Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 408

Chapter 408 Virtual Reality Internet Game

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"Thats not good! Retreat, quickly!" As he looked at the reactions of the audience, Shiroishi Kazuma felt his chest tightening. "We need to regroup and plan. Otherwise, there is a high chance we will fail again this time!"

Qian Youjin got up in a hurry. "Okay! Mr. Shi, I, too, am very worried now. If we dont do something to stop them now, our survival in the future May I point my middle finger at the heavens?"

They all lived in the same world, how was it that they seemed to be worlds apart?

Shiroishi Kazuma was not an idiot. He could already imagine what would happen once this advertisement was put online. What he needed to do now was to minimize the effects.

It was inevitable that this would cause a storm, a fierce storm!

Soon, the fierce battle ended, and the entire West Fourth Loop Stadium almost went out of control!

Perfect publicity, perfect game, various new ways of playing! Each proved to the masses that this game was set to take over all other games. This game would become the first game of choice for all future e-sports!

At this point of time, the audience watching the game had all gone into a frenzy!

Dream Dota League!

"Perfect! This game is absolutely perfect!" This thought flashed through everyones minds like lightning.

On the stage, ten heroes, each unique, were greeting the audience. Their synthesized voices rang out in the ears of the audience. "Welcome to Dream Dota League. Dear friends, let us stand shoulder to shoulder in our battle to the end!"

The mood was brought to a climax. The cheers and screaming melded into one. If sound could be turned into solid matter, the stadium would have been demolished as if it were hit by a comet.

In the VIP lounge, Hong Dalis classmates were all joyously watching the scene below. Ling Yi laughed and said, "Brother Dali, youre great! When the game launches, please give me a fully leveled account. Dont forget! We will go in and have our fun first. This game looks very exciting. Look at the surrounding audience, they are crazy with excitement!"

"I predict this game will be super popular! Brother Dali, when the time comes, let me play with you. This game is so fun, no matter what, I have to give it a try!" Du Xinzhen said with conviction.

Tang Muxin sighed. Suddenly, she laughed and said evilly, "Eh, Dali has a point. It takes skill to squander. Hehe!"

Unexpectedly, Hong Dali rubbed his chin and shook his head. He mumbled, "Not enough. Its still not enough!"

This was still not enough?

By now, Tang Muxin was already fully convinced of Dalis abilities. She asked hurriedly, "Dali, what do you plan to do then? Do you want to make the event grander? The problem is that todays event is already very grand!" Money was not an issue if they wanted to make the event grander. The thing was, she simply could not imagine how to make the event even more spectacular.

In truth, the event was already opulent enough as it was. The problem was that Hong Dalis system had just upgraded.

"All skill branches of the hosts system are fully upgraded. Initiating system upgrade."

"Upgrading in progress, please wait"

He didnt pay attention to it for a few days, and the system had upgraded! It seemed he had spent enough these few days!

Soon, the mechanic voice sounded again

"Great Prodigal System, upgrade successful. Currently, Host has successfully upgraded from an elementary-prodigal to a super prodigal."

Wahahaha. Im finally a Super Prodigal. Super duper cool!

The system continued

"Super prodigal, for every ten million yuan squandered, Host will be rewarded an attribute point. The previous amount of money squandered will be completely cleared out, and everything will begin from zero.

"System Benefit One: [Technology], [Skill], [Survival], level up on all three branches. Benefit Explanation: The host may choose one branch to expand for every ten attribute points used."

"System Benefit Two: [Family and Friends skill upgrade: 3 attribute points may be used to exchange for one Family and Friends attribute point. Only Health and Charisma points may be used for exchange."

"Main Mission: Squander 100 million in two weeks. Mission Reward: 5 attribute points. Failure Penalty: Health of all Family and Friends is reduced by 30 points."

"After the host has completed a benefit branch, he can continue to exchange specific benefits with attribute points."

"[Side Mission 1 (Upgraded): The Caring Little Prodigal. Mission Requirement: Unknown. Current Progress: 0/100. Reward: Animals Best Friend title upgrade. Title Effect: Host can easily control any animals. Title Level: Level Three (Max). Additional explanation: This mission does not have to be completed. Once the System finishes upgrading, it will be erased.]"

