineer Union. However, he had great potentialof course, that was under the premise that he would not be captured.

Obviously, he was captured. He was captured and sold as a slave. He heard that the new Master was some prodigal called Hong Dali and that his future was uncertain. Lager only had one wish. If he was going to die, he hoped that he could have a quick death. At least that would be less painful.

The other slaves in the spacecraft were obviously not in great mental conditions too. Their heads all hung low. Their future, shrouded in obscurity, prevented them from having any hope. After all, they were all slaves. For slaves from other dimensions, they would be fortunate not to be tortured. As for regaining their freedom, they would not even dare to imagine that.

Lager was bored as he sat on the floor. Just then, a goblin secretly came over.

Goblins were similar to dwarves. They were both short in height. Goblins were usually around 1.2 to 1.4 meters tall. However, they had the strongest desire for combat amongst all the races. They would willingly sacrifice their lives for combat. At the same time, they loved to invent all kinds of explosives and items for violence. In their dimension, over 80% of dangerous items were created by this race. They also had incomparable reproductive abilities. In their dimension, Goblins existed everywhere.

"Hey, pal." The goblin quietly asked Lager, "Can you do me a favor? I want to blow this spacecraft up."

"You still love explosions." Lagers head was hung low. "I dont have any tools. Do you know what tools are? I cant make anything without tools. Furthermore, we dont even know what will happen to us this time. How can I help you?"

"We need to cherish the present, precisely because we dont know what the future will hold." The goblin sat down next to Lager and smiled. "Dont you feel like itll be a grand sight if I can blow up this spacecraft? Just imagine how the spacecraft will turn into a fireball in space with a loud boom."

"I only know that we will die a horrible death, Gordon," Lager said in a bad mood. "Lets see what this new Master wants to do with all the slaves he bought. If he really plans on torturing us, Ill try my best to help you."

"Its a deal!" Goblin Gordon was very satisfied with Lagers attitude.

The two of them waited. Soon, crackling sounds of electricity could be heard in the open space inside the spacecraft carrying slaves. Then, a holographic projection appeared. Soon, a young humans face appeared in front of all the slaves.

"Hello, everyone." This young man looked kind as he smiled and said, "Let me introduce myself. My name is Hong Dali. Im your new Master. Hm, please dont be afraid, Im easy to talk to. I promise not to torture or mistreat anyone. Dont worry about that."

"Good first impression." Gordon nodded in satisfaction. "At least hes easy on the eyes. Ive decided not to blow up the spacecraft just yet. Lets see what he plans on doing."

"Our destination this time is a beautiful, uninhabited planet." The new Master Hong Dali played some information regarding the planet. "This planet has a diameter of 60,000 kilometers. It has a beautiful environment and rich biodiversity. Currently, there are no native intelligent species. I will assign all of you here, as I need your help in developing this planet. I believe that its not really a painful task, right?"

"Hard labor." Goblin Gordon shrugged. "Does he plan on strapping explosives to me so that he can level the terrain there?"

"Not very likely," Lager replied. "Youre worth 800,000 Galaxy Dollars. Its too much of a waste to use you as a mobile explosive."

"Youre right." Gordon smiled. "I suddenly realized that its not really a bad thing to be labeled at a good price. Haha."

Hong Dali continued

"Of course, Im a kind Master. Once we reach, your main mission is to build and construct cities there. You will work for ten hours per day. Your salary is two Galaxy Dollars. You will have one day off per week. Once you finish ten years of service, you can regain your freedom. By then, you can choose to either leave or stay. I wont force you to make a decision.

"Oh, right. If you want to study martial arts, you can do that as well. If you accomplish some results, you can regain your freedom earlier. However, theres one condition. You cannot prioritize anything over your normal work hours. Please be mindful of that."

After that, Hong Dali continued to talk about some other trivial arrangements.

The slaves were all stunned because they heard a word that they all deeply yearned for.


"Hey, pal." Gordons eyes widened and his green skin turned even greener in excitement. "Did I hear that right? What did he say? Freedom?! He said that he will give us freedom?!"

Lagers eyes lit up as well. "Thats right. You definitely heard correctly. I heard the same thing! He said freedom! Hahaha! Just ten years. Just ten years, and we can have our freedom! Oh god! Those are the best words Ive ever heard in my life! Praise the gods, praise our new Master! Long live the new Master!"

Of course, he was not the only one with such a mindset. Soon, all the slaves in the entire spacecraft were chanting in unison. "Long live the new Master! Long live Hong Dali! Long live freedom!"

They could not only work on a beautiful new planet but also receive a salary. Furthermore, after ten years, they could gain their freedom!

Such a good deal usually only existed in their dreams. However, it actually happened today! God, the slaves always thought that life was meaningless and that death would come sooner or later for them. However, now it seemed like their dreams were real. Life would get better. Their lives would be filled with motivation and energy!

Inside the Shenglong spacecraft, Tang Muxin smiled and looked at Hong Dali. "Dali, I knew that you would treat these slaves well. Hehe, just as I thought. Youre a good person!"

"Of course." Hong Dali happily accepted the good guy card from Tang Muxin as he laid on Li Nianweis thigh. He smiled and said, "Slaves are people too. Ive never been a racist. Come, give me a kiss!"






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