Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1207

Chapter 1207 Everyone Stunned

"Team Kickass!" Silver Frost gritted his teeth once he heard the team name. "Ill remember that name! Hong Dali, when do you want to fight? You can set the time and location!"

"My time is precious." Hong Dali looked at Silver Frost and smiled. "What about now? In the virtual world, that battlefield we were at. No problems, right?"

"Okay!" Silver Frost turned around and left.

Were they starting the fight directly like that? Now that they heard Hong Dali casually deciding on the timing and location of the duel, everyone instantly rushed toward their Astrals spacecraftsthey needed to rush into the virtual world!

"Hurry, hurry, hurry. Theres the latest news from the Divine College. Hong Dali is back. His duel against the Chosen One, Silver Frost, is about to begin. Everyone, go and check it out!"

"So decisive? We cant miss that kind of grand event! We must go, now!"

"Hurry, lets go! Hong Dalis duel against Silver Frost is about to start. Everyone, hurry! Youll miss it if youre late!"

Not only were the students from the Divine College aware of this, the news quickly spread to everyone with good connections. This information instantly attracted all the Royal Families on the entire Shenglong Star. The other Royal Families from the different Astrals who rushed here recently also returned to their apartments in order to enter the virtual world.

"Hurry, hurry, this way. Eh, have you heard? This Hong Dali is really putting up an arrogant front. Silver Frost challenged him, but he said that Silver Frost has to defeat his slave team first. Hahaha, a slave team. Wont they just be committing suicide?"

"I heard about it. This Hong Dali is indeed quite arrogant. His slave team is thrown together and trained only with elixirs. What good are they? However, its worth a watch. My guess is that this Hong Dali plans on using them to test out Silver Frosts different moves."

"Possible. After all, this slave team is probably filled with cannon fodders"

Such discussions occurred everywhere. Everyone speculated on why Hong Dali dared to ask a slave team to face off against Silver Frost. After all, during the second stage of the Astral Genius Battle, Silver Frost murdered over 300 students from the different Astrals. Which one of them was not Star Sector-level warriors after years of training?

"Old man, what is our sweetheart planning to do?" Hua Yueling looked at Silver Frost standing in the arena and frowned. "A slave team with forty people doesnt really stand a big chance against Silver Frost."

"Yes. This Silver Frost is no joke." Hong Xingyu nodded in agreement. After all, he was well aware of how powerful Silver Frost was after watching all his recent battles. "That child Dali may be testing out Silver Frosts true strength. After all, they never fought directly. He knows almost nothing about Silver Frost. Its normal for him to send in some cannon fodders."

As they said that, an increasing commotion ensued among the crowd. Someone yelled loudly, "Look, someone just entered the battlefield!"

After they heard that, everyone looked inside the arena. With just one look, everyone was instantly stunned

There were over 100 lackeys. Some men and some women. They all donned black suits. The men were handsome, and the women were beautiful. They lined up in one row. These were probably the other students from the Shenglong Astral Team, as well as Hong Dalis lackeys.

Beside them stood Loca and the other slaves from the different dimensions. They came from all kinds of different races. There were forty of them in total, and everyone donned shiny and mighty armor.

However, where was Hong Dali? Why could nobody spot him?

"Eh, wheres Hong Dali? Why cant I find him?" Everyone was thinking of the same question. All his lackeys were here, but where was Hong Dali?

"Did he run away?"

"Why would he run away? This is the virtual world, he wont actually die. I think that he must be occupied with something else"


Just as they said that a thunderous dragon roar was heard. Everyone followed the source of the sound and their eyes instantly widened! In the sky above, a five-colored giant dragon that glowed red, blue, white, green, and gold was soaring in the sky. It was at least 2,000 meters long, and it roared continuously as it flew. The terrifying sound stunned everyone present.

"Five-colored giant dragon. Its a five-colored giant dragon! Oh my god, do creatures like that actually exist in this universe?"

"Where did this five-colored giant dragon come from? Where did Hong Dali find such a terrifying thing?!"

Boom! The five-colored giant dragon caused a huge scene. It flapped its wings and created incredibly strong air currents and winds.

"Look! Theres someone standing on the back of that dragon!" Everyone squinted their eyes and looked at the back of that five-colored giant dragon. They saw a young man in black clothes standing there. Beside him stood five women.

"That, thats Hong Dali! Thats actually Hong Dali!" Everyone exclaimed. Everyone was stunned by Hong Dalis arrival on the back of a giant dragon.

During the two weeks when Hong Dali went to play at Azeroth, his name was known by everyone in the Shenglong Royal Family. Not a single genius would dare to claim that they were stronger than him.

