Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1197

Chapter 1197 Azeroth

Time always passed by quickly when traveling in space. After around two hours, they entered the space around the uninhabited planet.

This was a beautiful, uninhabited planet. It was over 60,000 kilometers in diameter, and the land to ocean ratio was around 3:7. The land was covered in vegetation and there were many different species of animals. There were also giant creatures hiding in the oceans. If this planet was compared to Earth, it was probably at the era right before humans were about to emerge.

Such a planet was exactly what Hong Dali needed.

"What a beautiful planet." Tang Muxin looked at the model of the beautiful, blue planet displayed in the holographic projection with satisfaction and asked Hong Dali, "Dali, are you going to give this planet a name?"

"Hm, Ive thought of the name since a long time ago." Hong Dali knew what he wanted to name the planet long before he arrived here. "Lets call it Azeroth. Wahahahaha!"

And so this uninhabited island received its own name, Azeroth.

"Azeroth? Such a strange name." Tang Muxin looked at the holographic projection of the star again and finally nodded. Since Hong Dali decided on that, that would be the final decision.

Soon, all the transport spacecrafts arrived at the space around the uninhabited planet. Yin Tianzong directed the transport spacecrafts carrying the slaves to start landing.

"Boom" The giant transport spacecrafts looked for flat surfaces to land.

The animals on land were all spooked and jumped around in panic. The trees were also knocked sideways by the giant downwash from the landing spacecrafts.

Planet Azeroth finally welcomed its first batch of residents, the slaves that Hong Dali bought.

The spacecrafts landed successfully and the cargo doors opened. Huge batches of slaves from different dimensions and countless tools were unloaded. After that, five years worth of rations for these slaves were unloaded as well.

When all the items were transported, Hong Dali gave the final instructions to these slaves via the holographic projection. "Dear, everyone. Hello. Nice to see you again. Im your new Master, Hong Dali."

"This guy again. However, hes giving off a decent vibe." Goblin Gordon shrugged as he looked at Hong Dali in the sky. "Hes just leaving us here. Isnt he afraid of us running away? Actually, I kind of like him."

"Me too." The big-headed Dwarf, Lager, smiled. "As long as he doesnt abuse us, I actually want to work hard for him. He mentioned that he will pay us, haha."

Giving the slaves money for their work was much better than all their previous Masters.

In other words, apart from being unable to escape, they could be counted as salaried staff now. Furthermore, their job security was guaranteed. If they were on Earth, they might be given another title, civil servants

Hong Dali continued, "Let me introduce this place to you. I named this beautiful planet Azeroth. Its land, oceans, flora, and fauna are all incredibly beautiful. As for you, you will be the first group of people to build and develop this planet. Furthermore, I can guarantee you this. As long as you build this planet well, you can reside on this planet yourselves in the future. Theres no need to worry about your future."

This huge planet was Hong Dalis private planet. How high must his status be!

In other words, as long as they completed the task given by him well, they might gain his recognition? They could get better lives in the future?

"Long live the new Master! Long live the new Master!" "Long live freedom!"

Instantly, all the slaves on the planet cheered in unison. They already saw the rations they would be given here from their supervisors. Their food was decent, with at least one vegetable dish and one meat dish per meal. Furthermore, they would receive a salary for working. Most importantly, they could reside on this planet in the future!

Everyone felt like they were in a dream, and that they had gone from hell to heaven instantly!

"Alright. Next, its time for you to start working." Hong Dali smiled and said, "There will be many interesting things happening on this planet. You can just wait and see. Okay, Ive given out all the construction blueprints for the cities. Once youre in position, please start right away."

"Oh right." Hong Dali sniffled and made the last arrangements. "Those from the other dimensions, I need you to stay behind if your names are called. I still have some other tasks for you to complete. Theyre very interestingah, of course, I wont abuse you. Im a very kind-hearted person. Alright, then, let us begin."

This concluded the holographic projection.

