Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1198

Chapter 1198 Raid Party To Hunt Boss

Alright, whatever. Since the prodigal decided on playing in his Instance Dungeon, everyone would cooperate fully with him. Soon, Yin Tianzong walked in with forty slaves from different dimensions.

"Dali, I brought them here. They all come from different races. Do you think this squad will do?" Yin Tianzong asked.

The slaves behind him indeed came from different dimensions. There were cultivators from the cultivation dimension, magicians from the magic dimension, dwarves, goblins, and even robots from the mechanical dimension, not to mention the werecats and werejaguars from the demon dimension.

Hong Dali even saw a few clergies in their costumes. Hm, we even have the healers this time.

"Not bad, not bad." Hong Dali was satisfied with the lineup Yin Tianzong put together. He took a look around and focused on a dwarf. "Haha, little dwarf, can I call you that? Whats your name?"

"Master, my name is Lager." Dwarf Lager was fortunately selected by Yin Tianzong. He was very curious about his new Master. "Master, Lager is willing to do anything you command me to." Lager looked very cute as he said that as if he was a child with a huge head. He even jumped out to indicate how tall Hong Dali was.

"Hehe, what an interesting race." Tang Muxin smiled as she watched. Then, she asked him in a tone like she was talking to a child, "Then, Lager, what can you do? Can you fight?"

For Instance Dungeons, the most important thing was naturally battles. However, this Lager did not look like combat personnel at all.

"Ah? Fight? Are you bringing Lager to a Colosseum?" Lager was obviously scared. "Lager isnt good at fighting. Master, please dont throw Lager into the Colosseum. Lager will die, sob, sob, sob" As he said that, he actually started crying.

"Haha, relax. How can I ask you to duel?" Hong Dali consoled him. "However, you need to tell me what you know first? So that I can arrange your position."

"I can invent!" Lager was instantly excited. "I can come up with many interesting inventions! Master, can Lagers ability be of any help to you?"

Inventions? This guy can be the perfect match for our Chuyin!

"Yes, definitely! Definitely!" Hong Dali laughed. "Ill introduce you to a friend. You guys will definitely be a good match!" As he said that, he called for Lin Chuyin. "Chuyin, are you busy? Come here for a while, you have a new friend, haha!"

Lin Chuyins voice was soon heard from the communicator. "Erm, okay, Ill be right there."

Soon, Lin Chuyin, with her sky-blue colored hair tied in two ponytails, walked up to Hong Dali. "Im here. Whos the new friend you mentioned?"

"This dwarf." Hong Dali pointed at Lager. "Dwarf inventor. How about that? Interested?"

"Sure." Lin Chuyin looked at Lager without any expressions. "I heard that dwarves are good at inventions. That can be helpful to me."

"Hey, buddy." Goblin Gordon ran out of the group. "Goblins and dwarves come in a pair. They are good at inventing devices, we are good at inventing explosives. Count me in, how about that?" Gordon rubbed his hands together in anticipation.

As fearless creatures, goblins had two hobbies. The first was to earn money. The second was to create explosions.

"Uh, OK." Lin Chuyin directly nodded and looked at Hong Dali. "Should I bring them down, then? Ill bring a laboratory later. They can be my assistants."

"No problem." Hong Dali smiled. "You can go and prepare now. Ill train the rest of them. Oh right, just call for Xiaoyi if you need anything, she will bring you whatever you need."

"Sure." Lin Chuyin nodded. "Follow me." Then, she left together with Lager and Gordon.

"Master, what do we need to do next?" After seeing Lager and Gordon leave with Lin Chuyin, Loca was a little worried as a Tauren. "I dont feel settled without any tasks for me to do."

"Your mission is simple." Hong Dali snapped his fingers. "Bring them all to shower first, then wear all their equipment. When everything is prepared, well raid the Instance Dungeon. Haha."

The slave supervisors soon brought them to wash up. After their showers, Hong Dali had a whole cart of equipment brought over. "Choose and put on your equipment. At the same time, report the areas that youre good at."

This new Master was so generous!

The slaves stared in bewilderment at the cart of equipmentthey never dreamed that this kind of free lunch would ever fall from the sky. A whole cart worth of equipment, free for them to choose from!

