Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1208

Chapter 1208 Are You Addicted?

"Youre quite brave." Silver Frost clenched his fists, and the aura around him intensified. "In that case, die!"

After Silver Frost said that, his body shot forward. The energy in his entire body exploded in a golden light, making him look like a sun built out of pure gold, blinding everyone around.

Silver Frost was extremely fast. His long hair danced in the air, and his eyes turned blood-red in color.

As he struck with his fist, a huge air current over ten meters in diameter tore apart every single building in the vicinity into pieces!

This power made everyone present hold their breaths. Even though they were just watching from the outside, they still felt like the terrifying currents would crush them.

"Boom" Loca raised his shield up high and braced for Silver Frosts strike. After a deafening explosion, Locas huge body was knocked back over thirty meters. Even the huge shield that Hong Dali specially prepared for him was dented with the shape of a fist.

"God, that Tauren withstood such a violent strike?" Everyone exclaimed. Soon, they realized that something was wrong. "No. Even though that Tauren withstood Silver Frosts strike, hes quite heavily injured!"

"Thats right. If this continues, the Tauren will die within two strikes."

They were not wrong. Right now, Loca was completely shaken by the energy contained in Silver Frosts strike. That powerful energy completely surrounded Loca.


Just as everyone was worried about Loca, a screeching sound was heard. A few rays of golden light suddenly covered Loca completely. Loca laughed in response. "Good job, my brothers. I can withstand his attacks! Lets go!"

Swoosh swoosh swoosh

Upon hearing that, the close-range combat members in the team immediately rushed forward and started their attacks on Silver Frost. Even though they were not that strong, with most of them being just First-Order Star Sector-level warriors, they were well-trained and highly compatible. Furthermore, with the equipment provided by the Demon King that connected their energy together, the combined strength of everyone was not to be trifled with.

"Humph, useless trash!" Silver Frost expended his energy and moved agilely. He calmly and smoothly handled the siege from Team Kickass. Once he saw that Loca was fine even after taking a strike directly, he realized that he had to get rid of the healers first before he could kill that Tauren!

However, no matter how hard Silver Frost tried to approach those healers, he was always chased off by seemingly endless magic spells accompanied by that strange screeching sound.

Even though these spells were useless individually, there were just too many of them. More importantly, those spells required no time for chanting. Almost all of them were instantaneously activated.

Silver Frost did not have the time to consider that during the battle. However, the audience had already noticed the abnormality.

"Instant magic! All the magicians in that team can use instant magic!" Everyone stood up and exclaimed. "Oh my god. Where did Hong Dali find so many instant magicians? They are probably not low-level magicians as theyre able to do that!"

"Thats right. How is that possible? So many instant magicians. Silver Frost is in a pickle now!"

The biggest disadvantage of magic compared to special abilities was the time required for chanting. On the other hand, magics biggest advantage was its tiny energy consumption compared to a special ability. Magicians used their spiritual energy to communicate with the natural elements. On the other hand, special ability users relied on the energy and power within their own bodies.

In other words, even though special ability users could deal high damage instantly, they had to expend significant energy in order to attack.

Magicians did not face that problem. As long as they could communicate with the natural elements, they could continue to cast their spells.

That was why these people were right to say that Silver Frost was in trouble this time. He was facing off against a huge group of instant magicians and their endless spells. He could not find a single opening to attack. Furthermore, there were so many close-range combat warriors harassing him as well.

"Damn it!" After being bombarded by spells for a long while, Silver Frost was completely enraged!

He was the first place in the Astral Genius Battle, but what good would that be if he could not even defeat forty slaves!

Silver Frost retreated suddenly by over a hundred meters with a wave of terrifying energy. Everything in his path was completely torn up and destroyed as if they were caught in a tornado.

"Careful. This guy is preparing for a powerful skill." Hong Dali reminded them immediately. "Loca, prepare!"

"I can withstand it!" Loca put up his shield. At the same time, many rays of light were directed at his body, accompanied by screeching sounds. Those were enhancement magic spells meant for close-range combat. They made him more agile and more sturdy at the same time.

"Die!" Silver Frost, after a brief moment of charging up, sent a huge beam of black energy from his fists toward Loca. That beam of energy was terrifying as if it contained a magical power. It seemed as if anything caught inside it would be completely decimated.

"Watch me!" Loca yelled and placed the Lackey Barrier Shield, which Hong Dali chose specifically for him, in front of his body.

