Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1206

Chapter 1206 Team Kickass

Sleeping! This Hong Dali was sleeping?! He could sleep under these circumstances?!

Another group of people suddenly exited the spacecraft. They were slaves from other dimensions and all kinds of different races. Taurens, goblins, dwarves, humans, elves, werecats, werejaguars, and robots. The group only had around thirty or forty people. However, there were almost no two slaves from the same race

"Who are they?" The students from the different Astrals stared at Loca and the rest curiously. Loca and the other slaves also stared back at them in curiosity. The two sides were both stunned and confused.

"I remember now!" A student suddenly yelled. "These are the slaves that Hong Dali bought. Theyre the slaves that the female lackey mentioned when she came to get elixirs. Thats them, right?!"

Everyone instantly remembered as well. They then looked at Loca and the rest with weird gazes.

First Order Star Sector-level, First Order Star Sector-level, First Order Star Sector-level, there are even Second Order Star Sector-levels

Such a huge group of slaves from other dimensions were all Star Sector-level warriors now! Star Sector-level! They got there purely from consuming elixirs! How many elixirs would that take?!

"I cant take this. Can someone pinch me? Am I dreaming? Star Sector-level slaves just from consuming elixirs"

"Thats right. We arent even so extravagant when we consume elixirs ourselves! One, two, three thirty-eight, thirty-nine, forty. Forty Star Sector-level slaves. Kill me. What have I been doing all this time? Ive wasted my training"

"Comparisons are odious. Does Hong Dali still need any lackeys? I want to follow him in the future!"

Everyone was blown away!

It was normal for the rich and generous to spare some elixirs for the slaves they liked. After all, Royal Families all had great wealth. However, for Hong Dali to feed all his forty Star Sector-level slaves with elixirs as if they were just snacks, that was no longer just generous. He was just a complete prodigal!

What could a group of Star Sector-level slaves do? No matter how powerful they were, they could not be compared to a Chosen One!

"Loca, hurry and come over here." Ling Xiaoyi waved at him. "Well look for the place that the Old Madam arranged for us to live first. Well settle the rest after the Young Master wakes up."

"Alright, Sister Xiaoyi." Loca smiled at Ling Xiaoyi. Then, he led the other slaves and walked toward her.

After the huge group of slaves rest, everyone else erupted. "Eh, judging from the looks of things, Hong Dali is preparing to mess some things up again. I have no idea what he wants to do with such a huge group of slaves in the college."

"I feel like this Hong Dali definitely has his own purpose. Think about it. The Group Battle is next. Theyre going to divide 10,000 people into two large camps. That will test their strategic planning and commanding abilities. If Hong Dali brings in all his slaves, they might be of some help."

"That might not be true. There will be over 5,000 people fighting per side. What good will this group of slaves do? Their strength is purely gained from consuming elixirs."

"Thats true. A group that size might not really have any major impact."

Silver Frost was standing in the crowd and he frowned before humphing condescendingly. "Prodigal. What good will grooming a group of slaves do him? First Order Star Sector-level? Humph, they cant even last a minute against me."

It was no wonder he looked down on those slaves. During the Astral Genius Battle, Silver Frost defeated all the students from the other Astrals within one move each. Nobody could last longer than ten seconds.

Even if he brought this group of slaves into the Group Battle, there were only forty of them. What good would that do him?

As everyone stared at and discussed Hong Dalis newly purchased slaves, Hong Dali stretched lazily. He finally woke up

"Ah, finally had a good nap. Hahaha! Let me take a walk outside." After he walked out of the spacecraft, he saw tens of thousands of students from other Astrals. He was instantly stunned and asked curiously, "Eh? What are you doing? Why are you here? Have you never seen a spacecraft before?"

Hong Dali was out! Hong Dali was finally out!

Now that Hong Dali finally woke up and came out, the students stopped talking. Instead, everyone focused their attention on Silver Frost.

"Hong Dali." Silver Frost walked forward and said, "I want to challenge you!"

"Ah? Challenge me?" Hong Dali looked around and realized that everyone was waiting for his reply. However, he was very confused. "Why do you have to challenge me? Is there any hatred between us?"

After they heard that, everyone opened their mouths in shock. ""

That was a good question! It was difficult to answer

"Of course not." Silver Frost gritted his teeth. "Does having any hatred between us have anything to do with me challenging you?"

"No hatred?" Hong Dali stared at Silver Frost with a questioning look. "If theres no hatred, why the heck should we fight? Im a prodigal. Do you want to challenge me in squandering?!"

Damn! Who the heck would challenge you in squandering?!

