Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1220

Chapter 1220 Turning The Enemies To Dust In The Flick Of A Finger

Although the team that Wales was leading didnt have many people, the commotion they made was tremendous. Once they charged to the fortress, all kinds of magic spells bombarded towards the castle. Instantly, they could hear the people inside the castle turn into a mess. Everyone was exclaiming and shouting. Not sure how people inside were all shouting, "The enemy is here!"

Therefore, Wales and his team attacked even more excitedly. In just a short while, both sides were battling intensely.

On Silver Frosts side.

Everything went very smoothly. They came very suddenly, and no one from Hong Dalis side was nearby guarding the place at all. Silver Frost and some people stood guard while the rest quickly gained control of the resurrection point.

Once the resurrection point was under their control, Silver Frosts heart settled down. The battle was practically half-won already. He instantly waved his hand and said, "Brothers, lets move out! We shall sandwich them and attack. Hong Dalis fortress will definitely be broken through this time!"

"Understood!" Now that they gained control of this resurrection point, they naturally didnt need to behave stealthily anymore. They all cheered and charged towards the fortress. Once they attacked Hong Dalis team from behind, the victory would be theirs.

But unexpectedly, when they had only just moved out less than 100 meters, a loud explosion sound suddenly came from the tunnel behind them. Then, the area suddenly lit up. Swoosh As much as 4,000 plus people appeared from the nearby hills and surrounded Silver Frost and his people!

Once they surrounded Silver Frost and his team, a part of them very quickly split apart, and You Muming and Kong placed a chair that they were carrying onto the ground. Then, dressed in a black windbreaker and wearing a black bowler hat, Hong Dali leisurely walked out of the group of people and sat on the chair. He even placed one leg on top of the other and smilingly looked at Silver Frost.

"Hong Dali!" Seeing this scene, Silver Frost knew that his plan was destroyed again.

"Its me." Hong Dali grinned and nodded, then said, "Since you planned to sneak up from behind, I followed suit and captured you in this trap. Hehe, talking about the art of war, I have learned all 36 tricks too."

Once he said this, the other members all looked at him like looking at a god, their eyes full of worship.

Brother Dali was really a godly person, his predictions had never gone wrong before!

"You guessed that I would dig a tunnel?" Silver Frost was indeed very depressed. He felt like none of his strategies and tricks could be hidden from Hong Dalis eyes. That feeling was just like how Sun Wukong wasnt able to fly out of Buddhas palm, extremely depressed.[1]

"Isnt this very simple?" If Hong Dali had a feather fan in his hand now, he would really be like Zhuge Liang reincarnated.[2] "Since you cant break through the front, you can only try other tacticseither from the top or from below. Since you cant fly, you can only come from under the ground."

"Hong Dali, I admit you are right!" Silver Frost lost again, he instantly looked around, then pointed towards the back and said, "Escape from the back! Escape from this place first!"

They were fully surrounded now, they definitely wouldnt be able to win in a head-on fight. Therefore, they could only find a weaker spot to escape from and make plans later.

"Everyone, attack." Hong Dali smiled and lightly waved his hand, having a sense of turning his enemies into ashes with the flick of a finger. "Kill them all, dont leave a single one alive!"

When they were fighting for the resurrection point on the mountain previously, it was Hong Dalis side that was fighting with a smaller number. But in just a matter of days, the situation was reversed. Everyone naturally liked to be on the side that had the numbers advantage. Once Brother Dali waved his hand, Kong and You Muming led the charge and instantly clashed with Silver Frosts team!

"Haha, Silver Frost, I never expected that you will have such a day too!" You Muming laughed loudly. It could be considered that he was having his revenge today and didnt go easy at all. "Come, come, lets fight another 300 rounds!"

You Mumings mood for battle was very high, but Silver Frost was anxious to escape. Therefore, when they started fighting, Silver Frosts side was already losing. His people were getting killed very quickly. Silver Frosts reinforcement points were decreasing very rapidly1,000 plus people died in just 10 plus minutes.

Whats more, as mentioned previously, they gained control of the resurrection point here, so his people directly revived in this resurrection point

Hong Dali: "Alright, Brothers, push them into the resurrection point. Kill them once they revive, no one to be courteous."

Damn it! When Silver Frost heard this, he almost vomited blood.

I was wondering why we captured this resurrection point so smoothly just now. This was part of his plan all along!

Things became interesting now

When the people on Silver Frosts side died, they would directly be revived in the resurrection point. Then, they would get killed immediately when they appeared. Die and revive, revive and die

What kind of scene would it be like when 4,000 plus people encircled 3,000 plus people in the resurrection point and slaughtered them? Especially since the tunnel was blocked, Silver Frost had no place to run to

On the spectator stand, everyone stared in bewilderment at the battlefield. All of them felt their bodies turning cold. "God, this Hong Dali is way too vicious, isnt he!? He can actually think of such a plot?"

