Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1212

Chapter 1212 Chubby Soul Stone

Gu Feifei agreed, Gu Feifei actually agreed!

"I understand! I understand!" Silver Frost was dazed for a while, then his face filled with excitement and he shouted at the Heavens, "Dean Fergos, I would like to challenge Gu Feifei. Please heal my injuries!"

When the people on the spectator stand heard what Silver Frost said, they all turned to look at each other.

If Silver Frost challenged Hong Dali, they would understand. But Gu Feifei? Gu Feifei was the Big Sister of the Divine College, but was she so powerful that Silver Frost would be so excited to challenge her?!

"I know Gu Feifei is the Big Sister of the Divine College, but I have not heard that she is especially powerful."

"Yes, Silver Frost is almost as powerful as the heads of the top three families. Even if hes a little weaker, it would just be by a little. He actually took the initiative to challenge Gu Feifei, and hes so excited about it?"

"Something is strange. Something is definitely not right. Just how powerful is Gu Feifei?"

"Stop talking, well know after we see them fight. I have a hunch that the outcome of todays battle will exceed all our expectations."

On the other side, Hong Xingyu looked at Gu Feifei in the arena. He frowned slightly and muttered, "Old lady, how powerful do you think Gu Feifei really is? Why do I feel that shes exceptionally powerful? I have only ever felt this way once before, from someone whom I met at the Astral Alliance."

"I feel it too." Hua Yueling nodded. "Indeed, Gu Feifei has too many secrets. No one dared provoke her in recent years. I originally thought her ability was below yours, but it seems that this is not the case. The most important thing is that she has never used her abilities before, but they definitely exist!"

"Yes, lets just watch and see what Gu Feifeis ability is!"

"Gu Feifei, please take this seriously." A golden light shone on Silver Frost and his health and physical condition quickly recovered. He looked at Gu Feifei and took a deep breath. Silver Frost was not afraid to fight anyone. He was confident of holding his own even against the heads of the top three families. However, he felt uncertain against Gu Feifei.

"Oh, okay." Gu Feifei sniffled. "Are you ready?"

"Ready!" Silver Frost backed away. Once he got a distance away, the blood mist appeared again.

This was Silver Frosts Realm. Against Gu Feifei, he had gone all out as soon as he entered the arena. No choice. Gu Feifei had shocked him greatly. If he did not go all out, he would definitely die a quick and miserable death.

"Well, your Realm is pretty good." Gu Feifei smiled, and suddenly, a white light appeared around her body! The white light was gentle and it fell so lightly upon a person that one could not even feel it. However, Gu Feifei, who was in the middle of the white light, suddenly became slimmer! She was beautiful. The only reason people did not dare approach her was that she was simply too fat.

But who would have thought that as soon as her Realm was expanded, her figure would change instantly!

She had the face of an angel and the figure of a devil! Generous breasts, a perky butt, tall, long legs! Her 1.9m frame made her look handsomely statuesque and yet faintly charming. The visual impact was exceptional.

"Wow!" Tang Muxins two eyes were full of admiration. She pinched Hong Dalis arms nonstop. "Sister Feifei is so beautiful! Wow, how come we never noticed it before? Once transformed, shes an absolute beauty! That figure! Dali, do you agree?!"

Damn, are you baiting me? Neither a "yes" nor a "no" would be acceptable

"Realm! Gu Feifei actually has a Realm too!" Everyone in the spectator stand exclaimed. "God, is Gu Feifei really so powerful? Is she a Heavens Chosen One? Can non-Heavens Chosen Ones cultivate Realms too?" "Who knows. I always said Gu Feifei is not ordinary. Now, it seems that shes indeed very powerful. She even has a Realm. Her ability must be very powerful too!"

Everyone was amazed. Silver Frost, who was standing opposite Gu Feifei, felt enormous pressure.

He was also a Realm user, so he had a more in-depth understanding of how they worked compared to others. The moment Gu Feifei released her Realm, Silver Frost knew that hers was much more powerful than his!


The two Realms slowly approached each other. A collision was imminent.

To everyones surprise, Silver Frosts Realm entered Gu Feifeis Realm, but nothing happened. Silver Frost did not cause any damage to Gu Feifei, and Gu Feifeis Realm seemed to have little effect.

"Whats going on? Have they not started yet?" Many people were bursting with curiosity.

Typically, when Realms collided, the resulting impact was often earth-shattering. However, this time, it seemed to be unexpectedly calm.

