Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1210

Chapter 1210 Im Just Going To Bury You In Money

The crisis was imminent. Everyones attention was focused on the escaping Loca.

After all, no matter what, Loca was, at most, a First-Order Star Sector-level warrior. On the other hand, Silver Frost was a solid peak Star Sector warrior. Even though the attribute compression force field was in effect, even though their body attributes were similar, Silver Frosts Realm could not be ignored.

"Feifei." Hong Dali stared at the blood mist with a confused expression and asked Gu Feifei. "What is that mist created by Silver Frost? It looks very powerful. Look at that, all the trees around him are wilting."

Hong Dali was correct. It seemed as if the entire worlds energy was being summoned toward Silver Frosts direction no matter where his blood mist passed by.

Wherever the blood mist passed by, the light rays dimmed, the temperature dropped, the rocks crumbled, and the plants wilted. The century-old trees lost all their leaves and dried up completely.

Even a river nearby was sucked completely dry by the blood mist, exposing the barren riverbed.

Silver Frosts Realm Strength was indeed incredibly powerful.

"Its his Realm." Gu Feifei was serious for the first time. "This Silver Frost is indeed strong. Hes very familiar with the control over his Realm. Seems like Loca will have trouble running this time."

Even the nearly invincible Gu Feifei said that. It seemed like Silver Frost was going all in.

"Realm" Hong Dali touched his chin. "Then, are there any weaknesses in Realms? I see that Silver Frost disappeared. Did he fade into his own Realm?"

"Realms dont really have any major weaknesses. The minor flaws are always scenario-based." Gu Feifei shook her head. "Unless you battle him head-on and inspect the Realm for yourself, you wont be able to tell just by looking."

The Realm. That was the most coveted stage for the Chosen Ones. It could be said that any single Chosen One would experience significant growth in his strength the moment he located his Realm. If their weaknesses were so easily exposed, they would not need to fight anymore.

"I see. I have to give this some thought, then." Hong Dali touched his chin and suddenly commanded. "Goblin Gordon, did you bring that ultimate Goblin Shatter Star Bomb with you?"

He soon heard Gordons voice from the communicator. "Yes, Master. Whats the matter? Are you asking me to be a suicide bomber? Oh god, that will be the most interesting thing to do in the virtual world!"

Hm, how can it not be interesting? You wont actually die

"Cut the nonsense." Hong Dali smiled. "Ask Ere to use a wind-style enhancement magic spell to throw the bomb there. Well test out the explosion and see the effects."

"Yes, Master. No problem!" Gordon replied.

In the audience, countless people watched Locas movement. Suddenly, someone shouted, "Hurry, look, whats that? That goblin, it looks like he just took out something impressive!"

His yell instantly attracted everyones attention. Once they shifted their eyes to the goblin, they were all instantly stunned

Goblin Gordon was only around 1.2 meters in height. He was very tiny. However, he took out a huge bomb over 1.5 meters in diameter now! That bomb was completely encased in metal, and it was also covered with all kinds of instrument meters. It looked very terrifying!

"Oh my god. No way? Where did he find such a huge bomb?" Everyone stared in bewilderment. "Those previous bombs were already so terrifying. This one looks much stronger, obviously!"

"Is he going to level the entire battlefield?!"

Goblin Gordon yelled loudly, "Ere, put some wind-style magic spells on my big baby. Ill send it for a test explosion."

"OK, no problem." Ere nodded. Then, that huge bomb slowly floated up, accompanied by some screeching sounds. This was the simplest wind-based magic spell, the Floating Skill, and it became very useful.

"Hey, buddy. Try out the big boy!" Gordon laughed and raised the huge bomb before throwing it directly at the blood mist! At the same time, he did not forget to yell into his communicator. "Tauren, the big boy is coming. Be careful. Haha!"

Silver Frosts blood mist had already spread to a huge range, over six hundred meters in diameter. Furthermore, this mist was still rapidly chasing after Loca.

The chase was still going on only because Loca received the wind-style magic enhancement spells during the previous battles. If he did not have this speed and agility boost, he would probably have been caught by the mist and murdered by Silver Frost a long time ago.

"Tauren, Ill see how far you can get!" Silver Frost stared tightly at Locas figure as he closed the gap between them.

His Blood Realm was extremely powerful. However, one of its weaknesses was that he was more suited for battles, as opposed to chases.

