Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1203

Chapter 1203 Amazing Powerful

In fact, Hong Dali was indeed quite smart. He did not have advanced technological knowledge like Lin Chuyin or Lucifer, nor was he as intelligent as they were. He sincerely cared for others and whenever he came across something good, he was able to quickly figure out where, how, and for whom it would be the most useful.

That was why he was the real core of his team. No one would doubt a word he said.

This was the true leader in a team, the soul of a team.

Soon, Li Yang led Loca and his team of 40 over in a clamor of noise. Along with them were the other students from the Shenglong Astral Team.

"Brother Dali, I heard that you have something good." A group of students came over and gathered around Hong Dali. They asked excitedly, "What is it?" "Yes, every time Brother Dali tinkers with things, he always gets very good results. Hehe, what is it this time?" "Dont rush him. How can Brother Dali answer everyone at onceBrother Dali, tell me, I will help you convey it to everyone else!"

A large group of people gathered around Hong Dali, and Hong Dali looked over at Locas team.

In Locas team of 40, there were 6 magicians and 11 clerics. These were the ones who were at a great disadvantage when they besieged the stone giant previously. It was not that they did not have enough attacking power, the problem was that they were unable to chant quickly enough.

Now that they had Lagers magic recording device, LY One, hopefully, it would improve matters.

"Lager, how do you use this device?" Now that everyone had come over, the next step was naturally to experiment with the device. Hong Dali looked at Lager. "Quickly, demonstrate for us."

"Okay, Master." Lager took out his small and convenient device. This small object was about palm-sized. There were two rows of buttons on top and ten buttons in each row. It looked a little roughly made. Lager asked a female magician to approach and said, "Dont summon your magic, just chant the spell. Just sing after holding on to this button, understand?"

"I understand." The female magician naturally knew what was a recording, having experienced the technological world. She nodded, then looked at Hong Dali. "Master, shall I start now?"

"Go ahead, start." Hong Dali nodded and looked at the female magician who was about 18- or 19-years-old. Her looks were average, perhaps about 80 out of 100. He asked casually, "By the way, whats your name? I dont know your name yet."

"My name is Ere." The female magician blushed and said, "I will start now."

After that, she began to follow Lagers instructions to chant a spell without summoning any magic. This spell was very long. She sang for ten seconds, which was already considered very fast. Finally, she finally chanted the name of the spell"Razer, 30,000 volts."

"Yes, its really quite long." Hong Dali shrugged helplessly. In fact, he had always been curious about something. "By the way, Ere, you magicians take such a long time to chant a spell, how do you protect yourself when fighting?"

"Master," Ere replied, a little embarrassed, "my magician level is very low. At present, Im only an Intermediate Mage, so its still quite troublesome for me to use magic. If I practice more, I will be much more powerful."

Eh, magician level? This seemed very interesting. Hong Dali was immediately intrigued. "So, tell me, how are the levels of magicians determined?"

The Dimensional War would begin anytime, and it was always good to have more information about the Magic Dimension.

"Magicians are divided into nine levels," Ere explained in detail. "The first level is the Magic Apprentice, then, Trainee Mage, followed by Junior, Intermediate, and Advanced Mages. Mages of these five levels are not very strong. They need to chant to be able to cast a spell and their magic is not very powerful.

"Going further up is the Great Mage. One of the most distinctive features of this level of a magician is that they can have their own magical creature guards, which can help the magician block melee attackers like assassins."

Well, so that was it. Hong Dali looked at Tang Muxin. It seemed that his Xinxin was at a level equivalent to that of a Great Mage after fusing with the Ice Soul Stone.

Ere continued, "The next level is the Grand Mage. The magician spells of this level are instantaneous and do not need to be accompanied by chanting. At this level, theyre already quite powerful. If they have consumables to supplement mana, they are able to use magic continuously. Theyre very powerful.

"Going further up is the Holy Mage. Holy Mages are unique in that they can use more than three types of magic. They can fly, and theres no place between Heaven and Earth that they cannot go.

"Lastly, the Godly Mage. Generally speaking, a Godly Mage is almost equivalent to God. They can do almost everything except create life."