Now that everyone was on the same page, the slaves instantly followed Hong Dalis instructions and gathered around the various plains on this planet called Azeroth. Their project was to start the construction of the new cities.

"Alright. Everythings settled." Once everything was ready, Hong Dali sniffled and looked at Yin Tianzong, his good brother. "Lets initiate the plan, haha."

"Alright! No problem!" Yin Tianzong raised his brows at Hong Dali and took out his communicator. "Attention, all departments. The plan is about to start!"

"Roger!" "Roger!" "Roger!"

The various departments all responded. Next, tens of thousands of spacecrafts covered the skies over Azeroth.

The slaves from other dimensions below were obviously confused. They screamed in despair and fear. All kinds of negative emotions filled their faces.

However, they soon realized that things were not as bad as they thoughtall these spacecrafts were transport carriers.

"Boom" When these spacecrafts were around 1,000 meters above ground level, they all stopped. Then, their base cargo doors all slowly opened. Countless items were thrown down from the spacecrafts.

"Hurry, look, whats that?" Dwarf Lager looked up at the sky. At first, he could not see the items clearly. However, they soon got closer. "Equipment! Loads of equipment!"

Goblin Gordon stared in bewilderment. "Oh god, they threw down so much equipment? How much does all that cost?"

Thats right. All the equipment thrown down from these transport spacecrafts were leftovers from Hong Dalis treasure gamble on Shenglong Star that nobody wanted. They were all low-level equipment.

Of course, this low-level was relative. The trash that nobody from the Shenglong Royal Family wanted could be a priceless treasure in an ordinary galaxy!

"Alright." Hong Dali was satisfied after witnessing the spacecrafts dump the trash equipment down. Then, he looked at the Green Dragon Wuwei in the sky. "Big Bro Wuwei, Ill depend on you next. Choose a plot of the ocean as your territory and bring this along too." As he said that, he took out a top-grade energy gem which increased energy by 50%. "Brother Wuwei, you have to take good care of this. Hehe, my grand plan depends on this."

"Relax, no problem." Wuwei took the energy gem and glanced at it. There were seven stars engraved on it in an uneven pattern. He asked curiously, "This is"

"Dragon Ball." Hong Dali laughed. "If someone can get this Dragon Ball from you, you can grant him one small wish on my behalf, hehe."

Come out, Divine Dragon, I want you to grant my three wishes!

Hm, just thinking about that sounds fun, right?

"Understood." Wuwei instantly nodded. His brother Dali loved to play, so he would join in and play together.

"Alright, nothing much else for you to do here." Hong Dali clapped his hands together. "The rest will be up to me. Hehe, Brother Tianzong, help me select forty people. Hm, I want some from every single race. They must have some unique or special abilities. Dont get those lazy and boring ones."

Forty people? What was going on?

"Any specific requirements?" Yin Tianzong was a little unsure of Hong Dalis plans. "I need to narrow down my search."

"Find those people like that Tauren Loca. Small leaders from different races." Hong Dali smiled and winked. "Lets form a raid party and play in our own Instance Dungeon!"

"Huh? Instance Dungeon?" Tang Muxin was completely stunned. "You caused such a huge scene. Youre building such a huge planet. You spent billions of Shenglong Dollars. Just to find some people to play within your own Instance Dungeon?"

Hm, lets do some calculations. Money spent to buy the slaves. Money spent to buy the equipment. Money spent to buy five years worth of rations. To construct cities

That must account for billions of Shenglong Dollars, right? That would be trillions of Galaxy Dollars! In the end, all that money was spent just to form a raid party for an Instance Dungeon?

"Ah, raiding Instance Dungeons is just my personal hobby." Hong Dali reminisced. Before the transmigration, he was an avid fan of the game, World of Warcraft. Even though he could still return to Earth now, he still missed the huge raid parties with forty people.

Now that he had a planet and enough slaves from all the different dimensions, he planned on forming his own raid party to play in his own Instance Dungeon. It had to be thrillingsince were going to play, well play the real-life version!






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