Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1200

Chapter 1200 Cultivation

Eh, do stone giants have mothers? This question seems strange, right?

Hong Dali instantly had a mental image of a huge female stone giant and a huge male stone giant kissing in the morning and having sex at night

This image was too beautiful to think about

Alright, no matter what, we have to go help others when theyre in trouble. Hong Dali waved his hand. "Alright, lackeys, lets go! Well see what kind of trouble auntie stone is in!"

"Alright!" The lackeys cheered.

Loca and the rest probably could not really help with the situation, so Hong Dali made the arrangement for them. "Good job today. You can go back to practice more now. Look for Zero if you need any elixirs. Oh right, get Zero to prepare some demon artifacts for you guys as well. Once youre stronger, I will bring you to some other places for fun."

"Yes, Master." Loca had full trust in Hong Dali now, he would never harbor any doubts. "I promise to train well and not to let you down." Look at how much of a sweet-talker he was!

After making the arrangements, Hong Dali and the rest followed the stone giant to his home in order to help his mother, the Mother Stone.

The stone giant covered huge distances with his strides, so Hong Dali and the rest followed behind him in a small spacecraft. They looked at the scenery as they walked. Hong Dali realized that this world was indeed decent. Since the Dimu Star Sector High Nobles gifted this planet to him, it indeed seemed like a well-chosen and selected planet, not a randomly picked one.

The grass on the ground, the forest in the distance, the towering mountain peaks, the blue rivers. Animals casually ate the green grass, and beautiful birds soared in the sky. This world almost only appeared in legends. In fact, with some slight modifications, this planet could gain another name. Heaven.

After around ten minutes, the stone giant led them to the feet of a mountain over 3,000 meters tall. He pointed at a huge cave and said, "Were here just inside. This is my home. My mother is stuck"

"Hm, alright, lead the way." Hong Dali followed the stone giant into the cave.

The cave was huge and wide. It extended downward in a spiral pattern. After over thirty minutes on foot, they lost track of how deep down they were. Finally, after a final turn, they saw some faint light. Then, Hong Dali saw a huge underground cavity.

This place was extremely spacious. It could even be called an underground world.

Hong Dali could see over ten square kilometers of space. Obviously, that was only a small portion of the area. It probably was not even 1% of the total space available.

There were mountains, water, and all kinds of spores and plants. Those plants emitted a soft glow. They came in all different and beautiful colors.

"Wah, Dali, this place is so beautiful." Tang Muxin was stunned. Actually, she often traveled around when she was on Earth. However, no matter where she went, nowhere was as beautiful and mysterious as this.

"Just in front now" The stone giant hurriedly ran forward. His strides were huge, over ten meters each. Hong Dali and the rest tried to follow closely behind.

After running for a while more, Hong Dali soon saw a stone mountain. No, perhaps he should not call it a stone mountain. Instead, Mother Stone.

It was beyond everyones expectations. Even though Mother Stone was an elemental being, she did not look ugly lying there. However, if you paid close attention, you would realize that she looked very gentle. Even though she could not compare to a beautiful human woman, she could be viewed as a kind, young woman.

Especially her eyes. Her eyes were a beautiful sea blue color as if they were made out of two giant sapphires.

"Zora, you brought humans back?" Mother Stone looked at the stone giant first before turning to look at Hong Dali and the rest. "Hello, humans"

"You are Mother Stone?" Hong Dali walked forward and said, "My name is Hong Dali. This stone giant must be your son, right? He said that youre in trouble. We came to see if we can be of any help."

"Hello, Hong Dali." Mother Stone looked at Hong Dali with her gentle eyes and said slowly, "10,000 years ago, some people broke in here and placed the movement restrictions on me. I cannot move at all. I can only lie here, motionless"

What the heck. 10,000 years ago? You have been lying here for 10,000 years?

Hong Dali was surprised. "No way? So long? Why did they do that? You shouldnt have offended them, since you live here, right?"

"After they arrived, they seemed to be busy with something. Hang on, let me show you" As Mother Stone said that, two beams of blue light shot out from her eyes as if they were projecting a movie. Soon, a projection could be seen on a stone wall nearby.

There were three humans. However, they all donned very classical clothes. A woman even had fairy belts attached to her clothes. They looked like humans from the cultivation dimension.

