Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1221

Chapter 1221 Lieutenant General Lei Zhe

Genius! A strategic genius!

Upon hearing what Sir Dick said, McCarron finally relaxed. "Yes, yes, yes. I feel that hes a genius too. This battle is only at the midway point. He performed exceptionally well in the previous Astral Genius Battle as well."

"Alright, Ive heard enough. Ill be right there." Sir Dick ended the call.

"Aiya, great." McCarron laughed after turning off his communicator and mumbled to himself. "Sir Dick is the Deputy Chief of Staff for our Pengyun Astral Alliance Military Command Center. If he comes here personally, Hong Dali will surely soar to the sky."

Pengyun Astral Alliance!

That was a huge Alliance containing over 6,000 Astrals, including the Shenglong Astral.

Pengyun Astral Alliance basically represented most major areas currently detected by mankind. It was a huge region even if compared to the entire universe. The Pengyun Astral Alliance Deputy Chief of Staffs visit was not a joke. This time, it was highly likely for Hong Dali to enter the Pengyun Astral Alliance Military for further training. By the time he graduated, he would, at the very least, become an Inspector-level official. His future would be limitless.

In the vast space, inside an extremely mysterious galaxy, there was a huge planet with a diameter of over 100,000 kilometers.

This planet was named Thor Star, and everything on the planet was modernized mechanical equipment. The entire planet was like a giant mechanical lifeform. Everything appeared to possess their own life and consciousness. They could move by themselves and cooperate with the humans orders to complete special tasks.

For instance, the entire planet could transform into a giant planetary fortress within an hour. Likewise, it could also transform into a sightseeing destination with beautiful mountains and clear waters.

It could do everything. However, it also appeared insignificant in the universe, as if it was just a normal planet.

The Pengyun Astral Alliance headquarters was located here. There were less than 100 million people living on this planet. They were the most powerful people within the entire Astral Alliancetheir main responsibilities were to ensure the balance and safety between members of the Astral Alliance.

Of course, those people were just the most ordinary people on the planet. On Thor Star, the people actually holding the most power were the strongest group in this entire dimension. They were the descendants of the warriors who escaped from the Esolil continent!

This group had a name that everyone knew ofOracles!

On Thor Star, inside a gigantic building over 3,000 meters tall with a diameter over 10,000 meters. There were twelve huge, gold-plated letters engraved onto the side of the buildingPengyun Astral Alliance Dimensional Warfare Department Headquarters.

Right now, the Pengyun Astral Alliance Dimensional Warfare Department Headquarters was busy with the arrangement of troops and forces from the different Astrals.

"Lieutenant General Lei Zhe, Teyi Astral is facing increased pressure at their Dimension Door. There are over sixty billion invaders from other dimensions coming over." A soldier reported loudly. "There are two million Chosen Ones, three billion normal warriors, and 6,800 Astral-level leaders. Please give your orders."

"So many." A middle-aged man wearing a suit of dark green-colored military armor rubbed his temples in pain. "What dimensions are they from? F**k. So many of them came this time."

"Based on the current information, they are mainly from the cultivation dimension and the magic dimension. There are a few from the demon dimension and the mechanical dimension," the soldier replied. "Currently, the cultivation dimension and the magic dimension have formed an alliance. The demon dimension and the mechanical dimension formed an alliance. There are three main camps including our dimension."

The Dimensional War between the three camps was extremely complicated, especially in space. Any mistake in the planned strategy and tactics could result in the death of millions or even billions of soldiers.

"Its seriously so complicated." Lieutenant General Lei Zhe frowned and thought for a while. "Assign eighty billion troops from the nearby Wala Astral and Namei Astral. Send out some warriors recruitment orders in the other Astrals close to them as well."

"Understood!" The soldier instantly started spreading the information.

"This is a headache." Lei Zhe was very dispirited. "Its easy to find strong warriors. Its simple to assign troops. However, its so difficult to find commanders. Sigh. We havent discovered any excellent talents in the Group Battles around the Astrals. Were facing a shortage in that area."

During the Astral Martial Arts Conference, the first item, the Astral Genius Battle, was held to discover talented warriors with strong potential. As for the Group Battle, it was held to discover strategic geniuses.

Unfortunately, very few excellent commanders had appeared during the previous few Group Battles. The winning sides usually only emerged victorious after direct and hard-fought battles. These fights usually saw both sides suffering heavy casualties. A difference of 5,000 points in the reinforcement points between the two sides would be a huge margin of victory.

