Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1199

Chapter 1199 Hey Grandson

This bull with his nonsense!

Hong Dali wanted to kick himhe and all his lackeys were here. How can he die in battle? Worst case scenario, he gets a few scratches. If he really dies, I dont need to live anymore

Of course, Loca was only saying that for formalitys sake. His new Master gave him all the equipment and precious elixirs. Even if he was crushed into a thousand pieces, he still could not repay the Mastereven though those low-level equipment and elixirs were worth less than the space they took up to Hong Dali.

Loca led his slaves and rushed in front of the stone giant. He remembered Hong Dalis orders to attract the stone giants rage and protect his own teammates. Hence, he instantly ran in front and stabbed the stone giants thigh. At the same time, he yelled, "Hey, grandson!"

Hong Dali and the rest could not control themselves, as they all spat out a mouthful of saliva.

This stone giant was around ten meters tall and it had a huge frame. It probably weighed tens or hundreds of tons. Every single movement would result in the ground shaking as if there was an earthquake. Now that he saw a small figure coming to challenge him, the stone giant decisively raised his fist and slammed it down at Loca.

His fist was huge, at least one meter in diameter. You could feel its endless power just by looking at it.

Even though Loca was almost three meters tall, a giant when compared to humans, he still looked like a child when he stood next to the stone giant. "Boom!" The stone giants fist connected with Loca, whose feet sank into the ground. His entire body looked like it was exploding. Fortunately, his equipment was high-class, and his shield was sturdy enough. Hence, even though he looked like a mess, he did not receive any major injuries.

With him leading the charge, the squad followed closely behind. Hong Dali gave the orders. "Healers, heal him!"

A few golden rays of light immediately fell on Loca. He instantly recovered and yelled, "Nurses are amazing. Brothers, hold the line!"

This honest beef person!

Loca was distracting the stone giant. He was the largest, and also the slowest one. The other members were either standing behind like the healers, or expert close-range combat warriors, who were very agile. The stone giant could only focus on Loca and ignore everyone else for now.

"Magicians, go! Use whatever you got!" Hong Dali yelled.

Immediately, the magicians from the magic dimension threw magic at the stone giant freely. Those from the cultivation dimension also unleashed their special seals and techniques. The healers behind continuously hit Loca with rays of golden light,

After consuming the elixirs, Loca was only a Second-Order Stellar-level warrior at the very most. However, he actually withstood all the attacks from the Fifth-Order Stellar-level stone giant. In fact, they were equally matched. Even though he was being hit from beginning to end, he actually withstood all the hits

"That works too?!" Tang Muxin and the rest stared in bewilderment from their spacecraft. "Loca and the rest just took the elixirs, right? They should only be Second-Order Stellar-level warriors now. How can they be equally matched against a Fifth-Order Stellar-level warrior? Am I seeing this right?"

"This Hong Dali indeed has some tricks." Even Gu Feifei was impressed by Hong Dali. "Normally, a Fifth-Order Stellar-level warrior can easily handle up to 100 Second-Order Stellar-level warriors. Even if he cant kill them all, he should be able to murder half of them and retreat without any issues. However, this stone giant cannot retaliate at all against such a weird combination of people. Impressive."

She was not exaggerating.

What did a Fifth-Order Stellar-level warrior mean? Normally, the Top Operatives for the High Nobles of a Star Sector would only be Fifth-Order Stellar-level warriors. In other words, this stone giant was just as powerful as a Top Operative for the High Nobles of a Star Sector. Furthermore, he would be one of the strongest Top Operatives in the system.

Even Hong Dalis lackeys would find it difficult to defeat this stone giant if they were only Second-Order Stellar-level warriors. After all, the stone giant was extremely powerful and resistant to swords and blades. It would be a tough fight.

However, this stone giant was completely helpless against these slaves from other dimensions who had just leveled up to the First or Second-Order Stellar-level.

"As expected of the Young Master." The Demon King was excited as well. "This motley crew can accomplish that. The Young Masters methods are indeed amazing!"

"Dali is godly!" Yin Tianzong watched with his mouth gaping open. "Such a terrifying and huge stone giant, yet he cannot fight back at all. Amazing, so amazing!"

