Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1218

Chapter 1218 Codename Tunnel Warfare

Silver Frost was very depressed. Hong Dalis move really caught him off-guard.

The situation was very simple now. The way down was sealed off by Hong Dalis fortress. If they want to continue venturing inwards, they must definitely go past the fortress. However, that fortress was 10 plus meters high, and it was made of stone. It wasnt easy to attack it.

But if they didnt attack, they could only wait to see which sides resources depleted first.

Honestly speaking, Silver Frost wasnt confident if fighting a war of attrition with Hong Dali at all. He wasnt afraid of the attack power on Hong Dalis side, but the crucial thing was that Hong Dalis brain seemed to have developed differently from other people. It was filled with strange and brilliant ideas. It was only a fortress now, but what if time progressed? This fellow might even build robots or something

"This Hong Dali is indeed hard to handle!" Silver Frost clenched his teeth and said, "This wont do. We cannot wait. This Hong Dali has too many strange ideas, we cant give him time to put his ideas into action. Therefore, we can only defeat him as quickly as possible. The longer the time drags, the smaller our advantage. Once this fellow creates something unexpected again, it will be too late for regret."

Wales agreed and said, "Thats all we can do for now. However, I suggest we split into three groups. One group of 500 people to guard our backline to prevent Hong Dali from sneaking up on us from behind. One group of 500 to guard this resurrection point. The remaining 4,000 can attempt to attack their camp."

"Okay, lets do it this way!" Silver Frost instantly nodded.

Wales plan was very simple. War wasnt one persons fight. All kinds of aspects must be considered. If they guarded this place but another place got sneaked on, they would be in a disadvantageous position.

Therefore, very quickly, the troops started to gather and prepared to move off. The army of 4,000 people set out from the resurrection point and charged towards Hong Dalis fortress.

"Brother Dali, the enemy is coming. Theyre about one kilometer away now!" A sentry in the watchtower reported, "The army has a total of about 3,000 to 4,000 people!"

"Dali, quick, wake up! The enemys main force is coming!" This time, it was really the main force. Tang Muxin viciously pinched and twisted Hong Dalis ear and said, "If you dont wake up, I will make you sleep alone from now on! I wont even let you have Sister Nianwei!"

What the heck, this is a very serious problem!

Hong Dali quickly climbed up and said, "Alright, alright. Isnt it just that the main force is coming? This is just a small matter" He rubbed his eyes and instructed, "Everyone, get ready. The enemy is going to attack soon, kill all of them!"

"Okay!" They finally had a chance to take revenge. Instantly, everyone was invigorated. The grievances they suffered during the battle for the resurrection point exploded too, waiting for their enemies to send their heads for them to kill.

The distance of one kilometer passed very quickly. Dressed in white, Silver Frost led the charge, his army rampaging towards the fortress behind him.

"Everyone, get ready. Fire!" Following You Mumings command, the long-range firepower on the fortress instantly covered the enemies. This group of people was comprised of ability users with long-range attacks. As for the close combat warriors, they were guarding behind the gate of the fortress, preventing the enemies from breaking through it.

Momentarily, all kinds of abilities poured down, and even Tang Muxin, Li Nianwei, Blood Demon, and the rest were also helping on the fortress.

It must be said that in this war, a single persons influence was reduced to the smallest. The effects of these abilities were indeed greatly weakened. Even for an awakened ability user like Tang Muxin, the most she could do was summon large area attacks like hailstorms and ice blades. Although it could attack many people, the effect was very weak.

Once both sides met, the battle instantly turned brutal. Silver Frost and the other close combat warriors kept charging at the gate while the long-range attackers stood below the fortress and fired. Unfortunately for them, the fortress was indeed very sturdyif this was at some other place, they would have destroyed the fortress in minutes. But here, the fortress was practically indestructible.

Therefore, Silver Frost and his armys charge practically didnt have any effect. Instead, they suffered heavy losses.

"This Hong Dali is really hateful!" Seeing that there was no chance of success, Silver Frost instantly ordered a retreat. "Retreat back to the resurrection point, we must think of something else!"

The enemy came and left very quickly, all in just 10 plus minutes. Silver Frosts side left about 1,000 plus corpses behind and could only retreat in the end.

On the spectator stand, everyone cheered. "Hahaha. Well done, Hong Dali! This is the way to go!"

"Hong Dali, I didnt believe in you wrongly. This move is brilliant! Perfect!"

"Thats it, slowly torture them to death! Hahahaha!"

After all, Hong Dali came from Shenglong Star. Now that he had a small victory, all of the royal families of Shenglong Star were very elated. They all stood up and cheered for Hong Dali non-stop!

