Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1204

Chapter 1204 A Man Who Owned The Entire Universe

Over the next few days, everyone was busy working on Lagers magic recording device LY One.

Lucifer was already a hacker technological geek before he came to the universe. It was no problem for him to change his specialtyafter all, he was a smart man with an IQ of 180. This was simple to him.

So, three days later, Lucifer stood on the square outside Storm City with the latest completed helmet-type magic recording device, also named LY Three, modified by Lager.

"Young Master, Im going to start." Lucifer licked his lips. "Let me try the effect of this device, hehe. I feel it will be good."

"En" Hong Dali touched his chin, then made a wise decision. "Wait a minute. Were still too near to the city. Li Yang, prepare the spacecraft!"

"Okay." Li Yang gave his classic response and soon came with the spacecraft. "Young Master, where are we going?"

"Fly, as far as possible." Hong Dali casually pointed in one direction. "There, fly for 800 kilometers before saying more!"

Ooh la la, seeing that they were flying so far from the city, they should be in for a big show! Everyone went on the spacecraft and they set off immediately

To travel on a spacecraft within a planet was indeed fast. Ten minutes later, in a vast desert.

"Alright, its okay here." As a protector of nature, Hong Dali naturally would not let Lucifer use his ability in a graceful environment. This guys ability was very strange. Heaven knew what kind of effect it would cause. What if he caused the inactive volcano under Storm City to erupt? Or if he caused an earthquake?

"Alright, well do it here, then." Lucifer felt this was a good place as well. It was suitable for his ability.

Hence, he used the floating device to stand in the sky. Hong Dali and the others took the spacecraft almost 2,000 meters away to watch.

"Dali," Tang Muxin said softly, "how do you think this Heartbreakers curse is like?"

"How would I know?" Hong Dali was not sure, either. Towards Lucifers ability, he could never fully grasp how it worked. But he knew it was very powerful. "Anyway, its sure to have a big effect. Dont worry."

The others were extremely curious. No one knew what Lucifer would come up with. Of course, they would soon find out

"Zing" First, there was a terrifying zinging sound. The windows on the spacecraft that Hong Dali and the others were on all shattered and fell on the ground in a crash. Everyone quickly covered their ears with their hands.

The effect of Lucifers Sound Soul Stone after his abilities were awakened was terrifying, indeed. The most important thing was that it did not even use audio. When the ability was used, the sound was like drilling an awl into ones ear. It was no use to cover their ears.

"Huuhuuhuuhuu!!!" After the sound that made one cringed, the originally calm desert was turned upside down instantly. Yellow sand was everywhere. All they could see was sand.

Sandstorm! A sandstorm that was five to six hundred meters tall pushed forward like a bulldozer shoveling. One could not even see their hands in front of them.

"Damn, so fierce!" Hong Dali and others looked down at the desert from the spacecraft below, stunned. It seemed the effect of Lucifers curse had gotten more powerful. This was a sandstorm. Looking at its scale, it was probably capable of burying a county-sized city when it was over!

Speaking of which, did this guy transmigrate? Was he the one that buried the ancient City of Loulan?!

Of course, Hong Dali had clearly underestimated Lucifers ability, or rather, underestimated his own luck.

It was not his fault. Lucifer and he were like two different sides of a coin. Hong Dali had unbeatable luck and Lucifer had unbeatable misfortune. Especially when they were both together

"Boom, rumble" The sandstorm raged in the sky, and just under Lucifers feet, the yellow sand began to vibrate continuously. It felt almost like an earthquake. Endless sand dunes shook and the dull sounds rang in everyones ears.

"Whats this?" Li Nianwei looked at the sand dune below and gently tugged Hong Dalis clothes. She frowned. "Young Master, there seems to be something in the sand!"

Something in the sand? It cant be. What could be there?

"It seems Heartbreakers curse is very strong this time." Hong Dali looked at the sand dune. "It seems theres really something inside Heck, what a big claw!"

Indeed, among Hong Dalis exclamation, a fifty-meter gigantic claw emerged fiercely from the sand with a "Puchi".

