Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 1222

Chapter 1222 Time To Witness A Miracle

Hong Dalis fortress could effectively block the attacks from Silver Frost and the rest. Now that the two sides had the same points, Silver Frosts side was at a disadvantage. Hence, they could only copy Hong Dali and build a fortress as well! This way, they could last longer and stall for time to formulate good attack plans.

"Hm, that seems like the only way. Well build a fortress for defense here as well." Silver Frost thought for a while. Since he had no other good plans, this seemed like the only thing to do.

In the audience stands, Lei Zhe and Dick blended into the crowd with their casual clothes and looked at the battlefield. Hong Xingyu accompanied the two of them.

"Now that Hong Dalis side has a fortress and an advantage in terms of reinforcement points, his situation is looking very optimistic." Lei Zhe was satisfied with the lead that Hong Dali had accumulated. "As long as they hold their positions and exhaust the opponents troops with some guerrilla warfare, they will slowly accumulate more of an advantage. Their victory can be expected soon. Not bad. Not bad at all." As a Commander, his comments on Hong Dalis tactics were so affirmative. It appeared as if he had decided on bringing Hong Dali away for further training.

After he gave his compliments, Lei Zhe asked Dick, his Deputy Chief of Staff, "Dick, if you are Hong Dali, what will you do?"

"If Im him" Dick thought for a while and said, "If Im him, I will continue to ensure my advantage. Ill be firm and steady, slowly exhausting my opponents confidence. Then, Ill look for an opportunity to break apart the opponents line of defense. Divide and conquer. Once I exhaust all their reinforcement points, I can naturally obtain the final victory."

"Yep, thats probably the best method for now." Lei Zhe looked at the battlefield and suddenly said, "Hm? The humans are making moves too. Theyre searching for giant rocks to obtain some steel and iron. Seems like theyre going to learn from Hong Dali and build their own fortress."

As expected, everyone saw Silver Frosts side carrying stones to construct their fortress. With all 5,000 people at work, the construction speed was very fast.

"Seems like the human side is decent too." Lei Zhe smiled. "They know the importance of building a fortress too. Seems like Hong Dalis side will be in some trouble. This competition is probably going to become a protracted war."

A protracted war was the most boring way to fight. Nobody could deal heavy damage to the other side. A single battle could last over a month or two. In the end, the war would only end when one side exhausted its reinforcement points completely. It was very boring.

"Indeed. Seems like this will be going the distance" Dick felt that it was a pity, as he did not come to watch a protracted war. However, just after saying that, he suddenly yelled, "Hurry, look! Hong Dalis side is making some moves!"

The three of them instantly turned their attention to Hong Dalis side.

On the battlefield.

"Dali, you sent everyone to the back to acquire resources. What do you plan on doing?" Tang Muxin and Hong Dali each rode an ice field snow wolf around the wilderness.

Since Silver Frosts side lost horribly to Hong Dali in that last fight, they acted much more reserved. They did not come to harass Hong Dalis side anymore.

However, Hong Dali could not stand the boredom. Nobody knew what he planned on doing. He only assigned 1,000 people to guard the fortress. Everyone else was dispatched to various locations behind the fortress to search for suitable resources for construction.

They already had an impregnable fortress, so there was naturally no need to further reinforce it. Then, what was the purpose of gathering all these new resources?

"Build fortresses, of course." Hong Dali smiled and looked at the busy camp. "Silver Frost and the rest probably wont dare to come for a while. Since they wont dare to come, they will just cowardly hide behind the other side of the mountain and copy us in building their own fortress. They plan on fighting a protracted war and slowly chip away at our reinforcement points."

"Ah? What should we do then?" Tang Muxin was dispirited. "If it becomes a protracted war, wont we be stuck here for a long time?"

Astral Group Battles could last a long time. The slow ones in history took up to two or three months. They were very boring.

"How can that be?" Hong Dali twitched his lips. "My time is precious. How can I let them waste it? Hence, these resources will become very important later on."

Hong Dali hated draggy and boring things. That was why he assigned so many people to acquire resources. They were all going to become useful soon.

With 4,000 people transporting resources, they made good and fast progress. Within three hours, You Muming rode a snow wolf over and reported. "Young Master, our brothers have acquired everything you asked for. We just dont know what the Young Master plans on doing with them? Do you need us to transport them anywhere?"

"Hm, tell our brothers." Hong Dali had the aura of Warlord Hawk now. [Note: Warlord Hawk was the leader of a huge group of bandits in the popular Chinese movie, The Taking of Tiger Mountain] "Take out half of the resources. Send them to our main base so that we can reinforce our doors and the walls. Remember, they must be properly fortified!"

