Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1193

Chapter 1193 Jealousy

On Shenglong Star.

The second stage of the Astral Genius Battle began. Apart from the Shenglong Astral Team, led by Hong Dali, all the other teams in the top ten were now fighting on the battlefield.

This was definitely the cruelest battle. As long as teams met one another they would instantly be engaged in battles. Everyone would look for their respective opponents, and the battles would not stop until one side was wiped out.

Ever since Silver Frost got into the second stage, he had to contain his pent-up grievance.

The reason was simple. Even though he was in first place for the Team Battle, Hong Dali completely stole his spotlight. He planned on getting his revenge in the second stage. However, Hong Dalis Shenglong Astral Team did not even participate in the competition. They went off to play somewhere else.

How can that be?! The script isnt supposed to go like that! Im supposed to be the true first place! Im supposed to attract everyones attention. If Im lucky, Im even supposed to be recognized by the Supreme Chief of the entire Astral Alliance!

Whos the Supreme Chief? According to my Chosen Ones Sign, the Supreme Chief comes from the planet that is the life source of this entire dimension, the Esolil planet! He controls limitless power and incredibly advanced technology! If Im lucky enough

However, none of that matters. My luck obviously isnt that great. Now that everyones attention is focused on Hong Dali, I can only be considered a supporting character. A supporting character!

"I cant accept thaaaaat!" Silver Frost roared at the sky. "I cant accept that! Hong Dali! Once you come back, I must challenge you! Ill defeat you completely. And you too, Gu Feifei! You are all just stepping stones on my way to greatness! Im the strongest Chosen One!"

After his venting, Silver Frosts eyes turned blood-red. So red that his pupils could no longer be seen.

It was a pair of eerie red eyes. Whoever saw them would feel a sense of fear from the bottom of their hearts!

A blood-red mist started filling the air. Silver Frost walked around the blood mist as if he was a devil from the deepest depths of hell. Any enemy that stepped into this blood mist would instantly be killed, as Silver Frost would immediately appear beside him.

In the audience, everyone focused their attention on Silver Frost.

"This Silver Frost has gone berserk." Hong Xingyu frowned as he looked at Silver Frosts fading and reappearing shadow. "Hes indeed very powerful in this state. However, his sanity might be ruined. Sigh, hes still too young, after all. He cant control his emotions."

"Thats right." Hua Yueling shook her head as well. "Seems like his hatred is mainly focused on Dali. After all, his glory was completely overshadowed by Dali previously. It wouldve been fine if Dali was in the first place, and he was in third. However, it was the other way around. Thats difficult for him to accept."

The glory that was supposed to be his was stolen by someone many times weaker than him. This was the most difficult thing to accept. Silver Frosts hatred was completely focused on Hong Dali now. That made things even more worrying.

"Looks like Dali needs to be careful." Hong Xingyu squinted and shook his head. "The power brought by jealousy is limitless. Jealousy can drive someone insane. It can obscure your future. It can destroy you. Actually, I hope that sweetheart will come back now. Its fine if he loses. This Silver Frost will regain some confidence. Its better than making a strong enemy for no real reason."

"Indeed. Sigh." Hua Yueling nodded in agreement. "There are still two more competitions after this. Dali should admit defeat for now and sit out the later competitions. This Silver Frost is very powerful. Most importantly, he has a huge potential to continue developing as a Chosen One. Its not worth it to create such a strong opponent. He might as well peacefully and calmly continue as a sweetheart prodigal."

Actually, Hua Yueling was still very confident in Hong Dali.

Even though this Silver Frost was powerful, he might not win in a death fight against Hong Dali. However, the issue was that there was no point randomly establishing an enemy like this. It would be best if both sides just minded their own business. That would be one less thing to worry about. After all, who would like to live every day worrying about his enemies?

"Yes. Lets just hope that things dont get out of hand." Hong Xingyu sighed. "If things really go south, I can only take matters into my own hands and secretly help our sweetheart solve this issue."

Hua Yueling instantly frowned as she heard that Hong Xingyu wanted to personally take action. She sighed and asked, "Seems like thats the only thing we can do. How confident are you?"

"70%," Hong Xingyu replied. "I have made some solid progress in the fusion of my martial arts. My overall strength has improved greatly. If I wear the set of equipment gifted by our sweetheart, I will be even more confident. However, thats our secret weapon. I want to save it until the actual duel against that Zhu Yunzhou. We cant risk to expose it unless absolutely necessary."

Hua Yueling naturally understood what Hong Xingyu said.

