Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1211

Chapter 1211 Dog Eat Dog

Silver Frost admitted defeat! Following his words, everyone watching the battle went silent for a full thirty seconds. Then, the crowd erupted!

"Silver Frost actually admitted defeat! Hong Dali won! Hahaha! Hong Dali won!" "Yes, incredible. I thought it was already a miracle that this team could last for two minutes. I didnt think theyd win! God, its like a dream!" "Hong Dalis team is amazing. That amazing defense is unmatched. He actually managed to block Silver Frosts attack!"

Everyone stood up and applauded for Hong Dali, cheering at the same time. "Hong Dali! Hong Dali!" "Hong Dali, youre the best!"

At this moment, Hong Dali was a hero in their hearts!

"Hehe, hehehe." Hong Xingyu felt great. Dali fought beautifully! Extremely beautiful! "Bei Mingxuan," Hong Xingyu chuckled as he looked at Bei Mingxuan. "Aiya, your money, I wont stand on ceremony, then. It feels good to have someone send money to me voluntarily. Hahahaha!"

"Thats right. He actually bet that my Dali will lose. I dont know what hes thinking." Hua Yueling beamed and looked at Hong Dali. "Our little sweetheart is not ordinarily strong. He led well, good! A good team with a good leader!"

This couple was elated. They were happier than if they had taken part in the battle and won themselves.

Hong Dali fought beautifully! One should know that anyone from this team would definitely not be able to withstand Silver Frosts attacks for a few seconds. To everyone, this was just originally just a disorderly crowd. Such a victory was simply unimaginable.

At this moment, Bei Mingxuan was extremely depressed.

He was so certain that Silver Frost would win. Otherwise, he would not approach Hong Xingyu to bet on it. Who would have thought that Silver Frost actually lost so completely!

Money was not a problem. The important thing was that he no longer had the confidence to go against Hong Dali. Hong Dali was simply too bizarre and the people around him were too unpredictable. Any of their strengths was beyond the expectations of others.

"This Hong Dali, we need to observe him carefully in the future." Zhu Yunzhou looked at Hong Dali and clenched his fist tightly. He said grimly, "It will become troublesome if he continues to develop and advance."

His worries were not without reason.

How long had Hong Dali been here? When he first stood in front of Bei Mingxuan and Zhu Yunzhou, he was so weak he had to rely on his family guards. In such a short period of time, he actually formed a team that defeated Silver Frost, who was placed number one in the Astral Genius Battle!

With such a progression speed, how could he not be afraid?

"Hong Dali, I must kill him!" Bei Mingxuan clenched his teeth. "Old Zhu, once you win the battle, the first person Im going to get rid of will be Hong Dali! We can only retreat until the day you battle them."

Hong Dali was too powerful. This time, Bei Mingxuan was bent on killing him.

Zhu Ningyu, sitting behind Zhu Yunzhou, stared at Hong Dali with a complicated expression.

She regretted it. She really regretted it. Hong Dali was now respected by tens of thousands of people. And her? She lost all her chances.

Hong Dalis strength was far beyond her imagination. If she had not looked down on Hong Dali, if she had agreed to marry Hong Dali, things might be different now. Its a pity, there were no "ifs"

"Alright." On the other side of the spectator stand, Dean Fergos of the Divine College beamed from ear to ear. "Our Hong Dali is still more powerful, haha. Shenglong Astral should be placed first in the Astral Genius Battle now, right?"

Who would dare to oppose it? The mentors from various Astrals nodded in unison. "Yes, yes, yes. Youre placed first!"

"Hahahahaha, aiya. No, no." Fergos laughed humbly. But even an idiot could tell how proud he was when he spoke. "Dali is just lucky. He managed to gather such a great team. Haha, great! I intend to enroll everyone from the team in our college and open a special class for them. Haha!"

The other mentors all looked with envywhy were they not able to find such talents?

"Do you see that?" On the stand, Kong said to You Muming softly, "This Hong Dali is indeed very bizarre. This team is just made up of slaves that he casually bought. Their attributes came from elixirs that he fed them with. They are complete noobs. But you see, Silver Frost could only admit defeat."

"Indeed." You Muming was completely convinced. "This Hong Dali is really extravagant. The elixirs must have cost him at least ten billion, right? And those pieces of equipment Terrifying."

