Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1205

Chapter 1205 Hong Dali Is Back

The next image showed wealth, equipment, and even secret manuals.

"The commitment inherited by the royal family, the changing times, the dreams of mankind are all unstoppable! As long as people continue to pursue freedom, this will never stop!

"In this vast universe, endless dreams will be your motivation to move forward. Gather your courage and be led by the banner of faith!

"Do you know that in the distant universe, theres a planet called Azeroth. On this planet, theres a huge treasure! As long as you can get it, you can become one of the most powerful men, one who is able to oversee an entire star sector!

"Go, search for the treasure, its right there!"

Soon, the holographic projection ended. After watching the video, Ragnar took a deep breath and murmured, "The prodigal Hong Dali? Who is this man? How is he so arrogant?"

Regardless of what he thought, the short video had attracted Ragnars attention. He looked up and continued watching.

Soon, Hong Dalis face disappeared, followed by a video that showed numerous transport crafts in the air scattering equipment all over a planet. There were spaceships everywhere and countless pieces of equipment were thrown from the spaceship. After the video ended, a chart showing the attributes of the equipment was displayed.

"Aurora Breastplate: Strength +25, Agility +25, Reflexes +20."

"Blast Leggings: Strength +30, Agility +20, Reflexes +25."

"Brilliant Robe: Strength +10, Agility +15, Reflexes +15, Energy increase + 10%."

Images of equipment were displayed one by one. Then, Hong Dalis voice sounded again. "Dear friends, I have thrown all this equipment on the planet. Do you want them? If you want them, come get them, hahahaha!"

The video ended.

By now, Ragnar was completely dumbfounded.

If those pieces of equipment were put in the Shenglong Royal Family treasure gambling event, they would all be unwanted garbage. Children might perhaps bring them home as toys. However, the standards of the Shenglong Royal Family and that of the ordinary galaxies were worlds apart.

The lowest level equipment to the Shenglong Royal Family that was worth just 10,000 or 20,000 Shenglong Dollars would be worth one or two hundred million Galaxy Dollars!

One or two hundred million! The amount was astronomical, and the equipment was all over the planet

Madness! Ragnar went into a frenzy instantly!

He hurried to turn on the computer and started browsing news about Hong Dali. Ragnar was stunned by what he saw.

Shenglong Royal Family, the most royal among all royals, a member of the Hong Family. He had inexhaustible wealth at his disposal. He himself probably had no idea of the extent of his wealth.

A person like that had said that endless treasures had been placed on that planet called Azeroth

There were numerous comments left by netizens. "My God, Im going crazy, Im going crazy! That planet is full of such superb items!" "Im going to give it my all. Ill go even if it takes my life! If I manage to get just one item, I wont have to worry about money for the rest of my life!" "Brothers, Im making my way there first!"

"Go! We must go!" As he read the comments left by netizens, Ragnars eyes instantly sparkled with a golden light. "No matter what, this is an opportunity, a chance that may come only once in a lifetime! Shenglong Royalty! What nobility!"

It was no wonder he was so excited. He was not even an Honorary Aristocrat yet. The difficulties he had to go through to make it big were almost insurmountable.

It was different this time. The Shenglong Royal Family had placed uncountable treasures on that planet. When he got there, even if he did not manage to find the biggest treasure and only found some ordinary items, it would still be enough to live out the rest of his life in style!

Furthermore, there were definitely more than just treasures there. There would be various other opportunities. If he could advance his cultivation there, that would be a bonus.

"Lets see if there is more information." Ragnar continued searching the Internet hurriedly.

Soon, he saw additional information for the event

"Its forbidden to kill slaves without permission or capture slaves from other dimensions. Its forbidden to slaughter animals or pollute the environment."

"Strange prohibitions." Ragnar shook his head. "This Hong Dali is really a weirdo. That doesnt matter. My purpose is to train and treasure hunt." Since he had made up his mind, Ragnar immediately packed his bags and set off.

Soon, countless spacecraft headed toward Azeroths coordinates. There were perhaps hundreds of thousands of them, densely packed. These spaceships were all piloted by warriors like Ragnar. They had only two goals: treasure hunting and spiritual cultivation.