"Isnt that so, this move is practically invincible. Silver Frost is really in for a tragedy this time!"

"Exactly. The 1,000 plus people on the other side cant get to them, and they cant escape from here too. Die and revive, revive and die, their reinforcement points dropped by 5,000 plus points in just such a short while!"

"Good! Well done!" Hong Xingyu slapped his leg and said, "Our Sweetheart is really full of surprises. I cant even think of such a tactic at all! Impressive! Really impressive, hahaha!"

"Isnt that so. We didnt dote on him for nothing, haha." Hua Yueling was very delighted too. No one could imagine that Hong Dali would be able to think of such an invincible tactic! This way, Hong Dali was going to win for sure!

This time, Silver Frost was really beaten too badly.

They were being cut down like how farmers cut down leek in stacks. No one could withstand this without breaking down. Silver Frost lost the advantage he painstakingly gained previously in just less than an hour. Originally, he was leading Hong Dali in reinforcement points by 12,000 or so. But now, his reinforcement points dropped by 18,000 plus. And Silver Frost himself died a total of six times too!

"This wont do. My reinforcement points are going to be depleted very soon if this goes on. I must think of something quickly!" Luckily, it needed time to reviveabout five minutes each time. Silver Frost hurriedly tried to think of a way out. "Run! We must escape from here, we mustnt revive anymore!"

Thinking of this, Silver Frost hurriedly communicated to his team through team chat: "Everyone, dont revive anymore! Run! Run out of the reviving area! Quick!"

He finally found a way to save himself and his team. Momentarily, after his people died, their spirits all frantically ran outwards, as if the god of death was chasing after them

"Oh, not reviving anymore?" Hong Dali looked at the entire resurrection point and sniffled, then said, "Since they arent reviving anymore, that shall do then. Everyone, go get the resurrection point back"

Very quickly, they gained back control of the resurrection point. Silver Frost became depressed againnow that this resurrection point was captured back by Hong Dalis people, they could just teleport to the nearest resurrection point that belonged to them and revive there, which was the one on the mountain. However, they werent within the area of that resurrection point

Therefore, they could only run back there

"Hooray! Brother Dali is invincible!" This battle had really made Hong Dali famous. Everyone cheered and hoorayed. In actual fact, in all the past Group Battles, practically no one achieved such a victory.

Every time, the strength of both sides would be about the same and win with a small lead. But this time, Hong Dali directly turned his disadvantageous position into a big lead!

The effect on his peoples morale was practically incredible!

On the spectator stand, McCarron looked at Hong Dali. His eyes were as if he had discovered the most precious treasure in the world. He was so excited that his lips were trembling. "Good! Very good! This Hong Dali is really awesome. Hes way past my imagination! Impressive! Impressive!" He excitedly mumbled to himself for a while, then decisively took out his communicator and walked to a quiet spot. Turning on the communicator, he softly said, "Is it Sir Dick? Its McCarron. Good news, excellent news!"

A holographic projection appeared on the communicator. The person felt strange and asked, "What good news is it for you to call me so urgently?"

"Sir Dick, a tactical genius appeared in the Astral Group Battle this time! A definite genius!" McCarron excitedly said, "Such an excellent genius hasnt appeared for almost a thousand years. Dont you want to take a look?"

"Astral Group Battle? Whats the difference in reinforcement points?" Sir Dick obviously wasnt very patient. "Is it more than 10,000?"

More than 10,000 was the benchmark for a tactical genius, meaning to say that the winning side won with a lead of more than 10,000 reinforcement points. Only then would they be heavily regarded upon. But the problem was that the Group Battle this time hadnt ended yet

"This" McCarron hesitated for a while, then carefully said, "Sir Dick, the Group Battle hasnt ended yet. However, I suggest you look at the recording first. I recorded everything, its really remarkable. You will know after you see it. I wont dare to lie to you!"

"I know you dont dare to!" Sir Dick was obviously a person of very high status and identity. From his words, endless majesty could be felt. "Send it over. I shall take a look first before giving you a reply."

"Okay, okay!" Hearing Sir Dicks reply, McCarron was elated. He hurriedly sent over the recording of the competition.

Time passed slowly. About two hours later, the communicator sounded.

"You are in Shenglong Astral realm, right?" Sir Dick was obviously very excited. "Wait for me there, I shall go over immediately! This Hong Dali is a talent! No, hes a genius! Hes definitely a tactical genius!"

[1] A plot in the classic Chinese novel, Journey to the West.

[2] A famous strategist from the classic Chinese novel, The Three Kingdoms.






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