Hong Dali was getting into his groove with the commands. "Yes, just like that. Loca, hold the line. Dont be afraid of the pain. Healers increase your output. This huge stone giant is no joke. Dont be lazy! Magicians, give it all your got oh no. Run, everyone, run!" As Hong Dali said that, he suddenly realized that the stone giant paused in his movements. Then, he raised his huge feet. Obviously, this guy was completely enraged!

"Everyone, run! Ill go last!" Loca realized the abnormal behavior of the stone giant as well. With his size, that stomp would probably create a huge crater. That would seriously be like an earthquake. Hence, it would be wise to get as far away as possible.

Swoosh. After they heard Hong Dalis reminder, they all retreated as fast as they could. After all, these people were not idiots. A few priestesses placed their protective prayers on Loca before retreating in order to reduce the damage taken by him.

Good job!

Hong Dali praised them loudly. Just then, the stone giant roared at the sky. Then, he lifted his right leg and stomped down!

"BOOM" The entire ground was trembling. Everything around started shaking as well. Countless machines flipped over and loose rocks rolled around. A huge crater was formed by his stomp.

Such terrifying strength! No wonder he was a Fifth-Order Stellar-level stone giant. His strength was extraordinary.

"Okay, he used his ultimate move already. Loca, go!" Hong Dali saw that the wave of attack was over. Hence, he hurriedly commanded Loca and the rest to continue their attacks. "Dont hesitate. Go. Beat him up!"

Hong Dali knew that even though the stone giant was extremely powerful, his weakness was his speed. This kind of enemy was the best training tool. Once they withstood his attacks, everything would be fine.

After he heard Hong Dalis orders, the freshly recovered Loca rushed forward again. Just like before, he stabbed the stone giants thigh. At the same time, he yelled, "Hey, grandson!"

That instantly enraged the stone giant. The battle started again

After half an hour, the stone giant finally knelt down helplessly. He was facing a team with a Tank, high DPSers [Note: Damage Per Second, or damage dealers], and also nurseshe couldnt help but kneel down. These cruel guys. The tank was way too sturdy. The healers had enough strength too

"Hulululu" The stone giant gave up and sat on the ground. He stared at Hong Dali in the distance and raised his hands up highhe surrendered!

"Oh, yea! We won!" They finally won. The entire team rushed forward. They lifted Loca and threw him into the sky as they cheered. "Loca, youre amazing!"

"You give off such a strong sense of security! Hahaha!"


"Haha, haha, its all thanks to the Masters good commands." Loca was blushing. "Everyone should thank the Master instead."

This group of slaves looked at Hong Dali as if he was a god. The strongest one amongst them was only a Third-Order Planet-level Warrior previously. They could not even run from an enemy like the stone giant in the past. How could they possibly imagine a victory against him?

"Everyone, youve worked hard." Hong Dali smiled as he walked over next to Loca and patted his arm. "This guy is very strong. Did it hurt to get beat up by him?"

"Haha, once I thought about how they wont feel the pain if I do, it stopped hurting." Loca scratched his hair and replied honestly.

"Good job." Hong Dali laughed. "Great job! Ill take care of you in the future, haha!" After that, he walked in front of the stone giant and asked, "Why did you come here to cause trouble? We havent offended you, right?"

"Hulululu" The stone giant humphed and said in an extremely low voice. "You humans destroy the environment I dont like you here hulululu"

As expected, this stone giant loved the environment as well.

"Hm, seems like theres a misunderstanding." Hong Dali touched his chin and said, "Alright. Since its a misunderstanding, how about this? I will build a city here, itll be called Storm City. I need someone to guard the gates. Are you willing to do that? Of course, in exchange, I promise not to damage the environment here. Ill transport away all the equipment and machines once Im done. How about that?"

"Hululuare you serious?" The stone giant stared with his huge pair of golden eyes, made of some unknown materials, and looked around. "You seriously wont damage the environment here?"

"Of course." Hong Dali nodded. "These are all my slaves. I promised them that they can reside here once the construction works are done. Have you ever seen anyone throwing trash everywhere in their own homes?"

"Then alright." The stone giant replied slowly. "I accept. However, I have another request."

"Sure, say it," Hong Dali replied.

"My mother is in huge trouble. She needs help," the stone giant said in a thunderous voice. "You are powerful. I can feel that. Can you please help her"






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