They talked to Mother Stone for a while, but nobody could make out what they said. Then, one of the men took out a booklet from his pocket and nodded.

After that, the two sides fought. The humans stood on flying swords and unleashed countless tags on Mother Stone. They were extremely powerful. Each tag could cause an earth-shattering explosion. Mother Stone was obviously outmatched and soon lost.

In the end, that man threw out the strongest tag. It expanded in size mid-air. In the end, it completely crushed Mother Stone. When she was about to fall down, the man quickly threw the booklet underneath Mother Stone. After that, the three of them left, and nobody knew where they went.

This entire process did not take long. However, the incident looked very weird and confusing.

"Dali, did those three people come from the cultivation dimension?" Tang Muxin tilted her head and analyzed. "They controlled Mother Stone, just to make her guard that booklet."

"Hm, very likely." Hong Dali frowned and said, "Mother Stone, dont worry. Well think of a way to get you out now. Im curious about that booklet as well."

A small booklet requiring Mother Stone to suppress. This was a little strange, so Dali had to solve the mystery.

Hence, everyone started thinking of waves to rescue Mother Stone.

The main issue was that Mother Stone was controlled by that tag which prevented her from moving completely. Hence, the top priority was to locate the tag and remove it.

Everyone split up to search for it. Soon, Li Nianwei, who summoned her metal wings for the search, was the first to discover something strange. She yelled from the sky, "Dali, look at this, theres a tag here!"

Swoosh. Everyone rushed there after hearing what Li Nianwei said. As expected, there was a yellow tag stuck to a small crack in Mother Stones skin. It constantly glowed with a golden lightthe three people from the cultivation dimension were so evil. No wonder the stone giant could not deal with such a small crack. His hands were too big. There was no way he could reach in.

"Let me see, let me see, whats this?" Hong Dali went up to the crack. He reached out with his hand and pinched the tag. With a slight pull, it was instantly peeled off.

"Mountain Suppressing Tag?" Hong Dali looked at the words on the tag. However, before he could keep it properly, the golden light quickly faded. Then, the entire tag disappeared into dust.

"Thank you, humans, for giving me my freedom back." Mother Stone finally regained her freedom after the Mountain Suppressing Tag was removed. Once Hong Dali and the rest got off her body, she slowly stood up.

She instantly looked different after standing upshe was over fifty meters tall. However, even though she was enormous, her proportions looked very fitting and pleasing. Green vines grew near her head and looked like hair. Countless leaves of different colors covered her chest and waist areas as if they formed her clothesthey looked really pretty too.

"Hehe, its not that troublesome." Hong Dali smiled and hurriedly ran to search the place where Mother Stone was laying down just now. Soon, he found the book that the cultivator left behind. "Found it, its over here. Look at that, lets see what these guys wrote on this book."

He wiped the dust off the books cover. The book was made out of some unknown material. After tens of thousands of years and Mother Stones weight on it, it somehow remained completely intact. There were no scratches on it at all. However, there was plenty of dust gathered on top of it. After wiping the dust away, Hong Dali soon saw the books title"Primordial Blood Emperor Log".

What the heck! That name is so domineering. Is this the legendary Cultivators secret manual?

Hong Dali flipped to the title page and was soon attracted by a line of small words

"My name is Yun Qingfeng. Upon hearing that the door to the monster dimension has been opened, I came as a Cultivator in order to battle and remove monsters, as is my duty. However, I found out that nothing was as expected once I passed through the door. This place is completely different from the monster dimension mentioned in the legends. Unfortunately, as we are from different sides, we can only fight for our lives here. Now that I found out that I will never be able to return to my old world, I can only leave this Primordial Blood Emperor Log here. He who is fated shall retrieve it."

There was another small line of text below that. "No matter what dimension, most people are kind. Whoever obtains this Divine Skill shall not harm others. I can only rest at ease knowing that you will use this power for good. Regards, Yun Qingfeng."

Hong Dali and the rest could not help but sigh deeply as they read this Cultivator Yun Qingfengs last words.

Dimensional Wars always resulted in the loss of countless lives and the destruction of countless families. It was not an overstatement to claim that heavy sacrifices had to be made in every single Dimensional War.






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