The claw was all white and the tips were sharp as swords. It was a bone claw!

"This, this looks like a dragon claw!" Cutie Ke exclaimed in shock. "Its a dragon claw! This is the remains of a giant dragon!"

Indeed, following the vibrations of the sand dune, a giant dragons skeleton almost one thousand meters long emerged from the yellow sand! There was more than that. Countless animal skeletons also emerged from the yellow sand!

"Heck, is it an undead army?" Hong Dalis eyes went straight. "Theres actually an undead army here? And a dragons skeleton?!"

It was no wonder he was so shocked. After all, this was supposed to be an uninhabited planet. Giant dragons should not appear here.

But why was there a giant dragons skeleton under the sand? And it was obvious that it was an undead giant dragon that had been domesticated! Look at the yellow mist coming out from its eyes!

"Wuuga" After its skeleton emerged from the sand, it arched and roared into the sky, spreading its wings. Then, it dashed into the sky! The skeletons of the other animals roared in unison!

"Zhi zhi" Another ear-piercing sound was heard. Lucifer had begun to use his curse ability again.

Along with the sound, the bone dragon that had originally intended to fly away suddenly came to a halt. Then, it turned its head and looked at Lucifer who was floating in the sky. After a slight pause, it adjusted its body and flew toward Lucifer. Then, it obediently stopped in front of Lucifer.

"Wahahahaha, this Heartbreaker, did you just summon a very high-end ride?!" Hong Dalis eyes were radiating light. Bone dragon! This was a bone dragon! This was one of the most impressive rides! It was just one notch below Five-Colored Empress Cutie Ke!

Now, Lucifer had his own exclusive ride. Hong Dali and the others were extremely happy. One student looked at the giant bone dragon, full of envy. "Therell only be benefits following Young Master, indeed! All it took was one trip to bring back an entire undead army"

Before he finished speaking, a quick-witted student hugged Hong Dalis thigh. "Big Brother Dali, youre my real brother! Are you still accepting lackeys? If you are, please consider me first!"

Damn it, youre robbing in broad daylight!

Everyone joked and laughed for a while. Hong Dali looked at the bones of the countless animals below, touched his chin, then mumbled. "Speaking of which, why is there a bone Dragon here? Its very strange"

At this moment, Ere said softly, "Possibly, an undead magician died here."

"Oh? Undead magician?" Hong Dali looked at Ere. "You mean the bone dragon and the bones of the other animals were refined by the undead magician?"

"En, that should be the case," Ere nodded affirmatively. "Generally speaking, only undead magicians from the magic dimension can summon undead animals."

"Dali, its highly possible." Tang Muxin jabbed Hong Dali gently and said softly, "Remember the three cultivators? They could have been here to hunt down the undead magician"

Possible, very possible.

"En, since so many years have passed, I wont probe further. Anyway, this bone dragon matches well with Lucifer. Lets leave it as such. Weve been out for so many days, its time to return." He snapped his fingers. "Return to the capital!"

Soon, they returned to the outskirts of Storm City. Since they were ready to return to Shenglong Star, the next step was to pack up their things. Before they left, Hong Dali called Yin Tianzong over and smiled as he said, "Brother Tianzong, I will need you to hold the fort in the short time. En, Zero will stay back to accompany you. Ill leave two spacecraft here as well. Next, I need to trouble you to spread the news. The preparations for our grand plan have begun. Hehe."

"Deal, no problem. The environment here is not bad." Yin Tianzong gave Hong Dali a big hug. "Dali, dont forget to come back often when youre free."

"Dont worry, I will come back often." Hong Dali agreed instantly.

In the Milky Way.

Ragnar was a maniac cultivator. Only 25-years-old, he had been working hard, hoping to become a peerless warrior to rule over the region.

However, in todays daily practice, a glaring light came down from the sky. Then, a huge image appeared in the entire citys sky.

In the middle of the image was a black shadow. A sentence appeared below the black shadow

"Wealth, Reputation, Strength. A man who owned the entire universe, prodigal Hong Dali, said the following domineering words, "Do you want my wealth? You can have it. Go look for it. I placed all my wealth there!"






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