"Hong Dali!" Silver Frost felt like he was being treated like an idiot. "Im the first place of this years Astral Genius Battle. However, you didnt participate. Hence, I want to challenge you!"

"Ah, youre the first place?" Hong Dali looked at him before smiling and wrapping his hands in a fist. "Congratulations. Aiyaya, you shouldve told me that earlier. This must be because I didnt congratulate you on time, since I came back late, right? Hm, first place. Youre amazing alright, can I go now?!"

Everyone gasped with their mouths open wide.

What was Hong Dalis mind made of? He was way too insensitive?!

"Not that!" Silver Frost felt an unexplainable anger shoot through his body. As he saw that Hong Dali was preparing to leave, he directly stopped him. "They said that since I havent battled you yet, my first place isnt legitimate! Ive waited here for half a month. I have to challenge you, no matter what! I want to show everyone that Im the true first place!"

"Oh." Hong Dali replied and looked around. He saw everyone staring at him with high expectations. Hong Dali formally saluted Silver Frost. "I admit defeat. Is this okay?"

What the heck. He just admitted defeat in front of so many people. Nobody accepted that response. Instead, they were even more anxious nowthey no longer cared about the outcome of the duel. They were simply curious, what would it take for this Hong Dali to accept a duel with Silver Frost

"You!" Silver Frost was so angry that he almost spat out three liters of blood. Ive waited half a month for you here! In return, I just get that one sentence? Youre taking me for a fool! "I dont care!" Silver Frost said loudly. "No matter what, I have to challenge you! If you dont accept it, dont blame me for finding trouble with you! Dont you have many lackeys? Didnt you just buy forty slaves? If you dont fight me seriously, Ill find trouble with them, one by one, until you accept!"

After he heard that, the smile disappeared from Hong Dalis face.

He could admit defeat. Anyways, he was just a prodigal. He only had to worry about squandering and spending money. Wins and losses were meaningless to himso what if he won? So what if he lost? Those things were insignificant.

However, everyone knew that Hong Dali was a very protective person.

It did not matter what you thought of him. He would not be angry even if you scolded him. However, you could not threaten him with his friends, as the consequences would be dire.

"Seems like youre very serious." Hong Dali sniffled. He looked around and understood from everyones eyes that they wanted to watch a duel between himself and Silver Frost. "Fine. Your name is Silver Frost, right?" He looked at Silver Frost before saying condescendingly, "To be honest, I didnt want to lower myself to your level. Who the heck are you? I have to accept your challenge just because you demanded it? However, since you said that, dont blame me for doing this. You said that you want to find trouble with my lackeys and my slaves. If thats the case, Ill let you experience it first-hand."

After he said that, he yelled loudly, "Loca, come here!"

His yell was thunderous and it echoed loudly. Soon, a masculine voice was heard in reply. "Master, Im here!"

"Boom" The entire floor was shaking. Loca previously left with Ling Xiaoyi to look for the rooms, but he rushed over like a bulldozer, leaving a three meters-wide trench in the crowd before standing in front of Hong Dali. "Master, what are your orders? I promise that I will fulfill your request!"

After Locas display of strength, everyone subconsciously took two steps back. This Taurens momentum was way too strong.

"This guy." Hong Dali pointed at Silver Frost. "He said that he wants to challenge me. Loca, what do you think we should do?"

"He wants to challenge the Master?" Loca now held Hong Dali in the same regard as his most admired God of Nature. Hence, when he heard that someone wanted to challenge him, how could he accept that? He did not care about who Silver Frost was and directly replied, "If you want to challenge the Master, you have to get past Team Kickass first!" After Loca said that, he yelled at the sky. "Gather here!"

Ooh, la, la

Within ten seconds after Loca finished yelling, the rest of the thirty-nine slaves immediately gathered around Loca as if they teleported there.

"If you want to challenge the Master," Loca stared at Silver Frost. "You have to step over our dead bodies!"

"Thats right." Goblin Gordon took out a bomb and juggled it for fun. "If you really can defeat us, you still have to face the Masters twenty lackeys. Hehe, we are just the first line of defense."

"Thats it." Dwarf Lager smiled at Silver Frost and measured with his hands before exclaiming. "Oh my, youre so tall! However, when compared to the Master, youre missing just that little bit."

"Team? Interesting." Silver Frost looked at Loca and the rest. These people were insignificant in his eyes. However, since Hong Dali agreed to the terms, he did not care about that. He just asked casually, "Since youre a team, you must have a name, right? Whats your teams name?"

"Team Kickass," Loca replied honestly. "The Master gave us this name."

Everyones jaws dropped


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