This shield was nicknamed the "Lackey Barrier Shield" by Hong Dali. Its original name was the "Source Barrier". It was huge, firm, and made out of an amazing material with excellent self-repairing ability. Furthermore, it was very durable. To make a comparison, it was about the same as Captain Americas shield.

"Boom!" The beam of black energy collided with the shield. The incredible wave of energy forced the entire Team Kickass back three steps. Everyone suffered some minor injuries. However, the screeching sounds were soon heard again. Under the glow of the golden light, the entire team instantly recovered.

"They withstood it. They actually withstood Silver Frosts attack!" Everyone was stunned. The second place of the Astral Genius Battle, You Muming, lost to this exact move from Silver Frost. Who would have thought that this team, with its strongest member being only a Second-Order Star Sector-level warrior, could actually withstand that attack?

"Continue. Bombard him with spells. Healers, focus on healing." Hong Dali crossed his legs and leaned back. He started sipping on a drink as he watched the fight. Tang Muxin was even gently massaging his shoulders

Thats practically invincible, right?!

Team Kickass was completely obedient to Hong Dalis orders. The magicians could activate their spells instantly, they were all equipped with energy gems, and the close-range combat warriors were equipped with top-grade equipment. What else could they say? They directly continued the siege!

"Damn it!" Silver Frost was a little weak after using a special move like that. After all, he could not use that skill without restrictions. He needed some time to regain his energy and stamina. However, he figured it out this time. Loca the Tauren was way too sturdy. He could not dispose of him quickly. The healers were protected by magicians in the distance. Hence, he could only take care of the small soldiers distracting him with close-range combat first.

Thinking up to this point, Silver Frost purposely exposed a flaw. Then, he suddenly appeared behind a fairy wielding dual daggers. Silver Frost immediately struck down at the elfs neck.

If that hit connected, the elf was dead for sure!

In that critical moment, Loca pointed at Silver Frost again. "Hey, grandson!"

What the heck! Are you addicted to calling me that?

Silver Frost gritted his teeth in anger. In his moment of distraction, that elf sneakily disappeared and retreated over fifty meters.

Damn it. I lost that chance! Silver Frost gritted his teeth and hunted for the next target.

"Everyone, be careful. Were in the second stage. This guy will try to mess with the close-range combat warriors." Hong Dali casually sipped on his drink. "All the close-range combat warriors, lead him around. Start running away if he chases after you. If hes chasing someone else, go up and kick his ass!"

This strategy was very simple, yet highly practical.

Just like that, everyone in the audience stared in bewilderment at Silver Frosts ghostly figure rush around on the battlefield. However, all the close-range combat members were focused on running away. If Silver Frost chased after them, Loca would distract him occasionally with a "Hey, grandson" line. If he did not chase after them, everyone would provoke him in their own ways. Some came up to stab him. Some made funny faces at him in the distance. All the while, magicians continued to bombard him with magic spells. Silver Frost was actually helpless against this team!

"Oh my. Am I seeing this right? After five minutes, Silver Frost did not even get a single kill from this random team?"

"I must be dreaming. I must be!"

"Definitely. Our team didnt even last a minute in front of him before being wiped out! This team actually lasted five minutes already, and nobody died yet!"

Everyone was stunned while Silver Frost was incredibly frustrated.

He already fought this trash team for five minutes. However, he did not get a single kill, and he was being bombarded by magic spells constantly!

How could he accept that?

"Seems like I underestimated you." Silver Frost chased after them for a while more. After realizing that his effort was futile, he immediately removed himself from the crowd. Then, he took out a black greatsword from his Space Storage Ring. He slowly flew up and levitated in the sky. The sun from the virtual world washed over his long hair, and he looked like a god of war with the golden light behind him.

"I dont usually use my sword. However, youve forced me to take out my weapon this time." Silver Frost levitated in the sky and looked down at the forty slaves from the other dimensions.

As Silver Frost took out this black greatsword, some knowledgeable people immediately shouted

"Silver Frosts sword Ive seen it before! Thats one of the rare treasures of the Bei Family. Its a purple glow godly-level equipment! The Black Star Rainbow Gold Sword! Strength: +150, Agility: +150, Reflexes: +120. Every single swing of the sword can activate the incredibly strong black energy sword that easily destroys everything!"

"Indeed. Those attributes you mentioned are just supplementary. The true strength of this Black Star Sword is its ability to summon giant meteoroids in order to attack the ground surface! Thats what makes it the highest-grade equipment!"






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