Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1195

Chapter 1195 Higher And Higher Level

Chapter 1195: Higher and Higher Level

Since he had the chance for negotiation, Bei Mingxuan chose to be direct and upfront. "My target is the Hong Familys Hong Dali." After he said that, he paid careful attention to Silver Frosts expression. As expected, once he heard Hong Dalis name, Silver Frosts facial muscles twitched minutely.

Jealousy. Jealousy could drive someone insane!

"You want to go against the Hong Family." Silver Frost was smart and instantly understood what Bei Mingxuan meant.

The Hong Family was one of the three major families in the Shenglong Astral. Everyone knew that, as long as they were not deaf. As for why the Bei Family wanted to target Hong Dali? That went without saying.

"Indeed." Bei Mingxuan did not try to conceal his intentions as he smiled. "You dont have to ask about the specific reason, and I dont have to explain it either. You wont be staying for long on our Shenglong Star. I only care about this duration. From now until the conference is over. Its not a long time, at most half a month. How about that?"

Half a month was indeed a short duration. It would pass by in the blink of an eye.

"Tell me what you want. Im not really interested in taking part in your family feuds." Silver Frost frowned and thought for a while before replying.

After all, it was not wise for him to meddle in the affairs between families, especially for giant groups like the three main families here.

"My request is simple." Bei Mingxuan smiled and said, "Once Hong Dali returns, defeat him. You dont have to worry about any consequences. I can settle all that for you. I just need you to defeat Hong Dali."

"So simple?" Silver Frost was instantly confused.

Everyone knows that Im planning on fighting Hong Dali. Did this Bei Mingxuan just use that as a term to negotiate with me?

"Dont underestimate Hong Dali." Bei Mingxuan smiled and shook his head. "Hong Dali is not a simple person, according to my observations. It will be bad if you are overconfident. How about that? As long as you agree to it, you can pick out anything you like from our Bei Familys armory. I can give anything to you, as long as you like it."

The armory of the Bei Family, one of the three main families, open to Silver Frost for his free selection! Furthermore, he could take anything for free! Nobody could possibly reject that offerafter all, none of the weapons inside would be trash. They were probably top-grade and rare items. Otherwise, Bei Mingxuan, as the head of the family, would certainly lose face.

"Alright, I agree." Silver Frost hesitated for a while before nodding in agreement.

His target was not only Hong Dali. There was also Gu Feifei. Even though he was already very strong, Silver Frost was not confident in facing off against that almost invincible Gu Feifei. In these times, he needed every little advantage he could get.

Of course, the most crucial thing was that he did not need to bear any psychological stress in accepting the terms. After all, he planned on challenging Hong Dali when he returned, no matter what. That did not affect his negotiations with the Bei Family.

"Haha, good. Lets have a pleasant collaboration then." Bei Mingxuan patted Silver Frost on his shoulder and smiled. "Then, lets not waste any time. You should follow me and have a look. See if there is any equipment that suits your taste."

In space, Hong Dali and the rest were traveling toward that beautiful, uninhabited planet.

"Dali, what are we doing next?" Tang Muxin sat next to Hong Dali with her pale, dainty calves extended in front of her. Her tiny feet swayed in the air as she asked, "Do you plan on starting your grand plan once you reach there?"

"Hm, thats right." Hong Dali sipped on his drink and sighed with satisfaction. "This plan is very important. Hehe, youll find out about it later. Its very satisfying."

"Understood!" Tang Muxin nodded.

Usually, when Hong Dali wanted to properly plan something grand, the outcome would not be bad. After all, he had great magnanimity.

"Zero." Hong Dali looked at the Demon King, who was comfortably sighing on the sofa. "Once we reach there, well probably have to trouble you quite a bit. I did some calculations just now, we might not have enough people, hehe."

"No problem, Young Master." Its been 10,000 years, right? My head has been suppressed in that Fiery Abyss. That feeling was infuriating. Now that I finally have a body again, I can sit here and lie down so comfortably. I can even taste drinks and food. This is a wonderful feeling! Hence, the Demon King was in a great mood. "Just let me know if you need help with anything. I promise there wont be any problems at all."

"Hehe, of course, I wont hold back." Hong Dali smiled. "Didnt you say previously? If I wanted to craft demon artifacts, I must use the body of someone from your Demon race. I bought so many slaves this time. Are there any suitable ones?"

