Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1202

Chapter 1202 Lagers Magical Invention

If it could strengthen the body by five or six times within one minute, that was already equivalent to a mini Second Gear, was it not?

The Empowerment Bracelet belonging to Xiao Shengzhe, the Black-level Honorary Aristocrat that Hong Dali had killed on the Faerie Star, was only able to increase the strength of its wearer tenfold.

Now, this artifact crafted by the Demon King could even be mass-produced!

"Hehe, hehehe." Hong Dali almost drooled as he laughed. He poked at the Demon Kings waist and chuckled as he said, "Zero, what else have you got? Craft more. We have so many lackeys, everyone should get something, right? I think perhaps a hundred or two Demon Race artifacts would be good. You get what I mean." He arched his eyebrow in an exasperating expression.

"" The Demon King almost wanted to strangle Hong Dali to death. What did he mean by a hundred or two? Did he think it was like cabbages for sale by the roadside that he could have as many as he wanted?

"Ill try my best," the Demon King said forlornly. "Oh my head, I doubt I can keep it for long. You asked for one or two hundred pieces so casually, how am I to fulfill that order?"

"Hehe, work hard, old guy." Hong Dali grinned and ran away.

In fact, according to Hong Dalis consistent top-notch treatment of his men, these lackeys who had come to the universe with him from Earth should at least have a set of Eternal-level suits each, exchanged from the System Store.

The problem was that although the Achievement points were not hard to get, there were not enough points to earn. Without enough points, he would not be able to exchange enough equipment. That was why he had no choice but to ask the Demon King to craft good quality equipment with high attributes instead.

Originally, Hong Dali had planned to ask the Demon King to craft even more things, but there was a sudden violent explosion!

"Boom" The explosion was so loud that the mountain shook and trembled.

This was no ordinary shockwave. Hong Dali immediately ran off, shouting, "Zero, you start crafting first. That explosion sounded like it came from the direction of Chuyins laboratory. I must hurry over to take a look!"

After leaving the Demon Kings factory, Hong Dali boarded the spacecraft and hurried straight to Lin Chuyins laboratory. On the way, many others were running in the same direction after hearing the explosion. Li Nianwei, Tang Muxin, Ling Xiaoyi, and all the lackeys were headed there.

"Dali, the explosion just now was really scary." Tang Muxin approached in a small spaceship. She said anxiously, "Will Sister Chuyin be okay?"

"It shouldnt be anything serious. Chuyin is very powerful." Hong Dali controlled the spacecraft to fly fast. He said, "Shes at least a Star Sector-level and a Soul Stone awakened ability user. She should be fine in an ordinary explosion. Im just curious as to what shes been up to and why its creating such a commotion?"

Lin Chuyins laboratory was located in the forest three kilometers east of Storm City. It was a laboratory made of boulders using her ability, covering an area of about 50,000 square meters.

Upon entering the laboratory area, they saw various pieces of equipment strewn all over the groundshe still had absolutely no interest in cleaning up

"Chuyin, Chuyin!" Hong Dali shouted as soon as he jumped off the spacecraft. "Chuyin, are you okay? What happened just now?"

Everyone else alighted from their spacecraft and followed Hong Dali.

As soon as Hong Dali finished shouting, he heard a shrill voice from the laboratory. "Oh my God! Do you know you almost blew me up? I said this thing cant be rushed, it has to be done step by step!"

That voice seemed like it belonged to the goblin Gordon. What were they doing?

In any case, since Gordon was talking, it meant at least one person was fine. As for the explosion

Explosions were good. If everything got blown up he could buy another set. Since he was a prodigal, they could blow up whatever they liked.

At this time, another small voice was heard. It was probably the Dwarf Lager. "Master Chuyin, Im terrified! Dont help him research his explosives! Someone will die, wuwuwu!"

"Uh," Lin Chuyin replied. "Based on the equipment you have on, the explosion has to be three times more powerful before it can kill you. Theres no need to be afraid."

"God! Let me out of here! These two people have no consideration for others at all!" Lager yelled.

Hong Dali and the others looked at each other, then quickly opened the laboratory door and walked in.

"Chuyin, whats the matter?" Upon entering the laboratory, Hong Dali saw three sooty-black people sitting on the ground. Not far away, the scene of a huge explosion was still filled with black smoke!

"You" Hong Dali was dumbfounded. "You detonated a bomb in the laboratory?"

