Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1219

Chapter 1219 You Guys Know What I Mean

Either from the sky or from under the ground. Once Hong Dali said this, You Muming and Kong were immediately impressed.

He could even think of this, this was practically invincible!

They pondered carefully for a while and agreed that this was the only possible way too. If the enemy wanted to forcefully attack them, they definitely needed siege machines to do it. Other than that, the only possible solution was to dig a tunnel under the fortress. After all, on this battlefield, even those ability users with flying abilities wouldnt be able to fly tooif flying was possible, what use was there for strategies and tactics? Just fly up into the air and attack the enemies would do, right?

Since flying wasnt possible, they could only dig into the ground. And obviously, insect-type ability users were experts in digging.

"Then, Brother Dali." You Muming called Hong Dali Brother Dali sincerely this time. "Where do you think they will come out from? Our resurrection point?"

"Its definitely the resurrection point. If they dont occupy our resurrection point, how are they supposed to fight against us?" He thought for a while answered in a matter-of-factly manner. "However, I dont think they will directly come out from the resurrection point here. After all, the resurrection point here is very heavily guarded. They wont have any chance of capturing it from us. Therefore, they will definitely come out from another resurrection point further down and capture it quietly, then come and fight us from behind. By that time, it will be a head-on fight. And they are leading in the reinforcement points by so much you guys know what I mean?"

Understood! There wasnt anything that they were not sure of anymore.

Hong Dali practically completely analyzed Silver Frosts strategy.

What was Silver Frosts biggest advantage now? It was that he had much higher reinforcement points than Hong Dali! This was his biggest advantage. In a war, it was obviously important to maximize their advantage until it became enough to seal their victory!

Silver Frosts reinforcement points were at 90,000 plus now, while Hong Dalis was only at 80,000 or so. Looking at it this way, the difference didnt seem to be very big. But what if the battle continued? For example, when it reached a stage where Hong Dali was only left with 5,000 and Silver Frost had 15,000? By that time, this small advantage would become an absolute advantage, right?

"Impressive, Brother Dali!" You Mumings eyes shone! Hong Dalis analysis was really superb. If Hong Dali could predict each step the enemy would take, wouldnt they obtain the first place for the Group Battle for sure?

"Ah" Hong Dali was filled with regret, wanting to slap himself.

What the heck, why did I say so much? Its over now. Such a good plot by Silver Frost, but I destroyed it again. I intend to lose, to lose! Not to win!

The consequence of winning this battle is really severe

"I better go back to sleep first." Hong Dali hurriedly ran away. "You guys can continue to discuss the rest." After saying this, he ran away as fast as possible, leaving behind You Muming and Kong staring at each other.

Kong looked at Hong Dalis back view and poked You Muming, then smiled and said, "Hey, are you convinced now? Brother Dali is just this awesome. We will never get depressed when following him."

"Thats right." You Muming was really convinced this time, in both mouth and heart. "It isnt easy to win the Group Battle. But after hearing Brother Dalis words, I have a feeling that victory is at hand. Hes really impressive!"

"If only I can become Brother Dalis lackey too." Kong sighed and said, "I wonder if hes willing to accept me."

"Thats right, sigh." You Muming was feeling the same way too. "Forget it. Since Brother Dali already told us Silver Frosts next move, I think theres at least a 90% that it will happen. If Silver Frost doesnt make any serious normal attacks on us in the next two days, its possible hes really digging a tunnel."

"Yup, we should go make preparations now." Kong stood up and said, "Set a trap for them at the resurrection point further down. If not, it will be pointless if we have to fight them head-on when they really dig their way there."

"Yes, yes, thats what we should do." You Muming instantly nodded.

For the next two days, Silver Frost did indeed organize a few attacks, but it was all just small-scale attacks, with only 2,000 people or so. Every time, he would retreat when 100 or so people died on his side.

The people on the spectator stand were all clueless as to what Silver Frost was doing, not sure what he was up toSilver Frosts tunnel was dug from a position that was a dead corner to the audiences. They could only see that there were people doing something there, but they didnt know what those people were doing

"Whats this Silver Frost up to?" Quite a number of people were feeling curious. "He sends 2,000 plus people to attack every day, but it isnt quite possible for him to break through that sturdy fortress, right? He should at least build some siege machines or stuff! If not, isnt he just sending people to die?"

"Isnt that so. But I keep feeling that hes up to something, hes being quite mysterious. I dont think hes that stupid. Normally, geniuses like him wouldnt be simple."

"Thats right, just watch on. I reckon that there will be a good show to watch in another two to three days."

