Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1196

Chapter 1196 Beef Person Loca

The Taurens were an amazing race. They were extremely muscular and well-developed, yet their combat ability was not high. In fact, almost none of them practiced Demon magic. That was not all. The most amazing part about them was that they were extremely good at defense. If their tribes were attacked, they could activate some hidden, terrifying strength and defeat the invaders.

Because of Hong Dalis request, the person in charge of these Tauren slaves brought them over within half an hour. As they walked, the clashing sounds of the chains on their shackles filled the room.

There were around 100 Tauren slaves here, a small number compared to the almost 50,000 Demon race slaves. However, this was not unexpected. The main reason was that Taurens loved nature and peace. Hence, they rarely trained using the Demon race training manuals. This made them heavily disadvantaged against the other Demon race groupsit was thus expected for their population to be low in comparison.

"They do look strong." Hong Dali nodded as he looked at the Taurens. "Indeed, all well-developed. Such strong bodies, but not very powerful overall. What a shame."

These Tauren slaves were all above 2.5 meters in height. Some of the stronger ones were even standing near three meters. Their bulging muscles, healthy thighs, and firm hoofs all showcased how good their natural conditions were.

"Whos your leader?" Hong Dali looked at the Taurens. "Come out and let me look at you."

"Me." A strong Tauren near three meters tall walked forward. His fur was black and one of his horns was broken. He stared at Hong Dali with his small eyes and looked very nervous. "My name is Loca. Im their leader. Where I come from, they all call me the Warrior."

Everyone was amused by the way he talked. Tang Muxin was laughing the hardest and ran over to carefully examine Loca. "Dali, this Loca sounds so straightforward and good-natured. He must be an honest person. No, he should be called an honest bull!"

Everyone found Tang Muxins words hilarious and they all laughed so hard they could not stand straight.

"Thank you, Miss, for saying that Im good-natured." Loca was very satisfied with what Tang Muxin said. He even knelt down on one knee to Tang Muxin. "My mother said that I have to thank whoever praises me."

This good-natured bull. Haha, quite interesting.

"Haha, please get up." Hong Dali liked Loca. Actually, he never planned on treating Loca and the rest like slaves. He stood up and waved at the one in charge of the slaves. "Remove their shackles. You can head back after that."

"Yes, Master." After removing all the shackles on Loca and the rest, the person instantly left.

"Master." Loca stared in bewildermenteven though he tried to stare, they were still tiny eyes, and he looked very cute. "Do you plan on releasing us? I have to thank you properly, then. My mother told me that if I was ever captured one day and became a slave, I have to work hard for my owner as long as Im not abused!"

This fellow was seriously an honest bull!

"Haha, alright, work hard then." Hong Dali laughed. "Hm, once we reach the place, I do actually need your help in doing something. Or maybe you can just accompany me to play. Oh right." As he said that, he looked at the Demon King. "How many Taurens do we need to craft the demon artifacts?"

"Eighty will be more than enough." The Demon King did a headcount and nodded. "There are 108 Taurens here. Loca can stay with you, and the rest can follow me. Theyre needed to craft the demon artifacts. I dont have any demon energy in this body, so I cant do anything myself." As he was a cyborg, a product of technology, he could never craft demon artifacts with this body.

"Oh god, you know how to craft demon artifacts!" Loca was stunned again once he heard that the Demon King was planning on crafting demon artifacts. "My mother told me that I have to worship the godly man who can craft demon artifacts if I ever get to meet him!"

He actually knelt down and kowtowed as he yelled, "Im Loca, here to worship the godly man who can craft demon artifacts!"

Following his lead, the other Taurens all knelt down as well. It was an amazing sight.

"Hahahaha!" Everyone on Hong Dalis side bent over from laughing. Li Yang even rolled around on the floor, hugging his stomach. This Loca was indeed suitable for Hong Dali. They were both comedians. Especially with his looks

"Please get up." The Demon King blushed. This guy was really embarrassing the entire Demon Race. "Im the 36th lackey under the Young Master. If you want to worship anyone, please worship him, not me."

Then, Loca shifted directions horizontally and faced Hong Dali. "Im Loca, here to worship the Master of the godly man who can craft demon artifacts!" Following his lead, the other Taurens soon imitated his actions

This guy!