Were they not afraid that they would blow themselves up?

"Master is here!" The Goblin Gordon rushed up to claim the credit. "Master, we were experimenting with our Goblin Kamikaze bomb just now. The explosion was just a 10,000th of the actual explosive power! According to the design, I thought the explosion wouldnt be so violent originally, but there seems to be something wrong"

After hearing Gordons words, Hong Dali and the others gaped.

One one out of 10,000th of the actual force? And it was already so powerful? The explosion was so loud that it could be heard all over the city?!

"Are you planning to build an atomic bomb?" Hong Dali looked at the goblin, then at Lager, and finally at Lin Chuyin. "Chuyin, are you not afraid you will blow Storm City into the sky?"

"Wuwuwu, I told you Master would be angry," Lager said forlornly. "I told you the Gnomes have more reliable inventions. The only things you Goblins make are explosives and more explosives!"

"I made some improvements to the design." Lin Chuyin did not find it strange at all. In fact, the thought that it might be dangerous probably did not even cross her mind. "I merged the Goblin Kamikaze Bomb and the energy-enhancing engine from the Robots that I noted down at the Divine College previously. So the explosive power has been greatly increased. "By the way," she said slowly to Hong Dali, "I have no more money"

Well, research and technology did burn money

"Xiaoyi, give her one billion first." Hong Dali sniffed. "Theres more if its not enough."

Gordons eyes widened in surprise. "Master, youre practically the God of Wealth. Please accept my admirationokay, guys, we have money again. Lets continue! I still have a lot of good designs here. For example, the ultimate Goblin Shatter Star Bomb from our Goblin race. Thats a heavy-duty bomb that can blow up an entire planet!"

"Stop!" Hong Dali quickly stopped them. If he allowed them to continue this way, Azeroth would disappear from the universe. "Whatever you are planning to build, dont detonate it here. Otherwise, this planet will be blown to pieces!"

"Okay." Gordon shrugged. "Then, we should continue to research my Kamikaze bomb first."

En, this Kamikaze bomb was still average. Hong Dali was referring to the one that was 1/10,000th the explosive power

"Be careful, you must be careful." Hong Dali tried desperately to appease Lin Chuyin. "Next time, you can make one thats 1/50,000th the power, but remember, dont use full power. Theres no attribute compression force field here. The planet will not be able to withstand such a blast."

"I understand." Lin Chuyin nodded.

Then, with her next sentence, a chill traveled from the tips of everyones toes all the way to the top of their heads. "Lets research the Goblin Shatter Star bombs that do 50,000 times the damage and then mass produce some."

Azeroth, you must hang on!

"Oh, Lager," Hong Dali looked at the Dwarf Lager again. His intuition told him that Lager definitely had a lot more good stuff to offer. "I see that you dont seem very interested in explosives. Can you tell me what kind of things you have been researching?"

"Respected Master, please let me show my admiration for you?" Lager said excitedly. "You saw at a glance that Im an inventor!" As he spoke, he rummaged in his pocket and took out a small device. "This is the magical recording device made specially by me, the LY One!"

A magic recording device? It sounds very powerful!

Hong Dalis eyes widened. "Lager, does it do anything?"

"Of course, Master," Lager said excitedly. "This device can perfectly record the magic skill of the magician! We know that magicians need to chant to use magic, but would a master opponent wait for them to finish chanting in a battle? Many magicians are at a disadvantage because of this. With this magic recording device, the magician can record all his magic spells on it. The magician just has to summon his magic and let the device do the chanting."

What a powerful invention!

Hong Dali was dumbfounded. This was a recording device, the legendary magic recording device?

"This is a recorder?" Sure enough, Tang Muxin and Hong Dali had the same thought. "A recorder is a new invention?"

"Ah, my lady, Lagers invention is indeed very powerful." Goblin Gordon spoke up in Lagers defense. "This device can store nearly twenty magic spells, and its biggest effect is that this device can increase the chanting speed of a spell. Master just needs to call a magician or monk or something. Anyway, as long as its someone who needs to chant to use a spell to try it out."

That was true. They just had to look for someone to test the effectiveness of this object.

"Quick, call our team over." Hong Dali quickly started issuing instructions. "Call them all! If this thing is really useful, our combat effectiveness can be greatly improved in the future!"

If this device was really easy to use, the first person Hong Dali thought of was not the magician, the monk, or the cultivator. Instead, it was the man of curses, Lucifer!






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