"Hmm, a Blood Realm, thats really interesting," Gu Feifei said calmly. Afterward, her figure suddenly disappeared into her Realm. Then, the two Realms on the battlefield twisted violently around each other!

First, Gu Feifeis glowing white Realm began to gradually suppress Silver Frosts Blood Realm. It slowly consumed it in front of everyones eyes and it receded until it finally disappeared. Silver Frosts body was once again visible.

"How could how could this be?" Silver Frost was shocked. "Gu Feifei, what does your Realm do? Why is my Realm disappearing?"

"Actually, the effect of my Realm is quite simple." Gu Feifei had transformed back to her usual plump self. She even hiccuped. "My Realm itself is not offensive, but it can eat other peoples Realms. Its actually quite nourishing and it feels good"

Gu Feifei had big secrets!

In an instant, everyone was completely stunned!

Gu Feifeis Realm could actually consume others Realms?! This type of Realm effect was unheard of! Without his Realm, Silver Frost was not much stronger than You Muming. How would he fight like that?

"Powerful!" Silver Frost smiled widely. "Thats good too. Since both of us have no Realms now, lets fight for real!" Saying that Silver Frost dashed forward, his speed so impressively fast that one could hear the swoosh of air.

In the blink of an eye, Silver Frost rushed to Gu Feifei and threw a punch.

His punch was very powerful. Locas shield had the imprint of a fist from when Silver Frost punched it. If such a punch actually landed on a body, that person might lose the ability to fight right there and then.

To everyones surprise, Gu Feifei simply raised her hand to block it. A loud noise was heard and then the battle was over

Everyone stood up. Even Hong Dali leaned forward and opened his eyes wide.

No one could not believe their eyes. No one had even imagined that such a strange ability existed in this universe!

Hong Xingyu did not expect it. Hua Yueling did not expect it. Bei Mingxuan did not expect it. Nor did Zhu Yunzhou.

In peoples cognition, the elemental abilities, such as the abilities of metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, and thunder, were the most powerful. There may be certain abilities that were stronger, like Hong Xingyus Pixel Soul Stone which could disintegrate the things he touched into pixels. However, no one could imagine that Gu Feifeis ability would be so strangely powerful.

Her ability was actually similar to her Realm. The damage was not great, but the effect rendered her invincible.

Because, Silver Frost, who had punched her, had turned into a meatball, a huge meatball. One whose body was at least ten times as fat as before!

The meatballs thigh was nearly one meter in diameter and it looked like three meatballs stacked together. His waist was almost 1.5m in diameter and both his arms were no longer able to hang down due to the fats around his torso. They could only stick awkwardly out from both sides of him. His neck was even worse off. It could not even be seen and the flesh on the chest was at least a G cup

What kind of impossible ability was this! It could turn a person who was perfectly formed into this horrible fat monstrosity in an instant?! How was one to continue fighting when his body had been turned into this?

"This this" Silver Frost was sweating profusely, and everyone did not know what to make of it.

Silver Frost froze for ten seconds before finally shouting, "What kind of ability is this?! How could this be?"

"Chubby Soul Stone." Gu Feifei shrugged her shoulders. "It can control the fatness and thinness of everything I come into contact with, including my own of course." As she spoke, she suddenly transformed back into the woman that had an angels face and the devils figure. Then, she changed back instantly. "It can only control the girth, not the height. Well, are we going to continue fighting?"

Hearing that, everyone in the audience gasped.

Chubby Soul Stone! There was no need to fight anymore with such a weird Soul Stone ability. Look at Silver Frost, he could not even widen his stance! It was a miracle that he was even still able to stand!

"I admit defeat. Theres no way to continue fighting." Silver Frost was despondent. He had lost again. "My Realm has been consumed, my body is so deformed, how am I to continue fighting? Turn me back quickly, this figure is a nightmare!"

As he spoke he tried to stretch his leg before he even managed to stretch it out fully, his round tubby figure fell down suddenlyhe could barely remain standing, much less continue fighting! He could not even stretch a leg out without falling. If they continued fighting, he could only be a human punching bag. His opponent could hit him whichever way they liked!

Any random person would be able to beat him to death, not just Gu Feifei!

"Okay, our duel is over, then." Gu Feifei stepped forward and patted Silver Frost. With a swoosh, Silver Frost finally returned to his previous appearancethis was what it felt like to go from hell to heaven!

Silver Frost burst into tearsits better to be thin!






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