Hong Dali could not take this any longer. He smiled and waved his hands. "Alright, you guys. Hurry and get up. You can really cause a scene." This group was really rather interesting.

Everyone joked around for a while more. Hong Dali looked at this group of Taurens. Even though they were highly-priced slaves, their clothes and equipment were still very ragged. Obviously, they could only barely get by in their lives. As their combat abilities were not high, they would not be given any decent equipment.

However, as Taurens were known for their good tempers, they would usually complete any tasks assigned to them without any issues. Hence, Taurens were the most expensive type of slaves. They cost around two million Galaxy Dollars each. For any Galaxy Aristocrat, they would be proud of owning a Tauren butlerafter all, their nature-loving personalities made them the best gardeners. Furthermore, as they were patient and resilient, they were the best race to take care of children.

"Hm, you guys look good. You just havent lived well." Hong Dali touched his chin and called for Yin Tianzong. "Brother Tianzong, can I trouble you to arrange for some people to bring them for a good shower? After they get cleaned up, find some equipment for them to wear. Its not good to have my people look so poor."

"Sure, no problem." Yin Tianzong stood up and looked at Loca with a smile. "Follow me. Your new Master is very high-class. Shenglong Royal Family. Have you heard of that?"

"Royal royal royal royal royal royal family?!" Loca was completely stunned. Then, he knelt down again. "My mother told me that the Royal Family is the noblest race in the universe. Loca is here to greet the Master from the Royal Family!"

Swoosh. The Taurens behind him were on the floor again

After some mayhem and chaos.

Everyone laughed for nearly half a minute before these Taurens were finally brought away. After another half an hour, they came in with their wet bodies. After careful grooming, they looked much better now.

"Good. Much better." Hong Dali was satisfied after inspecting the group. Then, he snapped his fingers. "Let them wear the equipment that was delivered here just now. Lets see the effects!"

Soon, over two full carts of equipment were brought over. These were all leftovers from Hong Dalis treasure gamble on Shenglong Star that nobody wanted. Even though the attributes were a little weak, they looked very stylish.

Loca and the rest might have been taught some common etiquette in the showers. Hence, they no longer knelt on the floor. Instead, Loca seemed a little uncomfortable. "Master, we havent even contributed anything at all. Isnt it a little early for us to be given these sets of equipment? Once we have the strength and fulfill our tasks, you can reward us then, that makes more"

"Cut the nonsense. Hurry and wear it!" Hong Dali could not help but feel like kicking him ferociously. "Stop talking, giddy-up!"

"What does giddy-up mean?" Loca wanted to ask. However, when he saw Hong Dalis murderous gaze, he shivered and hurriedly wore everything!

These Taurens were only known for their love for peace and nature, as well as their good babysitting abilities. However, now that they all donned their equipment, they looked like natural models as well.

They were born with extremely wide shoulders and a standard upper body with an inverted triangle shape. The only weird thing about them was their bull heads. Apart from that, their wide shoulders, thin waists, and muscular legs were impeccable.

"Nice!" Hong Dali nodded with satisfaction. That was the effect he was looking for!

Loca was now wearing a full purple suit of armor and a helmet with a single horn in the middle. His own horns extended out from a face mask. The mask covered his face, and only his golden eyes could be seen in the shadows. Aside from his broad shoulders, there was now a spiked metal ring on his back. He was also carrying a blood-red, giant sword and a huge metal shield in his hands. Based on this look alone, he could score at least ninety points!

"Dali, you dont say." Tang Muxin exclaimed. "They look so cool with their new equipment. They look so strong!"

"The design is indeed decent." Even Gu Feifei approved of it. "Of course, you cant say the same about their actual combat abilities."

"Doesnt matter." Hong Dali was not concerned. "Alright, were almost there, right?" Hong Dali looked at the holographic projection and stood up. Then, he stretched lazily and said, "Lets prepare to go. Well settle the design plans for the city first once we reach. After that, well execute my plan."

"Dali." Tang Muxin had heard about Hong Dalis plan a few times and asked curiously, "Whats your plan? Tell us! Were very curious."

"The plan" Hong Dali had a mysterious expression. "Youll find out very soon. Haha!"






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