"Hehe, good." Fergos laughed and stroked his beard. "This Hong Dali can really give people surprises."

Hong Xingyu and Hua Yueling were both beaming with delight. "Haha, if this goes on, Silver Frost will probably break down very quickly. This fortress is really awesome!"

While they were cheering, Silver Frost had returned to the resurrection point, his face was full of depression.

"This Hong Dali is really too detestable." Silver Frost sat on the ground as if he was drained of all energy and said, "That fortress is indeed very sturdy. It actually didnt even shake from our attacks. Instead, quite a number of our people died." He looked at the reinforcement points on his sideonly 90,500 or so were left. Almost 1,500 people died during this attack, while the other side lost less than 200 people. This vast difference in casualties caused him to feel very uncomfortable.

But he had no choice but to accept this. In the Group Battle, strategies and tactics were very important.

Here, they could use all kinds of tactics or tricks, and they could even lure people from the enemy side to their side. All of these only served one purposeto obtain the final victory.

Only one thing didnt need to be considered. Or rather, it definitely shouldnt be considered. This was a persons individual power. In a war between armies, a persons individual power was the least important thing.

"This is hard." Silver Frost looked at the map, depressed. "How are we able to break through Hong Dalis fortress? That fortress is really too sturdy. If we dont think of a way, we can only wait and see which of us deplete our resources first."

"Boss." Wales touched his chin and his eyes suddenly lit up. He said, "I have an idea that may work."

"Hm? What idea? Quick, tell me," Silver Frost hurriedly asked.

"Since they built a fortress, we can learn from them and do the same. Think about it. Since they can build a fortress, this means that the materials here can be used. This is simple, thenthey built a fortress, we can dig a tunnel. As long as we enter the fortress, it will be easy for us to either attack or defend, isnt it?"

"Thats right, good idea!" Silver Frost was instantly delighted and patted on Wales shoulder heavily. "If this idea works, once we win the competition, I will give you whatever you need after we go out!"

It would be good as long as he could win the competition. Towards those who put in large amounts of effort in winning the competition, Silver Frost would naturally reward them.

Therefore, he instructed, "Which of you have the ability to dig tunnels? Its best if you are an insect-type ability user. Hurry up and stand out! We shall dig into a tunnel to the enemys base!"

There were quite a number of insect-type ability users here. After all, this ability was quite common. Also, once they awakened, their body stats would be greatly enhancedit wouldnt be a joke when the attributes of insects were placed onto humans.

Very quickly, 600 plus insect-type ability users were gathered. Silver Frost looked at these people and was very satisfied with the number. "Yup, very good. Everyone, listen up.

"This is the battlefield. No matter what we do, theres only one purposeto win! Hong Dali built a fortress, as all of you saw just now. Its impossible to break through the fortress from the outside. Therefore, we can only think of another plan, which is to dig a tunnel into the fortress.

"Now that all of you are here, my requirement is very simple. Dig a tunnel into the heart of the fortress in one days time. By that time, we can directly attack them from behind by surprise and capture the fortress. By then, we can play with Hong Dali and his troops in any way we want! Therefore, the codename for this mission is Tunnel Warfare. Does anyone have any questions!?"

What questions could there be? Even if Hong Dali was a god, he also wouldnt be able to think of such a good plan, right?

"Boss, when shall we start? Also, where shall we start digging from?" someone asked.

Start digging from where? This was a very important question. Silver Frost thought for a while, looked at the map again, then pointed at a hidden pothole at the bottom of the mountain and said, "Start from here! Dig from this pothole all the way to their resurrection point Hm, no, the resurrection point will definitely be heavily guarded. Dig to nearby their second resurrection point and occupy that resurrection point first. Then, we shall attack them from there!"

"Understood!" Silver Frosts plan was simple and direct. The members instantly started transforming and got ready to start digging.

On Hong Dalis side.

"Brother Dali." You Muming and Kong sat in front of Hong Dali and softly asked, "The battle this morning was really awesome. We only lost about 300 people and killed 1,500 enemies or so. But they didnt act until now, what do you think Silver Frost will do next?"

"Will they build siege machines?" Kong looked around. There were quite a number of large trees in the surrounding. "If they have siege machines, we will be in trouble."

"That isnt something that can be easily built." Hong Dali wasnt worried at all. He looked up at the sky, then looked down at the ground and said, "If they want to attack into the fortress, the only possible ways are either from the sky or from the ground. They are unable to fly, so it can only be possible for them to attack from under the ground."




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