Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1201

Chapter 1201 Is Hong Dali Still Accepting Lackeys?

"Yun Qingfeng," Hong Dali could not help but sigh. "It seems there are good and bad people everywhere. According to this book left behind by Yun Qingfeng, he seemed to be a kind person. Its a pity he had to experience the Dimensional War. There is little chance he survived. Sigh, what a pity."

Everyone nodded. A broad-minded person like Yun Qingfeng, only to die in the Dimensional War. It was indeed a pity. Otherwise, it would be great to be friends with such people.

"Dali, what do we do next?" With things coming to an end, Tang Muxin asked.

"Next, lets fix it. Well get ready to carry out my next plan." Hong Dali touched his chin and then looked at Mother Stone. "Mother Stone, its our first time on this planet. There should be other elemental beings here other than yourself, right? Can you introduce them to me? I dont want this place to become a battlefield. It would be bad if I caused an elemental war or something."

His worries were not unfounded. Since there was one Mother Stone, there could possibly be more. If this bunch of slaves encountered an elemental beings army, it would be a huge loss.

Huge losses were nothing. If anyone died, it would be a tragedy.

"En, dont worry. You saved me. I know what to do." Mother Stone nodded. Hong Dali and the others had saved her and left a good impression. She was more than willing to make friends with them.

"Alright, sorry to trouble you." Hong Dali ruffled his hair, slightly embarrassed. He smiled and said, "Lets go back first, then. Goodbye, auntie."

"Go on. Goodbye." Mother Stone smiled. Apart from the difference in size, she did feel like a familiar auntie.

Everyone followed the same route back. When they returned to the area within Storm City, Loca and the others had already returned to the transport spacecraft for their special training. Hong Dali did not have to worry about them.

It was quite a happy day. They fought their first Field Team Boss and began building the city. On this planet named Azeroth, it seemed like it would soon become a paradise for humans.

In the next few days, Hong Dali continued to give elixirs to Loca and the others. In his free time, he secretly entered the Enjoyment Dimension with Gu Feifei and Cutie Ke to complete achievement missions. The reason why he did not bring Tang Muxin and the other along was that he had not figured out how to explain the issue of transmigration. Even though the System had its explanation, Hong Dali decided to reveal the news in this regard little by littlethis was partly the reason why this planet was called Azeroth.

However, there was a limit to elixirs. Li Yang came over to report and Hong Dali immediately touched his chin. Then, he made some arrangements. "Its not good if there are not enough elixirs. Loca and the others are still too weak. They have not reached my expectations. Li Yang, return to Shenglong Star with Sister Xiaoyi to bring more elixirs over."

"Dali," Tang Muxin asked curiously, "They are still not strong enough? They have almost achieved Star Sector-level, right?"

It was no wonder Tang Muxin was surprised.

Loca and his team of forty people, other than Lager and Gordon, who had been studying various strange devices with Lin Chuyin, were almost Fifth-Order Stellar-level. If they continued to feed them elixirs, it would not be long before they achieved Star Sector-level.

However, Hong Dali was still not satisfied

"This has to do with my grand plan. They should be at least Star Sector-level." Hong Dali sniffled. "Just watch and see. Hehe."

"Oh, okay." Hearing that this had to do with his grand plan, Tang Muxin stopped asking.

Li Yang and Xiaoyi set off immediately to Shenglong Star.

Shenglong Star, in the Divine College.

Six days had passed since the second stage of the Astral Genius Battle where Silver Frost defeated You Muming and claimed first place.

During these six days, everyone waited for Hong Dalis return in anticipation. Everyone was waiting to hear news about the battle between Hong Dali and Silver Frost.

On this morning, someone yelled, "Hong Dalis spacecraft is back!"

Hong Dalis spacecraft was back!

Hearing that, everyone rushed to the main square and looked up at the sky. Indeed, a spacecraft landed on the main square of the Divine College. The door soon opened and two people walked out anxiously.

One male, one female. Someone with sharp eyes had recognized them and shouted while pointing at them, "Theyre Hong Dalis lackeys. Li Yang and Ling Xiaoyi!"

Hong Dalis lackeys were now famous in the college. Everyone knew that the twenty-over lackeys under Hong Dali were all extremely powerful. Hearing the shouts, everyone rushed over to take a look.

Old Madam Hua Yueling was the most anxious person. She held Li Yangs hand first and asked anxiously, "Why did you come back yourselves? Where is my sweetheart?"