"Dali, your grand plan" On the spacecraft returning to Shenglong Star, Tang Muxin did not know whether to laugh or cry. "Are you throwing money all over the world?" Hong Dali was not just throwing money, he even left Green Dragon Wuwei there to guard the ocean. No matter how she looked at it, things seemed a little incredible.

Instead, Gu Feifei appeared very calm. "This dudes ideas cannot be understood by common logic. I cannot be bothered to think about it."

En, Gu Feifei was used to it. Anyway, Hong Dalis strange ideas were never-ending.

"Oh, of course." Hong Dali did not feel strange at all. He was very satisfied with the way his plan went. "Think about it, the city is being built now, the equipment is there as well. Plus, with all the slaves from the other dimensions there, once these warriors go over, the development of such a mixed-up planet will definitely be very interesting. Magic and other abilities, martial art techniques, and skills. Hehe, it will be exciting."

"Youre really" Tang Muxin shrugged helplessly. "Youre really nonsensical."

Although she thought Hong Dali was being nonsensical, Gu Feifei recognized his talents. "I dont think so. It may seem nonsensical, but if you think about it from another point of view, if those things that Hong Dali mentioned combine together, a new way of training may be invented. If its really so, it will be great. Speaking of which, this was the reason why you asked Yin Tianzong and the Demon King to stay there, right?"

"Thats right." Hong Dali snapped his fingers. "Thats exactly what I was thinking! Alright, lets go back. Leave these things behind first. The Astral Genius Battle should have ended over at Shenglong Star. Lets go show our face, hehe!"

On Shenglong Star.

Dean Fergos felt he had lost quite a lot of hair within these few days.

This damned Hong Dali, he actually went away for two weeks to have fun with no news at all. The only time he sent lackeys back was to get more elixirs. After that, they left without saying anything!

This rascal is asking for a beating!

As Fergos was feeling depressed, a college officer rushed in and shouted, "Dean, dean! Hes back! Hes back!"

"Whats back? Whos back?" Fergos was in a bad mood and his tone was unkind. "Who is back? What made you so anxious? Wait a minute, hes back? Do you mean Hong Dali is back?!"

"Yes!" The college officer shouted. "Hong Dali is back! His spacecraft has entered the atmosphere and he will arrive in five minutes!"

Damn, this rascal is finally back!

Fergos only felt his scalp go numb. Hong Dali was back. This time they were in for a show. He must hurry!

When Fergos left the office, the main square of the Divine college was already filled with students from different Astrals. During this time, they waited in anticipation to watch the duel between Hong Dali and Silver Frost. Now that Hong Dali was finally back, there was no way they would miss such a good show!

"Quick look, quick look. A spaceship, a spaceship is here!" Soon, some sharp-eyed students saw a spaceship dash through the clouds and land slowly. They shouted, "Hong Dali! Hong Dali! Hong Dali is back!"

In an instant, countless students began to shout in unison: "Hong Dali! Hong Dali! Hong Dali, quick, come back!"

Hong Dali was back. The students were naturally happy. Silver Frost, who was among the crowd, clenched his fists tightly.

Finally, Hong Dali had finally returned! Having never exchanged moves with Hong Dali, his number one place was not convincing at all! There was still Gu Feifei

"Aiyaya, this rascal Dali is finally back." Fergos rubbed his head in excitement. He looked in the sky and mumbled, "People have been asking me every day when hell be back. Im finally free from that. Its been tough."


Hong Dalis spaceship got closer and closer to the ground. Soon, the crowd moved back to create an empty space and his spaceship finally landed with a boom.

When the spaceship steadied, everyone surrounded it and waited for Hong Dali to appear.

Fergos knew that Hong Dali would definitely be stopped at the door. He got ready to hear when his battle with Silver Frost would be.

"Kacha" The door opened and the Shenglong Astral students rushed out noisily. Following behind was Tang Muxin, Li Nianwei, and Hong Dalis other wives or lackeys

But where was Hong Dali? Why was he not out?

In an instant, everyone craned their necks to see when Hong Dali would come out. Just then, Ling Xiaoyi said something which shocked everyone

"Young Master is still sleeping. If you are looking for him, please wait for him to wake up."

Then, she left slowly

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