Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1209

Chapter 1209 Everyone Prepare Yourselves. Boss Is In The Sky

Silver Frosts black greatsword was indeed a top-grade weapon. Bei Mingxuan especially recommended it to him in order to ensure that he could defeat Hong Dali. It was one of the best pieces of equipment owned by the Bei Family.

"Indeed. Bei Mingxuan will only dare to ask Silver Frost to use that here in the virtual world. If they tried to use it outside, it will cause a catastrophe!"

"I remember now too! This greatsword was auctioned for a sky-high price of eighteen billion at the Astral Auction. Its definitely the highest-grade weapon!"

Countless people marveled over the power of that Black Star Sword. On the other side, Hong Xingyu glanced at Bei Mingxuan and said, "He even brought out the Black Star Sword. That old guy is going all out. Seems like hes determined to get this win."

"This is dangerous." Hua Yueling had a gloomy expression as she looked at Silver Frost. "The Black Star Sword isnt a normal weapon. That thing is way too powerful. Seems like Dalis team is going to lose this fight."

Bei Mingxuan smiled at Hong Xingyu. "Hong Xingyu, prepare to hand over the secret manual. Haha!"

"Humph, dont celebrate too early," Hong Xingyu said. "The outcome isnt decided just yet!"

Everyone was worried for Hong Dali, but Hong Dali was completely calm on the battlefield.

"Oh, is this the third stage?" Hong Dali looked at Silver Frost in the sky and commanded his team as if they were fighting a BOSS. "Everyone, prepare yourselves. The BOSS is in the sky. Magicians, give him all you got. The close-range combat warriors can prepare to pull out the big guns."

"Roger." Everyone laughed. Then, the close-range combat warriors each took out a huge pile of bombs!

These bombs were the ones that Hong Dali heard Goblin Gordon talk about in Lin Chuyins laboratory.

They were all full-powered items now. The effects were much improved now!

That Goblin Kamikaze bomb only used 1/10,000th of the actual explosive power, yet the entire Storm City heard the sound of the explosion. Now that it was full-powered. Hehehehe

"Bombs?" Silver Frost did not know that. He looked down at Loca and the rest condescendingly. "You think things like that will have any effects on me?"

"Why dont you find out?" Hong Dali smiled without a care. He snapped his fingers. "Lets begin. Test out how powerful these bombs are!"

"Everyone, prepare!" Loca held up a bomb and aimed at Silver Frost. "Fire in the hole!"


After they heard Locas yell, everyone in the team threw their Goblin Kamikaze bombs at Silver Frost.

"BOOMMM" The terrifying explosions arrived. The giant energy blasts could almost be compared to miniature nuclear bomb explosions. Even though the attribute compression force field applied to this battlefield, everything within 100 meters of Silver Frost was still decimated entirely.

Everyone in the audience was stunned. "No way, that works too?!"

"Such terrifying bombs! If it was anyone else, theyll probably be dead from those explosions, right?"

"Can Silver Frost survive against those explosions?"

"This Hong Dali is seriously so strong. He prepares for everything"

After a round of explosions, the smoke slowly cleared.

Silver Frost, who was previously handsomely dressed in white, was now dusty and dirty all over. After all, those were real explosions all around him just now. Even though he used his strongest defense to protect his life from the explosions, his clothes could not survive the blasts. After that round, he now looked like a beggar.

"Damn damn it!" Silver Frost was so angry that he almost went mad. He had to suffer at Hong Dalis hands every single time! Every single time!

How could he accept that?

"Die! All of you, die!" Silver Frost was enraged as he waved the greatsword in his hands. Countless energy swords were headed straight for Team Kickass. Normally, energy swords were colorless and shapeless. However, this Black Star Swords energy swords were all black in color. Within an instant, hundreds of energy swords were produced by Silver Frost. Their destructive aura was terrifying.

The earth-shattering black energy swords looked like they were going to decimate this entire battlefield!

Everyone watching felt like doomsday was arriving and the world was ending with that strike.

However, Team Kickass calmly lined up in one straight column. They all hid behind Loca and ignored Silver Frosts actions. Even though they were hiding, they still continuously tossed bombs at Silver Frost


Bombs. Magic. Endless energy collisions occurred. Locas defense was already sturdy enough. More importantly, the shield given to him by Hong Dali was especially enhanced by the Demon King.

Who was the Demon King? He was the leader of the demon dimension. The strongest Chosen One out of the entire dimension. How could something he enhanced not be effective? To hone this team, the Demon King even purified around a 10,000th of his own brain in order to enhance this shield.

