Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 866

Chapter 866 Regardless If Its Of Use Just Buy It First

Chapter 866: Regardless If Its of Use, Just Buy It First!
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It was a completely jet black spacecraft. Since it was jet black, it was naturally different from the bright black that people normally see. The paint on this spacecraft didnt reflect light, causing it to look like one large piece of charcoal. It was square-shaped and looked very solid.

The manager hurriedly introduced. "Sir, this model is made by George Barton Shipyard. Its a spacecraft made for superstar trekking. George Barton didnt make a lot of this model of spacecraft in the entire Milky Way, only having less than 500 of it. This spacecraft has excellent endurance and interstellar traversing capabilities. Its equipped with a VF1088 model High-energy Electronic Collision Machine. It has a very intelligent and user-friendly AI butler. The interior uses a two-color mix and match, and the seats are hand-sewn. Its very comfortable to look at, has an elegant and classic style, and has a variety of safety equipment such as night vision system, interstellar navigation, anti-biochemical gas system, oxygen supply equipment in the cockpit, as well as holographic video and audio-video systems, and high-tech interstellar detection system."

Of course, these could only be regarded as the basic data of this spacecraft. If he wanted to sell this spacecraft, he still needed to put in more effort. "Sir, from your imposing manner, you are definitely a person who has friends everywhere. This George Barton interstellar spacecraft is practically tailored just for you. It only serves the most successful people, and it is absolutely very rare too. It can be described as a luxury to ordinary people just to take a look at it." Then, he opened the door of the spacecraft. "Maybe you should go up and have a chat with the AI on the spacecraft. For this model of spacecraft, it isnt people who choose it, but rather it will choose its owner. The AI of this ship wouldnt accept ordinary people with no taste."

Look at how he said it. This way, this spacecraft instantly sounded much more high-end and classy, didnt it?

Less than 500 in the entire Milky Way and it chooses its owner instead of people choosing it.

"Yup, not bad." Hong Dali was very satisfied. This what the kind of high-quality stuff that he wanted. Normal small things were obviously unable to show off his prodigal manner. Therefore, Hong Dali asked, "How much does this cost?"

"An exact 8.88 million!" The manager hurriedly asked, "Why dont you go up and try it?"

Normally, the usual procedure would be to introduce the item first, then persuade the buyer, then test the item, then discuss if the buyer wanted to buy the item or not.

Then, Hong Dalis next words caused the manager to kneel in worship. "No need to test, I dont have the mood for that. Give me a few of this spacecraft to fly for fun. Wait, let me count first, dont be anxious."

A spacecraft that cost 8.88 million! Buy a few of them to fly for fun?

Hong Dali started counting. "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight" There were Tang Muxin and the other two girls, the nine lackeys, and Lucifer, a total of 14, including Hong Dali himself. "Yup, 14 people, then lets buy 15 spacecraft first. Round it down to 8 million for each spacecraft."

Cold sweat instantly broke out on the managers forehead.

There are only 14 people, but this Sir wants to buy 15. Is the extra one the legendary regardless of its of use, just buy it first. What if it comes in handy next time

8.88 million rounded down to 8 million was still acceptable. After all, he was buying in large numbers. 15 of it would mean a cost of 120 million, that was a massive figure!

"Sir!" The manager directly kneeled. "By when do you need them?"

"Now." Hong Dali laughed and said, "Go and prepare immediately, I will be flying it away directly. Xiaoyi, go settle the procedures."

Fifteen jet-black heavy armored George Barton spacecraft were very quickly moved there. It was a really imposing sight. Speaking of which, although there wasnt much of this model of spacecraft, the problem was that the George Barton shipyard was located in Shenluo City, so the marketplace still managed to amass 15 George Barton spacecraft. However, if it was at some other place, it would be impossible for anyone to buy so many of it at one go!

Very quickly, the procedures were done. Very satisfied, Hong Dali sucked in a deep breathoh my, 120 attribute points in one shot, this is really enjoyable, brouhahaha!

In the pub street near St. Homburg Grand Hotel.

Originally, this timing was when the pubs would start to operate. This was when people would go there and play and flirt around, then slowly move on to some flat furniture and have negative distance contact.

But now, countless men and women were standing outside the street and softly discussing

"Did you hear? Two pubs here were sold and the new owner is going to demolish them today."

"Yes, I heard. Its said that this new owner is a godly person who easily won over 150 million in the casino. But immediately after he came back, he intended to dispose of these two pubs. The wisdom of a godly person is really not something that we can understand."