"Yes, Old Madam. We wanted to look for you." Ling Xiaoyi quickly bowed and greeted her. "Young Masters first lackey Ling Xiaoyi, second lackey Li Yang, greets Old Madam."

"Okay, okay." Hua Yueling helped Ling Xiaoyi up and said anxiously, "What happened to Dali? Hes not even picking up the communicator."

"Young Master is having fun." Ling Xiaoyi smiled and replied, "Its just that there are not enough snacks. He sent me back to get more."

"Snacks?" Hearing that Hong Dali was still eating snacks, the surrounding people whispered among themselves. "How old is he? Hes still eating snacks?" "Who knows, we will never understand the world of a prodigal. This could be his hobby." "En, en. Thats right. Everyone has different hobbies"

Hua Yueling understood what Ling Xiaoyi said. "You mean those elixirs? He finished them? How much do you need? Little rascal, as long as hes safe, snacks are nothing. Come on, Ill bring you to the Elixir Room to get more."

At the moment, the others finally understood what Hong Dalis snacks were

"It cant be? Elixirs are snacks to him?! This Hong Dali is really filthy rich. I dont even bear to eat elixirs usually. Theyre expensive!" "Exactly, who eats elixirs like snacks?! Even our Chief is not so wasteful." "Elixirs as snacks is he not afraid of indigestion?"

At this moment, Hua Yueling asked, "Oh, right, Xiaoyi ah, I remembered Dali took a lot of snacks when he left. He finished them so quickly?"

What Xiaoyi said next left everyone dumbfounded.

Xiaoyi said honestly, "Its like this, Old Madam. Young Master bought some slaves, about billions of them. Young Master likes to have fun, so he picked about forty people out to feed them elixirs and train them. Theyre now Fifth-Order Stellar-level. But the Young Master is still not satisfied. He said they should be at least Star Sector-levelhence, all the elixirs are gone."

Everyone: "" All their jaws dropped

"Oh, is that so? Okay, lets go get more." Hua Yueling appeared nonchalant about it. "Take more with you this time. Otherwise, youll have to come back for more if theyre not enough."

Soon, the three of them disappeared in the crowd. The onlookers just returned to their senses. "Hehe hehehehe pinch me, quick. Am I dreaming? Feeding elixirs to slaves?" "Youre not dreaming. I heard it clearly. Those slaves have reached Fifth-Order Stellar-level. Hehe hehehehe" "I trained like there was no tomorrow since I was three-years-old and Im only First-Order Star Sector-level. Hong Dali actually managed to get them to Fifth-Order Stellar-level just by feeding them elixirs my God, is Hong Dali still accepting lackeys?!"

Time passed quickly. Ling Xiaoyi and Li Yang returned to Azeroth with lots of elixirs. On the other side, Hong Dali watched as the Demon King instructed the Taurens to craft demon artifacts.

The Demon King stood in the middle of the factory looking cool giving commands non-stop. "Be careful, dont be in a hurry. You must do it steadily. Yes, thats right. Be careful, the materials are very precious"

En, those materials were his huge brain. Could they not be precious?

"Zero, what demon artifact are you crafting?" Hong Dali was curious. "What effect does it have?"

"Improve the ability between individuals." The Demon King was an old freak that had lived for ten thousand years, indeed. Hong Dali did have a knack for asking questions. "You created such a team and made them all Star Sector-level, your goal is for them to deal with the opponents leader, right?"

"En, thats right. Hehe. Youre shrewd, indeed." Hong Dali nodded. "There are less than ten years to the Dimensional War. I need to find a team to carry out the beheading mission no matter what. Otherwise, with such a short time frame, its too late to improve their abilities. I can only try this method."

"In the beginning, I found your actions strange." The Demon King nodded and smiled. "Hence, the demon artifact that Im crafting is to match your plan. The most important usage of this batch of demon artifacts is the connection of life. In short, when these people wear it, their life energy will be connected. Once they do that, as long as they do not suffer from fatal injuries, such as a broken head, or got their heart pierced, they will be able to quickly recover their combat power. Its very useful."

"Hehe, I knew you would have such treasures." Hong Dali was very satisfied with the Demon King. He thought for a while, then asked again, "Other than this, do you have other good stuff?"

"Our Demon race mainly cultivates the body," the Demon King said slowly. "Our best trait is that we dont die easily. The stronger the body, the more sturdy it is. Hence, demon artifacts typically focus on such abilities. When the connection of life is completed, I will craft something that can temporarily increase the bodys explosive power. It should have no problem strengthening the body by five or six times within one minute."





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