Why else would Hong Dali so calmly assign Loca and the rest to accept Silver Frosts challenge?

"Oh god. They can even withstand those attacks?" Everyone stared in bewilderment. "Thats way too insane?"

"That team trusts the Tauren very much. If its me, I probably wont dare to do that. Theyre entrusting the entire teams lives to him!"

"Yes. If he dies, the entire team perishes. However, if you run around, your death will be even more unfortunate."

"Seems like Silver Frost is in trouble this time. He probably has to use his Realm soon, right?"

Everyone discussed the situation while Silver Frost was dispirited.

"What the heck is this shield?!" Silver Frost stared at Locas shield in the distance and gritted his teeth angrily. "Seems like I have almost zero chance to kill anyone else if I dont get rid of that Tauren!"

The Black Star Sword was indeed a top-grade weapon. However, based on the current trend, the Tauren Locas shield was just as good as the Black Star Sword. The Black Star Swords energy swords could not break through its defense!

"Seems like I can only use my Realm!" Silver Frost gritted his teeth. "If I let this continue, Ill lose even more face."

Silver Frost was right. What was his status? The first place of the Astral Genius Battle! However, he was now helpless against a random slave team put together by Hong Dali! How could he accept that!

However, there was nothing he could do about it. The team members were way too obedient. They did everything Hong Dali asked of them. Furthermore, the defense of that Tauren Loca leading the team was way too good. The guy had no attack skills. However, he could withstand attacks very well. That was unfair!

"This team is so shocking and amazing." Some people exclaimed. "I estimate that the Taurens shield will sell for at least twenty billion dollars. That defense is so strong. Even the Black Star Sword cant get through it."

"Indeed. I wonder where that Hong Dali got such a sturdy shield."

"I cant wait any longer." Silver Frost was growing impatient. He kept his Black Star Sword and inhaled deeply. "Originally, my Realm is meant to be left for Gu Feifei. However, judging from the current circumstances"

As he said that, he slowly descended to the ground. Then, his eyes suddenly turned red!

Swoosh! Endless blood-red colored mist spread through the air. Silver Frosts body gradually disappeared!

"Its his Realm! Silver Frost is finally using his Realm!" You Muming inhaled deeply as he watched the spreading blood mist. Then, he suddenly stood up. "I lost to that move. I wonder how Hong Dali will order his team to survive this!"

Silver Frosts Blood Realm was incredibly powerful.

The blood mist spread through the air. Once it touched someone, Silver Frost would instantly appear behind them and kill them in one shot!

Most annoyingly, Silver Frost had no physical form in this Realm. Any and all attacks were useless against him!

"Seems like theyre in trouble." Kong looked at the battlefield and nodded. "Silver Frost is very familiar with controlling his Realm. I reckon that the victor will be decided soon."

On the other side.

"Hahaha, Hong Xingyu, I have to admit that Hong Dali is indeed pretty impressive. However," Bei Mingxuan looked at the battlefield with a smug grin. "Silver Frost already used his Realm. The outcome has been decided. Prepare your secret manual. Haha!"

"Is that the case?" Hong Xingyu squinted. "Well wait until the outcome is truly decided! Youre celebrating way too early."

"This is the fourth stage, right?" Hong Dali did not panic at all upon seeing the blood mist that Silver Frost unleashed. He just instructed his team members. "Everyone, run away. Dont let the blood mist touch you."

"Swoosh." Once they heard Hong Dalis instructions, the entire Team Kickass dispersed and ran away in all directions. They were all extremely fast and instantly retreated over hundreds of meters in all directions.

"Theyre spreading apart. Good!" Hong Xingyu slapped his thigh. "This team has forty members. Now that theyre all dispersed, Silver Frost will have to expend a lot of energy just to get a single kill. Haha!"

"Old man, dont celebrate too early," Bei Mingxuan said calmly. "He just needs to get rid of that bull. Everyone else is dead meat waiting to be executed."

As expected, almost right on cue, Silver Frosts Blood Realm chased right after Loca!

"Humph, once that Tauren dies, nobody else will be able to stay in front of my attacks. I have absolute confidence in ending the fight within three minutes!" Silver Frost chased right after Loca as he hid in the Realm!

He moved extremely fast. Within a few moments, there were only about fifty meters between the two of them!

That gap would almost instantly be closed up! Once Loca was caught, he would surely be dead!






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