Everyone on the spectator stand was discussing this. As for the Hong Family area, Hong Xingyu looked at Hong Dali who wasnt doing anything and felt a little worried. "Dali hasnt been doing anything for the past few days. If this continues and some accident happens, he might really suffer a big loss!"

"I dont think so." However, Hua Yueling wasnt too worried. "Although our sweetheart seems to be very carefree and clumsy normally, hes quite reliable during crucial times. The problem now is, whats Silver Frost doing right now?"

Because of the fortress, Hong Dali was practically in an invincible position now. Therefore, what they really needed to know was what Silver Frost was up to.

"Speaking of which, there didnt seem to be any special movements from Silver Frosts side too." Hong Xingyu frowned. Looking at the small mountain where Silver Frost and his team were gathered, he suddenly noticed that a lot of people were going into the dead corner. He instantly understood and slapped his leg. "Oh no, Silver Frost is digging a tunnel! They plan to sneak attack from behind! His attacks these past two days were just a decoy to attract Dalis attention, their true purpose is to dig a tunnel under the ground!"

The resurrection point on the small mountain.

"Hows the tunnel going?" Silver Frost asked Wales. "After the tunnel is complete, I shall send a small group to attack the front again while the rest of you come from behind. We will definitely be able to win if we sandwich them!"

"The tunnel is almost done. According to the news sent back, only about 200 plus meters more are required. About one days time will do." After communicating with the people digging the tunnel, a tunnel quickly showed on the map. "Boss, who should we send through the tunnel, then?"

"I will lead them." Silver Frost was always in the lead to do this kind of thing. "I will bring 3,000 people with me. You bring the remaining people to lure them in the front. After we have occupied their resurrection point, we will be able to fight with them head-on!"

"Okay, no problem. I promise to complete the mission!"

Therefore, during the third day, about 3 PM in the afternoon.

This was the time of day when a person was most likely to be tired and sleeping. And this naturally applied to Hong Dalis people too.

Inside the tunnel.

"Quick! We need to rush. Once this period of time is over, things might become harder." Silver Frost instructed the member digging in front and said, "But dont make too much noise. After you dig through, go scout around first."

"Understand, Boss." The insect-type ability user at the front was using his shovel-like claws to dig the tunnel at a very fast speed. As he dug, he said, "After I dig through, I shall go and check the surroundings first. I will shout for you guys if there isnt any problem."

"Yup, do it this way!"

On the other side, Wales brought a large team of people and secretly went down the mountain and quickly came near the fortress. After everyone was assembled, he softly said, "We shall ambush here first. Once Boss gives the command from the other side, we shall start attacking!"

"Understood!" "Understood!"

Everyone nodded. In order to obtain victory, all of them cooperated very well. Momentarily, not a sound could be heard. Unless someone observed meticulously, no one would realize that there was actually a team of people lying in ambush here.

"Boss." Inside the tunnel, the member at the front dug a small hole in the wall and looked around first, then nodded slightly towards Silver Frost and said, "There doesnt seem to be anyone outside. There shouldnt be any problem."

"Okay!" Silver Frost slapped his leg and said, "Whether we succeed or fail, it all depends on this. Everyone, get ready. I will go out first later and check around. If there isnt any problem, the rest of you shall follow me to snatch the resurrection point. At the same time, Wales and his team will pretend to attack the fortress. Once we capture the resurrection point, we shall attack full force! Everyone understands?"

"Understood!" Everyone nodded in unison.

Chi chi chi

Very quickly, a hole a person high was dug in the war. Silver Frost carefully placed the stone that was cut out into the tunnel, then quickly went out.

He scouted around for almost an entire minute and didnt see a single person nearby. Finally relieved, he smiled and said, "Hong Dali, it looks like you arent very impressive, after all. I shall see what you have to say this time!"

Previously, he was heavily defeated by Hong Dalis army of slaves. He was holding his breath and waiting to take revenge on Hong Dali for this, so he was naturally very carefully.

Now that he had scouted around and everything was quiet, the situation was just as he had wished. He instantly went back to the tunnel and said, "Everyone, come out quickly. Its safe!"


A 3,000 people army came out one by one from the tunnel. In just a short while, the entire resurrection point was filled with Silver Frosts people. Seeing that they would gain control of this resurrection point very quickly, Silver Frost directly gave the command to Wales to attack. "Everything is smooth, start the attack!"

"Understood!" Wales received this command and knew that everything was going according to plan. He enthusiastically stood out and shouted, "Brothers, charge!"

"Charge!" "Charge!" "Victory belongs to us!" The 1,000 plus people instantly charged towards the fortress!




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