"This" You Muming was stunned upon hearing Hong Dalis words. He carefully asked, "Young Master, our front line is very heavily reinforced. Its not easy to breakthrough. There isnt really a need to do anything to our main base at the back, right?"

In his mind, since the front line was so heavily-fortified, these resources should be dedicated to the battles at the front line. However, this Hong Dali wanted to reinforce their base camp behind. What was he thinking about?

"Dont worry. The wise naturally have a plan. Hehe." Hong Dali kept him in suspense. "Just do as I say. Remember. Half of the resources. Not too much."

"Yes, roger that!" Since Hong Dali was sure, You Muming, the new lackey, naturally had to carry out the orders.

Now that they were safe in front, they could spare more manpower to focus on construction. The resources collected by the 4,000 people were divided into half. Half of the resources were sent to the entrance of their main base, and everyone joked around as they started on the construction works.

Why else did everyone say that there would only be benefits by following the Young Master? They did not have to use their brains at all. They just had to focus on carrying out the orders.

With all 4,000 people focused on construction, a strong fortress appeared in front of their main base within half a day. This fortress was just as fortified as the first one they built. It was not an overstatement to claim that they could guard this place with just 1,000 people against all 5,000 troops from Silver Frosts side.

"Done. Hahahaha!" Hong Dali looked at this fortress with satisfaction and smiled. "With this baby, I estimate that the competition is about to end soon."

The competition was about to end soon? So fast?

"With this, the competition can end soon?" Tang Muxin asked curiously. "What can this do? Silver Frosts side still has over 70,000 reinforcement points. It wont be so easy to deduct all of that, right?"

Everyone nodded.

Indeed. They had 70,000 reinforcement points. Even if they just stood there and allowed you to strike them freely, it would still take you a long time, right? How could you end the competition so soon?

"Relax. From here on out, we have to make some moves." Hong Dali smiled and assigned the upcoming missions. "Team 1 and Team 2. You will stay here and guard our main base. Understood?"

Hong Dali would not spout this kind of nonsense easily. He must have his reason behind these orders. Team 1 Captain Ling Xiaoyi and Team 2 Captain Li Yang instantly nodded. "Understood. Well guard this place with our lives!"

"OK. As long as you guard our base well, everything will be fine." Hong Dali nodded and smiled. "Alright, everyone else will follow me back to the front. Now, its time to witness a miracle!"

That night, around 3:30 AM.

Around 4,000 people sneaked out of Hong Dalis fortress. In other words, apart from the 1,000 people who stayed behind to guard the main base, everyone else followed Hong Dali. In this dark and quiet night, they sneakily moved toward Silver Frosts sides resurrection point.

These people all carried some materials required for the construction of fortresses. They remained stealthy along the way and soon arrived at Silver Frosts resurrection point. They did not stop there. Instead, they continued to move forward.

"Be careful." Hong Dali told his team. "Scouts, move to the front. Silver Frosts troops must be patrolling here. We need to dispose of them as soon as possible. After that, everyone will rush forward. Understand the plan?"

"Understood!" Everyone nodded.

They moved forward. As Hong Dali expected, they soon encountered 500 patrolling troops once they entered the human territory. Hong Dali directly waved his hands. "Go!"

Swoosh swoosh swoosh

The 4,000 troops were led by the scouts. They rapidly rushed forward. It was 4,000 against 500, and an ambush in favor of Hong Dalis side. The battle soon ended after a few minutes, with all 500 troops dead.

"Everyone, go! Time is money, my friends!" Hong Dali laughed. The patrolling troops were settled, so everything else was going to be easy now.

At the resurrection point.

"Boss, somethings wrong! Hong Dali is leading his troops and going straight for our main base camp!" The scout who was killed earlier hurriedly reported to Silver Frost. "Judging by the numbers, theyre bringing at least 3,000 or 4,000 people!"

"What?!" Silver Frost was stunned. He was completely panicking at this point and stood up before yelling. "Everyone, hurry and go with me now. Hong Dali is headed for our main base camp!"

This news was explosive. Instantly, everyone was invigorated.

All his troops then headed back to the main base camp. However, once they neared the actual base, Silver Frost was completely stunned

"Hehe, hello." Hong Dali leaned back on his chair atop the human sides base camp walls. He sipped on his drink as a few beauties massaged his shoulders gently. He looked down at Silver Frost and smiled. "You guys are a little late."

Silver Frosts face instantly turned green.

Damn! In such a short while, Hong Dali actually occupied their base camp!

That was not all. This guy actually built a fortress in front of the base camp! A fortress that blocked the entire road!




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