"Thats right, hes really impressive! These two pubs should be worth at least 30 plus million in total, who would expect that he will smash them down just like that. Sigh, we really dont understand the world of the rich."

"Hehe, I think that this person probably just said it for fun. These are estates worth more than 30 million, after all. Who would be willing to smash them down just like that? No matter how rich this person is, I dont think he will squander like this, right?"

"Not necessarily. According to the latest news, this person is someone that even the Honorary Aristocrat had to suck up to. Maybe he really just wanted to smash down these 30 plus million estates just to enjoy the sound of it?"

"Thats true!"

While they were discussing, on the other side, Fifth Lord, Elentina, and the rest had gathered here too. Lizard Man didnt dare to come because he was the first to take physical action against Hong Dali. Therefore, Elentina took over his position and became one of the members in the gang of five, and she was the only female one too.

Very quickly, someone suddenly pointed in the sky and shouted, "Quick, look, what is that!?"

Everyone lifted their head, and what they saw caused them all to suck in a deep breath.

In the sky, a long line of dark shadows appeared. Those were all spacecraft. These spacecraft were jet black in color and didnt reject any light, so they looked like pieces of dark clouds flying in the sky.

These spacecraft were all about 50 meters long and equipped with heavy armor on the outside, looking like sky fortresses.

The people on the ground who were fond of spacecraft very quickly recognized the model of this spacecraft and exclaimed, "God! These are George Barton heavy armor spacecraft! The one thats said to exist less than 500 of them in the Milky Way!"

Someone curiously asked, "How much does one cost?"

That person replied, "8.88 million! Each!"

Everyone was immediately dumbstruck.

Each of them costs 8.88 million, and now, there were 15 of them in the sky

"Hehe, hehehehe" Fifth Lords saliva almost drooled out. "Just these 15 spacecraft already cost 12 million God"

In the Galaxy Alliance Center, there was a such a phrase to describe a spacecraft: "Unprecedented design, with sharp lines and hull lines, and a series of designs such as exaggerated rivets, tall flying wings, and special front face layout, giving the spacecraft a stronger personal color and highlighting the toughness of the hull, matching with the temperament of hot-blooded men. Even when its not moving, it gives people a proud and overbearing feeling."

And the spacecraft that this phrase referred to was the George Barton heavy armor spacecraft.

It wasnt an overstatement to say that once it appeared, it would instantly catch their attention.

The spacecraft slowly stopped in the sky. Then, the hatch opened and a beam of light dropped down. Then, Hong Dali and the others walked out of their respective spacecraft.

There were 15 spacecraft, and each one had a person inside it.

After everyone had come down, the nine lackeys quickly gathered around Hong Dali and bowed in unison. "Young Master!"

The atmosphere was instantly lifted to the utmost and the pretentious mannerism exceeded the skys limit.

Hong Dali was very satisfied. This was exactly the kind of effect he wanted.

Then, the remaining spacecraft that no one was piloting instantly became more mysterious to the crowd. The previous 14 spacecraft each had someone sitting inside, but the person in the last one didnt come down! What kind of big-shot can it be! This is really terrifying!

This Young Master already had such an imposing manner, then wouldnt the identity of this last guy be beyond their imagination?

But the crowd didnt know that there wasnt anyone inside the last one at all. The reason why there was an extra one was that Hong Dali was lazy to calculate and directly chose to buy in a number easy to count

By now, Tianyi had already alighted from his own spacecraft.

Although he was an Honorary Aristocrat, he seemed to be like a bumpkin standing beside Hong Dali, only qualified to be his follower. But even so, he was ranked behind the nine lackeys

Li Yang softly asked, "Young Master, what should we do next"

Hong Dali sniffed, looked at the three buildings in frontthe two pubs and the office building. The size of these three buildings wasnt small, it would probably need quite some effort to smash them to the ground.

Sigh, what a pity that I didnt bring the Zergs here. These are quite suitable to be their food

Now, it was a problem in planning on how to smash down these three buildings. If it took too long, that would obviously become quite boring. But if they wanted to smash them down quickly, this would become quite a big scene and wouldnt look very good.

Yup, thats not a good idea.

What should I do?

Hong Dali touched his chin, then his eyes suddenly lit up. He grinned and said, "I have thought of a way, hehe." Since he wanted to demolish buildings, there was no one more suitable than that guy. Therefore, Hong Dali took out his communicator and connected someone. "Pops, I am back. Can you come and help me with something?"



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