Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1214

Chapter 1214 A Beast In Human Clothing

Li Yang might have sounded rather rude, but the Heavens Chosen Ones did not feel that way.

In their minds, if Li Yang was not capable, he would not dare to be so insolent. Precisely because he had real skills he had the right to speak in this manner! If a weak person came up and said the same thing, he would definitely be dragged out and beaten up!

Hence, all the Heavens Chosen Ones stood properly in anticipation of Hong Dali!

"Ah, I slept well." The bedroom door opened and Hong Dali walked out, yawning. When he saw the crowd outside the door, he was momentarily stunned. Then, he said curiously, "Why are there so many people standing so neatly here? What are you doing? Queuing up to collect food?"

En, looking at the situation, it certainly looked like they were queuing up for food at the canteen.

"Young Master." Li Yang hurried over. The way he looked at Hong Dali was very different, some may even call it ambiguous. "Young Master, did you rest well? Is Miss Gu Feifei awake? Aiya, Young Master, you have to take care of yourself"

Gu Feifei left a deep impression on Li Yang when she appeared slimmer preciously. That scene was simply too beautiful. The slimmer Gu Feifei was even comparable to Li Nianwei. Hence, Li Yang always thought the fact that both of them were living together was a little you know.

"What has this got to do with Feifei?" The simple-minded Hong Dali did not sense the meaning behind Li Yangs words. He only asked, "What are these guys doing here?"

"Its like this." Li Yang quickly explained to Hong Dali. "They think it will be beneficial to follow the Young Master. Thats why they came here to wait in a queue, hoping that you would accept them as your lackeys if you were in a good mood."

En, if this were to get out, students from all Astral would get the shock of their lives.

A bunch of Heavens Chosen Ones as his lackeys. That scene, puuuu. How impressive would he look when he brought them out?

"Lackeys ah." Hong Dali touched his chin. "But Im not short of lackeys now. The few of you are sufficient. Theres no using having so many"

Oh no, he doesnt want any more lackeys. What will we do now?!

Kong was the first to dash forward. He followed the way Li Yang greeted Hong Dali. "Young Master, we would appreciate it if you lend a hand to us. We are all under great pressure. Heavens Chosen Ones may sound impressive, but we still have to face the Shuraba. Once we enter the Shuraba, only one will be able to survive. The others all have to die. We dont want to fight here, but we dont want to fall behind too much either. We should at least have a chance, right? Hence, we came to look for the Young Master. I hope you can take us in and increase our strength a little. When we go to the Shuraba in the future, whether we live or die will depend on our abilities, then. Even if we die, we cant blame it on others."

He spoke sincerely. What he meant was that everyone was trying their best to increase their strength. Hong Dali and Gu Feifei were not Heavens Chosen Ones. There was no need for any competition between then. However, there was still Silver Frost above them. Their strength was too far apart and they could only count the days till they die.

"Aye, this stupid Shuraba is indeed quite scary" Hong Dali was a pacifist. Once he heard what Kong said, he was a little affected. "En, how about this, arent we going to the Group Battle tomorrow? Be in the same group as me, then. Well try it out."

To be in the same group as Young Master, that was a good opportunity! The Heavens Chosen Ones were instantly excited.

However, it was obvious that these 50 out of 62 Heavens Chosen Ones here would not be in the same group as Hong Dali all together. Hence, Kong said awkwardly, "Young Master, Im afraid we might have to be separated into two groups for the upcoming Group Battle. It will be easier for those that are in the same group as you. What about the others?"

Kong was not being considerate. He was worried that he would not be in the same group as Hong Dali. Hence, he had to keep his options open.

"Itll depend on their performance, then. They will have to perform well at least. I dont take in lackeys rashly," Hong Dali said.

Look at him, he was this awesome. Whether one could be his lackey would depend on their performance!

"Alright. Its settled, then!" An excited You Muming clenched his fist. "I wont let Young Master down. Young Master, please help us as much as possible!"

"En, go back, then. Well talk again after the competition begins tomorrow." Hong Dali stretched lazily. "Li Yang, lets go take a walk and get some exercise."

"Okay. Young Master, please take the lead." Li Yang followed behind Hong Dali strutting proudly, attracting a bunch of envious looksit felt good to be Young Masters lackey!

On the internet, countless people had their attention on the upcoming Group Battle.