When Hong Dali bought so many slaves from other dimensions, he had two intentions. One was to execute his grand plan, and the other was to get himself some demon artifacts. He had so many lackeys, so he wanted to give them each one set of demon artifacts crafted by the Demon King. Hm, one set per person is too stingy. Two sets per person. One for wearing, and one for backup!

We have such a huge Demon King head. Might as well use it!

"I havent actually checked." Demon King stood up and asked Dali to wait.

He started searching on the computer. There were around one million slaves from other dimensions here. Those from the Demon Dimension accounted for around one-twentieth of the group, or around 50,000 slaves.

As slaves from other dimensions were more expensive, their records and information were more detailed. Soon, the Demon Dimension located the information on the slaves from the Demon Dimension

"Hm, seems like the quality of these slaves are pretty good." The Demon King exclaimed as he looked through the files. "Their body conditions are excellent. Unfortunately, none of them trained using Demon race techniques. Hence, even though their natural body conditions are much better than the ordinary human, theyre just so-so in terms of usefulness in crafting the high-level demon artifacts."

Their conversation soon attracted other peoples attention. Tang Muxin secretly approached Gu Feifei, who was eating at the side. "Sister Feifei, this Zero said something about crafting demon artifacts. Is he from the Demon Dimension?" Gu Feifei was powerful and well-versed in knowledge. Hence, Tang Muxin approached her first.

"If Im not wrong," Gu Feifei casually glanced at the Demon King and said slowly, "that guy should be the Demon King trapped within the Fiery Abyss. You still remember, right? Oh right, you didnt go at that time."

Gu Feifei introduced to Tang Muxin. "To put it simply, he was a godly character in the Demon Dimension. He was very strong and battled against the Fire Dragon King, Anubreta, for months. In the end, they killed each other. His head was imprisoned inside the lava pool within the Fire Dragon City. When we went there to train last time, this guy knocked out everyone. In the end, Hong Dali somehow took him in. Thats all."

"What?!" Tang Muxin watched with her mouth gaping open. It seems like the level of Hong Dalis lackeys is getting higher and higher. Hes even accepting godly characters from the Demon Dimension as his lackey?

"As expected, I cant hide anything from you." The Demon King responded as he flipped through the files on the slaves. "Youre right. I was only a soul previously. Fortunately, the Young Master is generous and found me such a perfect body. Hence, I have made up my mind and focused on one idea."

"What idea?" Everyone asked.

"Follow the Young Master. Enjoy the benefits!" Demon King smiled as he replied. Instantly, everyone laughed. "Hahaha, seems like the size of the lackey group continues to grow. Lets be clear. Im the number two lackey under the Young Master. Dont steal my spot!" Hm, he had to ensure the safety of his position. After all, all his benefits were tied to that.

"Im lackey number thirty-six." The Demon King was not concerned. After all, he had been alive for thousands of years. He was not concerned about things like his title. It was already a blessing for him to get out of the Fiery Abyss, not to mention getting such an amazing body. Hence, he had no desire for competition. "Just rank me last. Hehe, you have to protect me in the future!"

The Demon King was asking for protection! Everyone instantly laughed again.

"Found them." As everyone else was stumbling from laughter, the Demon King suddenly yelled. "Finally found them. Haha. Beef people. My favorite group. Theyre actually here!"

"Beef people? What beef people?" That name instantly attracted Hong Dalis curiosity. He hurriedly looked at the screen and saw a strong-looking slave with the head of a cow and the body of a human. He had a moving tail and bulging muscles. His arm was around the same size as Hong Dalis waist, and his height was over 2.5 meters tall. Overall, he looked very mighty.

However, this was a Tauren, right?

"Shouldnt he be called a Tauren?" Hong Dali asked curiously. "Is this group very important?"

"Of course." The Demon Kings eyes lit up as he said excitedly, "The Taurens have the purest souls out of the entire Demon Race. They treat the land as their mother and worship nature. They maintain the balance on land between the animals and the plants. Even though they are all huge in size and possess extraordinary strength, these balance-loving creatures created a peaceful, tribal society. Hence, because of their personality, the demon artifacts crafted by them are the calmest kind that will not turn on the owner. The demon artifacts crafted by werewolves, werecats, and werejaguars are much more unstable. They can easily turn on their owners and cause a huge mess."

Oh damn. Based on what he just said, it seems like I really picked up some treasures this time. Hehe!

"So good!" Hong Dali hurriedly said. "Bring some of those Beef people to me. Hehe, a race thats willing to protect nature. I love that!"





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