Trump card. That almost invincible set of equipment was Hong Xingyus trump card. After all, he was getting old. Even if he successfully fused his martial arts together, there was a limit to how much he could improve. He would not experience limitless growth. This was when the equipments importance could be shown. Hence, that was why Hong Xingyu only said that he was seventy percent confident.

"Well see." Hua Yueling nodded. "Our sweetheart might have some other solution. We cant be sure."

On the other side of the audience stand, Bei Mingxuan stared at Silver Frost in the arena. His face was filled with expectation and anticipation.

An opportunity. He saw an extremely rare opportunity!

"Hahahaha, seems like the gods are on my side." Bei Mingxuans face turned sinister, and his eyes were filled with purple electricity. He excitedly said, "This Silver Frost is jealous! Hes jealous! Haha! Jealousy. It can drive you insane. It can give you unimaginable strength!"

"Indeed. Jealousy is a terrifying power." Zhu Yunzhous expression was much better than just now. His face was colored with an eerie red blush as he nodded. "This Silver Frost can be used."

"Of course." Bei Mingxuan smiled. "Oh right, Old Zhu, how have you been feeling these few days?"

"Not bad," Zhu Yunzhou replied lightly and stopped talking.

"Good." Bei Mingxuan nodded and continued looking at the battlefield. Silver Frost was massacring everyone who ran into him. They stood no chance against him, as they were all cut down in one move. Suddenly, Bei Mingxuan was invigorated as he exclaimed, "Silver Frost and You Muming are facing each other!"

"These two have always been competing." Zhu Yunzhou paid close attention as well. "Lets see which one of them is stronger!"

"You Muming. We finally meet." Silver Frost stared at his opponent with his blood-red eyes and a cruel smile. You Muming. Ever since he came to participate in this Genius Battle, Silver Frost always viewed him as one of his strongest opponents.

"Silver Frost." You Muming stood outside of the blood mist and unsheathed the weapon from his back. He pointed at Silver Frost and said, "I knew that youre very powerful since a long time ago. However, you still exceeded my expectations. Its fine. Its more meaningful to my swordsmanship and my enlightenment when I get to face off against strong warriors."

"Swordsmanship?" Silver Frost smiled condescendingly. "What use can that be? Everything is but a piece of paper in my Blood Realm. I just have to poke it, and everything will break."

"You need to try before you know whether it can be broken." A dazzling flash of silver light was emitted from You Mumings entire body. He waved the giant sword in his hands and yelled, "Space Shattering Slash!"

As his yell faded, You Muming held his sword up high. A huge bolt of lightning struck the tip of the sword. Then, You Muming clenched the giant sword in his hand and fiercely swung it horizontally!


A blinding flash of light emerged from the horizontal slash of the sword. The sword light was indestructible. The specially reinforced buildings on the battlefield were instantly destroyed by this light. The cuts in the buildings were filled with the blue light of electricity.


The buildings collapsed and the trees were all cut through. No buildings within a 300-meter radius of You Muming stayed intact.

What terrifying power!

Everyone watching sucked in a cold breath. "This You Muming. He was holding back before this. What a dominant move!"

"Indeed. The Space Shattering Slash. Was the air also split apart by the aura of his sword? Terrifying. So terrifying!"

Everyone was marveling at the attack. However, Silver Frost eerily transformed his body into a blood mist and perfectly dodged You Mumings attack. At the same time, he laughed. "Hahahahaha, You Muming, is that all you got? Your attack cant get to me. As long as I stay within my Blood Realm, none of your attacks will have any effects on me. Haha!"

Blood Realm!

Nobody knew how Silver Frosts Blood Realm appeared. It could instantly convert its form, and it looked similar to Kongs black mist. However, it was obvious that Silver Frosts Blood Realm was more powerful than Kongs black mist! It was more aggressive!

"This Silver Frost. What secrets is he hiding?" Kong was sat in the stands, and he frowned as he watched Silver Frost transform into the blood mist. "This blood mist is similar to my black mist. However, its obviously stronger. He mentioned something about realms just now. Could it be that this is his Realm?"

There was a mysterious state known to the Chosen Ones.

That state was called the Realm. Any Chosen One who mastered the strength of the Realm would become extremely powerful. In fact, they would be almost invincible in their Realms!

"No wonder this Silver Frost is so confident about his victory. He has figured out the strength of the Realm!" Kong shook his head and smiled wryly. "Seems like You Muming wont be a match for him"

As expected, right after Kong finished his sentence, You Muming exhausted almost all his moves on the battlefield. However, they were all useless against Silver Frost. In the end, he lost!






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