As Lei Zhe was experiencing a headache, a middle-aged man suddenly rushed out of a room. This man was about forty years old and had a head of blue, short hair. His face was well-defined and filled with classic military traits. Donning a dark-green cape, he moved with urgency.

"Dick, where are you going dressed like that?" Lei Zhe looked at Dick and wondered. "Whats got you in such a hurry?"

"Theres a strategic genius in the Shenglong Astral. I plan to check him out." Dick started packing his stuff after watching McCarrons video. Now that he encountered the commander of the unit, he was obviously excited. "Sir Lei Zhe, you dont know about this yet. This strategic genius in the Shenglong Astral is mysterious and amazing. Even I have to bow down to him. Haha. Amazing!"

"Theres something like that?" Lei Zhe was stunned. He knew that this Dick would not easily praise someone. Whoever he complimented must be the real deal. Hence, he was attracted as well. "It just so happens that theres nothing major going on for me too. Ive arranged for the reinforcements required for the Dimensional War. Lets go check out how amazing your genius actually is."

"I promise that you wont be disappointed. Haha." Dick smiled and walked away. "Lets go. Time waits for no man. We have to hurry so that we dont miss the good show."

"Of course." Lei Zhe nodded and followed Dick into the spacecraft heading straight for Shenglong Star.

On Shenglong Star.

Hong Xingyu was watching the competition. Suddenly, a Hong Family disciple walked up to him and whispered something next to his ears. Hong Xingyus expression instantly changed and he hurriedly stood up. Then, he disappeared from the virtual world.

Real world, in the Hong Family estate.

"Im the Master of Shenglong Astral, Hong Xingyu. Greetings, Commander, Deputy Chief of Staff." In the living room, Hong Xingyu greeted Lei Zhe and Dick politely. He was unsure of their purpose in coming here, so he chose to be careful and remain quiet.

As one of the Masters of the Shenglong Astral, Hong Xingyu still greeted the Lieutenant General from the Pengyun Astral Alliance Dimensional Warfare Headquarters. After all, Hong Xingyu was a subordinate in the hierarchy.

"You are the head of the Hong Family?" Lei Zhe looked at Hong Xingyu and nodded lightly. "Hm, the peak of the Star Sector-level. Not bad. I heard that your Hong Family has a young disciple named Hong Dali. Is that right?"

Hong Dali! They came for Hong Dali?

Hong Xingyus heart skipped a beat. However, these two people held actual power, as they served the Oracles. Hence, Hong Xingyu did not dare to lie and responded carefully, "Yes, Dali is a disciple under the Hong Family. May I know why you are here to look for him? Did he cause any trouble?"

To be honest, Hong Xingyu was not confident right now.

If Dali caused some trouble within the Astral, he could still cover for him. However, if he caused trouble with the Astral Alliance, with the Oracles, that would be terrible.

"Not any trouble." Sir Lei Zhe smiled and said, "We just heard that he performed well in the Astral Group Battle here. Hence, we came just to take a look. If hes really talented in tactics and strategy, we plan to bring him back for further training on Thor Star."

Bring him for further training at the Astral Alliance headquarters?!

Thats Heavens gift!

Hong Xingyu was so excited that his hands were shaking. "Sirs, Dali is a naughty and young child. I hope that you can take care of him. Hes involved in the competition right now. Sirs, do you want to watch the competition?"

"Yes, of course." Lei Zhe nodded. "Well go right now."

As they worked for the Oracles and the Astral Alliance, their spacecrafts had very advanced teleportation systems. Hence, it only took them less than four hours for them to arrive here. Hong Dalis side was resting after their previous huge victory.

The three of them then entered the virtual world and watched the battle together.

In the virtual world, at the resurrection point.

"This Hong Dali is despicable!" After that embarrassing defeat, Silver Frost was still wary of Hong Dali. "Hes so evil. He somehow foresaw us digging an underground tunnel. He even blocked our retreat path. We dont have an advantage in reinforcement points anymore, and they now possess such a sturdy fortress. This is difficult!"

"Yes, Boss." Wales touched his chin and analyzed the terrains on the map. In the end, he shook his head helplessly. "We cant win if we try to force an attack. There arent any good methods to solve the current difficult situation. Hence, my opinion is that we learn from them. We should build a fortress here too and fight a protracted war!"





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