There was nothing they could do. A persons level could be determined by the strength of his opponent.

Silver Frost, he was ranked number one in the Astral Genius Battle, and even he could not get a fight with Hong Dali. That proved the point.

None of the young geniuses dared to be arrogant against Hong Dali now. He completely dominated them, both in terms of reputation and strength.

"Hong Dali! Hong Dali!" Everyone stood up and cheered.

Boom, boom, boom

The five-colored giant dragon stopped in the air. Then, everyone saw a tall and fat girl tuck Hong Dali between her arm and her body. Then, she jumped down from the dragons back

"" Everyone was stunned. No way? Such a huge scene, he even needs help just to get down?

"Greetings, Young Master!" Just as Hong Dali landed, all his lackeys and the students from the Shenglong Divine College lined up in two rows and bowed to Hong Dali.

"Hm, hello." Hong Dali wore his black trench coat with a white scarf. He also wore a black top hat, together with a black suit and black leather shoes. There were also four beautiful women behind him. The scene was incredible and domineering!

"Young Master, please sit!" Li Yang took out a gold-plated fauteuil chair from somewhere and placed it behind Hong Dali.

"Sure." Hong Dali took off his black trench coat with the words "Dali Creates Miracles" behind his back and sat down comfortably after handing the coat over to Li Nianwei. Then, he looked at Silver Frost and smiled. "Alright, Im here. When should we start?"

"You decide. Im ready anytime!" Silver Frost stared at Hong Dali with eyes almost on fire.

He was the first place! He was the first place! His glory was stolen by Hong Dali again!

Even the audience pitied him. "Sigh, this Silver Frost is such a poor thing. Every time Hong Dali appears, he instantly becomes a supporting character."

"Thats right, hes supposed to be the main character"

On the other side of the audience stands.

"Hehe, Hong Xingyu, who do you think will win between Dali and Silver Frost?" Bei Mingxuan smiled evilly and chased a disciple from the Hong Family away. He then sat down next to Hong Xingyu and asked as he looked at the battlefield.

"What, you want to bet on it?" Hong Xingyu smiled. He had a strange sense of confidence in Hong Dali, even though it seemed like Hong Dali would lose today no matter what.

"Of course." Bei Mingxuan smiled and said, "Since Im here, we need to play big."

"Tell me, what do you want to bet?" Hong Xingyu smiled, unconcerned.

"That secret manual Hong Dali gave you." Bei Mingxuan went straight for the top-grade goods. "How about that? Do you dare to bet?"

"Seems like youve been scheming for that all along," Hong Xingyu said. "What do you have to bet with me?"

"Money, equipment, secret manuals, anything you want," Bei Mingxuan replied.

"Okay. Fifty billion." Hong Xingyu gave a price. "Its a deal if you agree to that."

Fifty billion to bet for that secret manual Hong Dali got. That seemed like a good deal.

"Alright, we have a deal." Bei Mingxuan instantly stood up and returned to the Bei Familys area.

On the battlefield.

"Okay." Hong Dali sat comfortably on his fauteuil chair and crossed his legs. "I have to see what youre like if you want to challenge me. This is a team I came up with when I was bored. I named them Team Kickass. Well talk about your challenge if you can get through them first."

Silver Frost was extremely frustrated that he had to fight a group of slaves. This Hong Dali was too condescending!

However, there was nothing he could do about it. He was the challenger, so he naturally had to agree to Hong Dalis terms. Fortunately, there were only forty First Order Star Sector-level slaves. It would only take him two minutes to handle them.

"I got it." Silver Frost gritted his teeth. "Lets begin!"

"Yep, let us begin." Hong Dali sat on his fauteuil chair and snapped his fingers. "Loca, go. Proceed just like we practiced previously."

"Yes, Master." The huge Tauren, Loca, stepped forward and gripped his shield tightly. He pointed at Silver Frost with his huge sword. "Hey, grandson!"

Everyone was shocked!

Silver Frost was still the first place in the Astral Genius Battle! First place! This Tauren slave called him grandson! What the heck, was the universe about to explode? This kind of thing would only occur if doomsday was about to arrive!

"Oh god, no way? What is this Hong Dali doing? Even his slave dares to call Silver Frost his grandson?"

"Things are going to get out of hand now. Who can tolerate that?!"

"This Tauren will die a tragic death. Im sure of it!"

On Hong Dalis side, Tang Muxin, Li Nianwei, and the rest all smiled. The other students were laughing even harderthis Hong Dali was such a prankster! Even his slave called Silver Frost his grandson. Who could tolerate that?!


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