After she explained the magicians ranking system, Ere was a little embarrassed. "Master, Im just an Intermediate Mage. Im an embarrassment to the master."

"Its nothing to be embarrassed about. Im not even as good as you. At most, I can only be considered an ordinary person." Hong Dali did not mind at all. He even comforted Ere. "Work hard and you will become a Godly Mage in the future!"

Everyone nodded.

They were done talking and it was time to start the demonstration.

Lager instructed Ere to step into the clearing and aim at a scarecrow in the distance. "Ere, do you see the scarecrow over there? Summon your magic and then press the button you pressed earlier while recording and try it out."

"Okay." Ere immediately raised her right hand and aimed at the scarecrow. She summoned her magic and pressed the button

"Zing" A sharp noise was heard and everyone felt a sudden pain in their ears. Then, they saw an electric snake as thick as a persons thigh swiftly emerge from Eres palm and fly straight toward the scarecrow.

There was first a "bang", then, the crackling sound of an electric current rang out. A powerful electric current struck the scarecrow and black smoke billowed from it before it burst into flames.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

God, what was this device? With just a "zing", it cast a magic spell?

"Is this for real? Instant magic?! With this device, spells can be cast immediately?" "Ere said just now that only the Grand Mages are able to cast spells instantaneously. With this device, Ere, who is just an Intermediate Mage, gained three levels instantly!" "Thats terrifying. An Intermediate Mage can become a Great Mage in an instant. Although the various other abilities are weaker, the time taken to cast a spell is almost the same!"

To be honest, Ere did give everyone a shock earlier.

Ere was stunned herself. She stood there, dazed, for a while. Then, she immediately summoned her magic and pressed the button again

There was another "zing" sound, then another electric current shot out!

There was no limit on the number of times the device could be activated! In other words, as long as the user had enough mana, they could cast a spell just by pressing a button on the device!

"Try it with this!" Hong Dali took out an energy gem which increased energy by 30% and threw it to Ere. "Energy increase gem, try out the power again!"

Two seconds later, the originally thigh-thick electric snake turned into a waist-thick one. With a loud bang, a huge hole was blown in the ground

Amazing! Powerful! Instant magic was powerful!

"Hahahahaha!" Hong Dali was ecstatic. He looked at Lager and laughed. "Lager, well done. Hahahaha! Whats going on with this thing? Whats that crackling sound?"

By now, everyone was curious.

How did this amazing device work? It was so easy to use.

"Its actually nothing much." Lager raised his short arm and said excitedly, "I just made a recording device and increased the speed of playback by a hundred times."

Increasing the speed of playback by a hundred times this fellow actually managed to come up with such an idea?!

"Lager, youre a genius, hahahaha!" Hong Dali laughed and lifted Lager up. "Fix it up a little and refine it. Then, we will mass-produce it! We must mass-produce it! Everyone in our team must have one!"

Such good things must be mass-produced and made common.

This thing was a shortcut for magicians skills! Twenty keys, twenty magic skills. As long as there was enough mana, one could cast whatever spells they wished to just by pressing the corresponding button! How convenient!

Hong Dali had even bigger ideas. What he was thinking of now was that if everyone in this team could learn some magic, whether offensive or support type, even if it was the simplest healing magic, with this box and some kind of mana storage device, would that not make everyone a magician?

If he expanded on it a little more and let Lucifer, the man of curses, put his curses into this, they would be able to make anyone have diarrhea whenever they wanted, and make anyone they disliked pregnant?!

Mass production, such good things must be mass-produced!

"Okay, Master!" Lager was more excited than he would have been after drinking two pints of fine wine when he heard Hong Dalis praises. "Lager will go refine it now, Lager must make this perfect! I must!"

"Ill help, too." Lucifer stood up as well. Others might not fully grasp the capability of this device, but he didhe was a Sound Soul Stone awakened ability user. He just had a sudden epiphany. If he connected this to a Holographic Helmet and linked it directly to his brain, he would not even have to press any buttons. Just by using his brain waves to control the device, he would be able to use whatever curse he wanted whenever he wanted. With this device, he would be invincible, would he not?!






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