"Hehe, yes. Its beyond my imagination." Kong thought for a while, then asked, "I intend to follow him in the future. How about you? What do you intend to do?"

"Same. When we get out," You Muming nodded. "follow him. It will be of great help to me."

On the battlefield, Hong Dali stood up slowly from the fauteuil chair as Tang Muxin passed his trench coat to him looking like his newly-married wife.

"Haha, Silver Frost ah." Hong Dali walked over and looked at the ex-winner of the Astral Genius Battle who was lying on the ground. "Aiya, you said you must fight me. Im a prodigal, squandering is my strength. Do you see these people? Theyre slaves that I bought. I fed them almost ten billion worth of elixirs and gave them equipment worth billions. As I said, Im a prodigal. Why did you challenge me?"

"I lost." Lying on the ground, Silver Frost looked at Hong Dali and shook his head helplessly. "I couldnt even defeat your team of slaves, how can I claim that Im the winner of the Astral Genius Battle? But I do have a request, Hong Dali. You have to agree no matter what."

Aye? This rascal actually had a request? What could it be?"

"You cant be requesting that I fight you personally, right?" Hong Dali shook his head like a den-den daiko. "Its impossible. Dont even think about it. When I can settle by spending money, I will not lift a finger."

"No, youre mistaken." Silver Frost sat up slowly and looked at Gu Feifei who was a distance away. "I want to challenge Gu Feifei. This is my biggest wish and reason for coming here. I hope you can agree to this."

Damn, why do you need me to agree to challenge Gu Feifei? Shes not my wife

"If you want to challenge her, go ask her yourself." Hong Dali sniffled. "Im not her husband. How can I decide on her behalf? Speaking of which, even if Im her husband, I will beat you up. How is it possible for me to agree to you lay your hand on my wife"

He mumbled a whole lot of rubbish, but his message was clearif you want to challenge her, ask her. He did not have any opinions. Whether she agrees or not, it depends on her

"I understand!" Hearing that, Silver Frost stood up instantly. He rushed toward Gu Feifei without even caring about his torn clothes. When he stood before Gu Feifei, he looked at her and said sternly, "Gu Feifei, I want to challenge you. You must agree!"

Hearing that, everyone was stunned.

What exactly did Silver Frost encounter? Why was he so insistent on challenging Gu Feifei?

"Are you sick?" Gu Feifei said in a bad mood. "If youre itching for someone to beat you up, go look for Hong Dali. I cannot be bothered to fight you."

"No, you must agree!" Silver Frost did not give up. He said assertively, "Since three years ago when I saw you training on an uninhabited planet accidentally, I know you were my lifelong goal. No matter what, I want to challenge you once to find how big the gap is between our abilities."

Three years ago? What situation was this?

"What happened three years ago?" At this moment, Hong Dali walked over and looked at Silver Frost, then he looked at Gu Feifei. "Feifei ah, what atrocious thing did you do three years ago to make him so obsessed?"

That perked up everyones curiosity.

Three years ago? What exactly happened?

"You mean that time?" Gu Feifei appeared dispirited. "I heard the interstellar pirates robbed quite a lot of elixirs. Later, they were even engaged in a dog-eat-dog situationspeaking of which, were you there? I dont remember seeing you."

Damn, interstellar pirates! This Gu Feifei involved herself in their business!

In an instant, everyone looked at her with admiration! She dared to find trouble with interstellar pirates, ordinary people would not even dream of doing it! She was indeed the Big Sister, awesome!

"Thats a very famous interstellar pirate gang among the Astrals. Their leader has reached the peak of Star Sector-level!" Silver Frosts gaze looked like he was about to worship Gu Feifei. "They didnt even last five minutes with you! I found and followed them to the uninhabited planet, but I didnt dare to take action. I only went undercover."

This time, everyone understood. Simply put, Silver Frost was not strong enough then and did not dare to make a move. Yet, he saw Gu Feifei fight them single-handedly

One could imagine how much it had impacted Silver Frost. It was not hard to understand why it left such a deep impression on him

"Meaningless perseverance." Gu Feifei pouted, expressing disdain for Silver Frosts thinking. Of course, she still agreed. "Alright, since youre asking to be beaten up, dont blame me." She took two steps forward and looked at Silver Frost. "Recover first. Otherwise, its impossible for us to have a duel."






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