Hence, these slaves selected the equipment they deemed suitable. The combat types selected the kind that would increase their strength, agility, and reflexes. The magic types selected equipment that increased their energy. As for the clergies, they actually selected the armor plates with the highest defense

After selecting their equipment, the slaves reported the occupations they were suitable for. Soon, Yin Tianzong had a complete tally and reported. "Dali, Im done with the tally. Apart from Loca, whos suitable for being a Tank, there is 18 combat personnel. The clergies can be responsible for medic and healing rolesthere are 11 of them. The remaining Lager and Gordon have no suitable positions yet. Finally, there are 8 people who can use magic." He played some online games before, so he was very fluent in these terminologies.

Hm, so this is a team with 1 Tank, 11 Healers, and 28 Combat personnel. Not bad.

"Not bad, not bad. Haha, this will do." Hong Dali was very satisfied. "Give them all some attribute elixirs first. Theyre still a little too weak. Most of them are barely Planet-level warriors. Some of them havent even reached that. Too weak. They have to be Stellar-level, at least."

Planet-level warriors were barely enough for normal galaxies like the Milky Way. However, they would be useless in any other system above that. Hence, the first step was to feed them elixirs!

Once these slaves heard what Hong Dali said, they instantly worshiped him.

He is so generous. After just one meeting, without any tasks assigned, he already gave them each equipment and elixirs. Thats at least a couple million Shenglong Dollars spent, right? He didnt even blink! Kneel down to that!

These slaves all started consuming the elixirs. Then, Hong Dali made the next arrangement. "Do we have any Soul Stones? If we do, give some to them. If not, well have to wait for now."

The slaves stared in bewildermentSoul Stone! That stuff is worth even more than elixirs!

"No," Yin Tianzong said helplessly. "Soul Stones are considered rare resources everywhere. Its difficult for a Galaxy Aristocrat like me to get them. We might be able to get some at the Star Sector Auction House."

"Oh, I see." Hong Dali thought for a while and said, "Ill buy more at one go then, once we have the time."

Everyone was speechless. This guy was so imaginative!

The slaves were all equipped and consumed their elixirs now. It was time for them to train. Hong Dali stood up and said, "Alright, everyone. Prepare yourselves. Well head for a warm-up." As he said that, he looked at the Demon King. "Zero, you can find some strong monsters around, right? Or maybe some mineral deposits. Youll need the material to craft demon artifacts, right?"

The Demon King understood that he was ready for the Instance Dungeon and nodded. "Understood, Ill go look for one now." As he was prepared to leave, a guard hurriedly ran in. "Master, according to the news we just received, an elemental monster just appeared on a plain 30 kilometers from here. Its attacking our team. Master, please give your orders."

What the heck, so fast?

"Any injuries?" Hong Dali hurriedly asked.

"Some of them have minor injuries. However, thats not the main issue. The problem is that our construction cannot proceed as planned," the guard replied. "As per your request, the city that was supposed to be built on that plain is called Storm City."

What the heck. Storm City was attacked. Thats not acceptable!

"Alright, lets go now!" Hong Dali wore the trench coat that had the words "Dali Creates Miracles" on the back and said, "Alright, everyone. Once we reach the location, listen to my commands!"

Then, they set off!

Everyone took a small-sized spacecraft and headed straight for the incident location. On the spacecraft, Loca was a little worried and asked quietly, "Master, this is my first time heading out for a battle. Is it okay?" As a peace-loving Tauren, it was difficult for him to actively seek out a battle.

"Dont worry about fighting others. You need to worry about protecting your teammates so that they wont get injured. Understood?" Hong Dali smiled and patted Locas muscular arms.

"I get it." Loca nodded. "My mission is to protect the comrades behind me."

"Yep!" Hong Dali was very satisfied with Locas response. Then, he looked outside the window and saw the huge Stone Giant causing chaos at the construction site. "Alright, were here. Lets get off. That Stone Giant is destroying the construction equipment. We need to hurry and stop him!"

Once the spacecraft landed, the huge group all got off.

Actually, with the strength of Hong Dalis current team, any of his lackeys could easily settle this kind of elemental stone giant. However, Hong Dali obviously did not share that plan. Instead, he asked the Demon King. "Zero, can you tell how powerful this guy is?"

"Based on his current strength, probably around Fifth-Order Stellar-level." The Demon King soon replied. "Hes just average. However, if Loca and the group try to take him down, they might run into a little trouble."

"Hm, that works." Hong Dali gave the orders. "Loca, go and distract him. Everyone else, prepare to strike. Healers, keep a close eye on Loca. Start healing him once hes injured!"

Everyone nodded in agreement. Loca was nervous as he held on tightly to his shield. Then, he said in a low voice, "Master, Ill be going now! If I die in battle, please take care of my brothers!"






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