This Group Battle tests the tactical cooperation and team combat between both parties. Military talents would then be picked from these Heavens Chosen Ones to receive grooming. When the Dimensional War broke up in the future, one would not have the option to fight one-on-one as they wished. Tactics were especially important at the beginning of the Dimensional War. At that stage, enemies would be everywhere and battles would be between millions and tens of millions of troops. It would be impossible to do one-on-one battles in such situations.

"The Group Battle is tomorrow. Brothers, do you think Hong Dali will win this time?"

"Its hard to say anything. The Group Battle is different from the Genius Battle. Its large-scale team combat of hundreds of people. Furthermore, the effect of abilities will be further compressed. Battles will focus a lot on team combat and it will depend on tactical geniuses."

"Thats right. Both parties will have one hundred thousand people each. Although one can be revived when theyre killed, each death will reduce the partys strength. Especially because there are so many geniuses inside, the concern is that they dont adhere to commands and act on their own. Theres no way to fight, then."

"I dont think its a big problem if they dont follow commands. If nothing goes wrong, Hong Dali will be the lead on his side. His opponent will probably be Silver Frost. Both of them are almighty geniuses. Although Hong Dali performed better previously, who knows how theyll fare when it comes to team combat?"

Such discussions were everywhere and attracted the attention of everyone on Shenglong Star.

Everyone looked forward to the upcoming Group Battle. They looked forward to seeing the chemistry between Hong Dali and Silver Frost in the Group Battle.

Time passed quickly and the next day arrived.

On the plaza of the Divine College.

Dean Fergos stood on the podium and looked at the bustling crowd. He announced loudly, "Alright, next is the second part of the martial arts assembly, the Astral Group Battle!"

Next, he explained the rules of the Astral Group Battle

"In Astral Group Battle, 10,062 members will be divided into two teams of equal number. One team will be our side. The other team will automatically transform into the Demon race form. Each team will have 100,000 reinforcement points. Individual strength will be slightly compressed, and the abilities of ability users will be compressed as well. In other words, this Group Battle will be about tactics. Individual combat effectiveness will not be the key factor in determining victory or defeat."

This meant both teams would be competing against each others tactics and team cooperation.

Although individual ability was important, it was not a determining factor.

"Terrain will automatically be formed in the virtual world. The strongest person on each side will be the leadera Demon King on the Demon race side, and a Giant Dragon King on the human side. There are various neutral legions on-site that will assist the battle. I suggest for everyone to get familiar with the terrain when you enter the battlefield and win more allies. This will be of great help to the battle."

Everyone nodded.

In conclusion, this was a simulation of a small-scaled Dimensional War.

When the Dimensional War broke out, there would generally be several or even dozens of dimensions participating in the battle. No matter how each dimension fought, they would eventually be divided into two camps. Simply put, one would be attacking and the other would be defending.

At that moment, it would be especially important to have allies.

On the other hand, although there would be innumerable powers participating in the Dimensional War, in the beginning, most of the battlefields were on planets. Not many individuals were able to battle in the universe, after all. Those battles would usually take place in the latter stage.

Hence, this Astral Group Battle simulated the beginning stage of the Dimensional War. Such as scene simulation would be normal.

After explaining the battle rules, Fergos looked at the students and waved his hand. "Alright, everyone will enter the virtual world and prepare to fight according to the grouping of the system."

Hearing that, everyone returned to their spacecraft noisily and entered the virtual world.

Inside Hong Dalis room.

"Dali, do you have any plans for this Gu Feifei?" Gu Feifei put on her Holographic Helmet and asked Hong Dali. "Do you intend to be the Commander-in-chief?"

"Well talk about it when we get in." Hong Dali seemed nonchalant about it. "Its not bad to be the Commander-in-chief. It feels good to lead an army. Hehe." Then, he showed his true colors. "But I think its not a bad idea to enjoy the scenery first"

En, he would not forget about playing no matter where he went. That was the style of a prodigal.

Then, they entered the virtual world.

Expectedly, Hong Dali felt strange once he entered the virtual world. He got a shock when he looked into a mirror he found!

He had a black trench coat and a black bowler hat on. He wore a black suit with black leather shoes. These were normal. The most abnormal thing was that he had turned into a wolf!

Damn, is this considered a wolf in sheeps clothing? Hong Dali felt there was a more suitable term to describe his current situationa beast in human clothing.

En, very iconic.

Wahahahahhaa! I finally became a werewolf, awuuuu!!!

Hong Dali belonged to the Demon race team!




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