Silver Frost was nearly invincible in battles within the blood mist. However, if his opponents were fast enough, it would be troublesome for him to chase after them. No matter how quickly the mist moved, it had an upper limit.

Just as Silver Frost thought about that, he suddenly felt a light magic spell above his head. As he was wondering about what it was, a huge, water tank-sized bomb suddenly dropped from the sky


An earth-shattering explosion was heard. The Goblin Shatter Star Bomb exploded.

A beautiful mushroom cloud slowly rose up, with a diameter of over 2,000 meters. It completely absorbed Silver Frosts entire blood mist. Every single building on the battlefield was wiped out without a trace. The endless shockwaves sent terrifying waves of sand and dust into the sky and across the entire battlefield.

Sounds disappeared completely. Air turned to vacuum. The terrifying shockwaves continued to spread outward. Even the Tauren Loca, who held his shield up, was still blown away by the violent shock waves. He could no longer be spotted

What terrifying power!

Gordon and Lin Chuyin. The two of them invented this Goblin Shatter Star Bomb together, and its power was far beyond anyones expectation! After all, this place was protected by the attribute compression force field.

What was the attribute compression force field used for? It was applied to prevent overly-powerful warriors from causing irrecoverable damages to planets. Hence, humans and weapons alike were suppressed and weakened by the attribute compression force field.

It was not an overstatement to claim that if Gordons Goblin Shatter Star Bomb did not blow up on Shenglong Star, it could cause a huge catastrophe on any other single planet!

The pure power contained in that explosion could be compared to an atomic bomb.

The outcome now truly proved the power of this bomb.

"Exploded. Finally exploded. I wonder what the outcome will be this time?" In the audience stands, everyone clenched their fists and wondered how the powerful Silver Frost would fare against such an explosion.

"Hurry, look, Silver Frost appeared!" Someone yelled. Instantly, everyone looked toward the center of the explosion.

The Blood Realm already collapsed. Silver Frosts body reappeared in everyones sights.

Silver Frost was dirty and dusty all over. His clothes were ragged, and he lied on the ground. He did not even have the energy to stand up anymore.

He was breathing heavily. Even though the explosion did not directly kill him, he was still heavily injured.

"Oh god, I must be dreaming! Did Hong Dali actually win?! He defeated Silver Frost?!"

"Impossible! Silver Frost is the first place in the Astral Genius Battle! He lost just like that?!"

Everyone sighed. At the same time, they were filled with anticipation, wondering about what would happen next.

Usually, under these circumstances, Hong Dalis Team Kickass should proceed to finish the kill. However, obviously, Hong Dali would not do that.

Because he was a very careful person

"Ah, everyone, no need to rush." As he saw the team members ready to finish the kill, Hong Dali waved his hand and said slowly, "Be careful, even a rabbit will bite when forced to. Erm, Gordon, do you still have any Goblin Shatter Star Bombs? Use another one. Remember this, unless your enemy is confirmed to be fully dead, you can never be careless. What I mean by confirmed to be fully dead is if your enemy has turned completely to dust. Only that will suffice."

"Understood!" Gordon excitedly took out another huge bomb. "Master, when should I blow this one up?!"

What the heck! You are shameless! Shameless to the max!

Silver Frost is already blown up to that extent, yet Hong Dali is still so careful to ask his slave to throw another bomb! That bomb must be very expensive to make. Does he not care about the money?!

Hm, everyones thoughts made sense. This bomb did cost quite a lot to buildaround twenty million Shenglong Dollars for each.

However, there was nothing they could do about it. Hong Dali was rich. He was filthy rich.

Twenty million dollars was insignificant to him. Although he would not actually need to expend the resource in this virtual world, Hong Dali would never hesitate about using these items to bury his enemies in the real world!

Usually, when people talked about killing others by burying them in money, they meant that as a joke.

However, when it came to Hong Dali, that was definitely no jokeIm going to kill you by burying you in money, what are you going to do about it, bite me?!

Silver Frost was truly dispirited this time. He originally planned on waiting until Team Kickass approached him for a surprise attack. His strikes would be unexpected and at close-range. Once he got rid of that annoying Tauren, he would be very confident of murdering everyone else easily!

However, once he saw that goblin take out another huge bomb, Silver Frost knew that he lost. He lost completely and utterly.

"Dont blow me up. I concede defeat."

Silver Frost was speechless as he lied on the ground. He heard the bell ringhe conceded defeat!






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