"[Side Mission 2 (Upgraded): Natures Little Prodigal. Mission Requirement: Unknown. Current Progress: 0/100. Mission Reward: Natures Best Friend title upgrade. Title Effect: Obtain the goodwill of nature, nullifies all elemental damage. Title Level: Level Three (Max). Additional explanation: This mission does not have to be completed. Once the System finishes upgrading, it will be erased.]"

What the

Hong Dali was horrified. It was bad enough that it took ten million to get one attribute point. He also needed to squander one hundred million within two weeks! If he failed to do that, his family and friends would lose thirty points from their Health. Damn. It looked like he would have to spend more money faster!

Thinking of this, Hong Dalis palms perspired profusely.

Was this the fabled Super Prodigal?

Hong Dali took a deep breath. "We will go all the way this timedefinitely the high-tech way!"

No one knew that Hong Dalis System had upgraded. However, everyone was waiting for his decision. They all wanted to know what would be "enough"

"What I think is enough, yes, yes!" Hong Dali said sagely, "Think about it. If we were to use holographic projection like that, players would not be able to follow the map accurately, right? What we are doing is E-sports! E-sports! All we do is sit in a chair, thats not the way! What I am thinking is whether we can make it like one of those virtual reality web games. The kind where players wear a helmet which connects directly to the brain synapses. They will also wear a Virtual Reality suit, which means they can exercise and play at the same time. That way, it will be a real sport!"

Interactive Virtual Reality battles! Thats what he was going to do!

"Its not a bad idea, but the problem is" Tang Muxin gave it some thought and asked Lin Chuyin, who was next to her, "Sister Chuyin, is the current technology able to achieve that?"

"Oh, theoretically it should." Lin Chuyin nodded. "Brain signal connection is a branch of neural connection technology. If its combined with a virtual node projection service, yes and an activity space, it should work."

Everyone was shell shockedaccording to Lin Chuyin, the future of gaming would have the player doing the motions in a large activity space. The Virtual Nodes Projection Suit would respond to the action of the player, connect to the helmet worn on the head, which would then transmit information to the brain. The result would be a spectacular holographic projection?!

Hong Dali only wanted to squander bigger when he embarked on this technological project. Liu Mingxin, however, knew all too well what kind of attention this new mode of gaming could attractIn this world, online gaming was not a big thing. Sports, however, were. Now that Hong Dali managed to combine both gaming and sports, what kind of new market would that form?!

This idea was fantastic!

"This is good, this is good!" Tang Muxin no longer looked down on Hong Dalis prodigal ideas. The ideas this fellow came up with to squander were all fantastic. He even came up with something like this! "When can we start on this?" Tang Muxin asked.

"Start immediately. I cant wait anymore, haha!" Hong Dali glanced toward Ling Xiaoyi. "Sister Xiaoyi, please ask Chuyin for the material list when you get back. This time, we will have a budget of ten million. Theres more if its not enough!"

This session of Holographic Projection Dream Dota League ended at 10 PM. During this battle, there were no lengthy introductions. There were just three battles between different heroes.

When the battles ended, the excited audience was all unwilling to leave. They all requested another battle in waves of excited cheers.

The reason was simplethose who loved to game were nerds. To them, there was not much of a difference between 10 PM and 12 AM. It was common for them to spend the entire night playing rather than sleeping.

This game looked so fun, especially live. The almost real live battle hit close to the heart. It would not be a problem at all for them to watch others play for another two hours.

Hong Dali would obviously not do that

On the next day, one of the players on site uploaded the video to So Cool. Early in the morning on the day after, every single website had a report regarding the use of Holographic Projection in the Dream Dota League on their main page. The internet went completely nuts over this news!

That was because of Holographic Projection and Hong Dalis excessiveness. Dalis productions must be the best!

From noon, anyone who had not played the game yet started to gather friends and form groups to enter the game to experience for themselves the excitement of the battles. The number of users of the official Tieba forum for Sangle exceeded two million within two hours. This was just the beginning. The number was still increasing.

Later in the afternoon, the high definition video of the Holographic Projection had been downloaded more than three million times on So Cool. The profit from this was already negligible to Hong Dali whose pocket money was already twenty million.

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