Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 867

Chapter 867 Scary Old Mister

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Pops, the awesome Mister Gate! That was one of the three space pirate emperors in the entire Dimu Star Sector!

It wasnt an overstatement to say that if he was willing to work for the Galaxy Aristocrats, he could easily earn a wage of one or two hundred million a month.

Yet, Hong Dali actually wanted to ask such an awesome person to come and help him tear down some buildings

Of course, the crowd here didnt know how awesome Mister Gate was. Therefore, Fifth Lord and the rest were very curious toohow strong would this Old Dad of this young man be when this young man himself was a person that even an Honorary Aristocrat would need to suck up to?

In the communicator

Gates appearance was displayed on the screen. Once he saw Hong Dali, Gate instantly laughed loudly and said, "Gulalalala, little rascal, you are actually still alive? Looks like your luck is quite good. What do you need these old bones to help you with?"

"Ah, its like this." Hong Dali grinned and said, "I want to smash down a few buildings, so I instantly thought of you. How is it, do you want to come to do some exercise?"

Although Hong Dali was seeking assistance, from his mouth it sounded he thought of Gate because there was some benefit available for Gate. Thats why its said that Heavenly States language was a piece of profound art. Changing one or two characters in a phrase to other characters that sound the same would mean totally different things

But whatever the case, Gate was still quite happy that this godson of his who had good luck was fine. He instantly said, "Alright, little rascal. I have something to look for you too, I will tell you when we meet."

Then, Gate ended the communication.

"Pops has something to do with me?" Hearing Mister Gate said that Hong Dali was instantly curious. What could it be that his awesome Pops couldnt handle and needed to look for him?

Of course, although Hong Dali was curious, he didnt ask in detail since his Pops would be coming here soon. Hong Dali could just ask him in person then.

Time passed very quickly. Just as the crowd was stretching their necks out and waiting to see how Hong Dali was going to smash down these three buildings, a small and ordinary spacecraft flew towards them.

It was really just an ordinary small-sized spacecraft, somewhat equivalent to the taxis on Earth.

Therefore, the crowd here was very curious. After all, Hong Dali could be considered to be a superb big-shot. When he went out now, 15 George Barton heavy armor spacecraft followed behind him, an Honorary Aristocrat served him, a bunch of lackeys stood behind him, not to mention Li Nianwei, who recently became a goddess in Milky Way too.

The Pops of this kind of person would probably be some super awesome guy too, right? But things didnt seem very right now, this supposedly awesome Pops actually came here in a rental spacecraft!?

"This is so strange, this Young Masters Pops actually came in a rental spacecraft? Dont tell me his Pops dont even have a spacecraft?"

"Who knows, we wouldnt be able to understand the logic of a godly person. Lets just enjoy the show!"

Fifth Lords side was feeling puzzled too. Young Masters Pops came here in a rental spacecraft?

Very quickly, Mister Gates gigantic figure appeared in front of everyones eyes. He casually wore a vest, shorts, and a pair of slippers. Once he saw Hong Dali, he laughed loudly and said, "Gulalala, little rascal, looks like you are looking quite well. You are quite lucky that you didnt lose your life this time!"

Everyone around almost popped their eyes out. This old man wearing shorts and slipper was this young mans Pops? This This This was really weird, wasnt it!?

"Hehe, my luck is not bad," Hong Dali grinned. Speaking of which, his luck this time was really good. Not only did he fuse with the Golden Emperor Beetle, but he also took over the control of 3 trillion Zergs and was in charge of feeding time Damn! Just mentioning this caused Hong Dali to go frantic!

"Its good that you are alive." Gate laughed and asked, "Tell me, what is it this time? I remember that you said something about helping you to tear down buildings or something?" Saying so, he pointed at St. Homburg Grand Hotel and started warming up. "Is it that one?"

This caused Hong Dali to be scared until he was half dead. If Pops fist really landed on it, this hotel would definitely be replaced by a piece of flat land!

"Not that one!" Frantically hugging Gates arm, Hong Dali trembled and pointed at the pubs and office building. "Its these two, these two Ah, its three, these three!"

The crowds eyes almost dropped onto the groundwhat the heck, there are really a lot of strange things happening this year. What situation is this? Who is this old man?

"Oh, these three buildings are a bit small" Mister Gate humped and flicked Hong Dalis forehead. "Next time, remember to find something larger. These three small things cant even get me warmed up."

Then, he walked forward and raised his fist.BOMB!

Even the air was shattered by his fist, and the ground instantly started distorting. With a radius of 50 kilometers from the hotel, an earthquake seemed to have happened. Everyone was wobbling and couldnt stand properly, and some people were so shocked that they directly dropped onto the ground


The three buildings were filled with cracks all over in just two eye blinks of time. Then, Mister Gate shrugged and said, "Alright, these three buildings are a bit too small, I didnt dare to use too much strength. Yup, the result seems to be only average"

Just as he was saying this, the three buildings collapsed and completely turned into ruins

Everyone froze from shock and fear.

Cold sweat covered the Fifth Lords body.God, this Young Masters Pops is too ferocious, isnt he? Just one punch! And he practically created an earthquake with a 50-kilometer radius? Look at the people continuously running out from the other buildings, that shaking of the Earth just now was even akin to that of a six or seven-degree earthquake, right!?

What kind of person is this Young Master really!?

Now, other than Hong Dalis people who werent surprised, everyone one else was scared silly. There were tens of thousands of people here, but not a single sound could be heard.

One punch! Just such a casual punch and this place became like this

"Hehe, Pops is really still the most awesome!" Hong Dali grinned as he rushed up and sucked up to Gate. "Then, next time, I shall find something sturdy for you to practice on!"

"Yup, this idea sounds okay." Gate looked around, deeply feeling that there were too many outsiders, and said, "Lets not talk about this. For now, lets go find somewhere quiet. I have something to talk to you about too."

"Okay!" He definitely had to listen to Pops words. Hong Dali thought for a long while, then pointed at the center of the ruins of the three buildings and said, "That place seems not bad, there are even sofas there"

Yup, this place was surrounded by tens of thousands of audiences and there were sofas in the center. If he spoke about something in such a scene, that would really be extremely interesting, wasnt it?

"Okay." Mister Gate led the way in front and said, " Then lets chat here for a bit."

After Hong Dali brought along his people and went in, the audiences firstly went quiet for a while, then completely erupted!

"God, that old man is an ability user! Hes actually an ability user! God, I actually met an ability user before I died, this is really awesome!"

"An ability user, hes really strong. Just one punch and this place collapsed as if it suffered a big earthquake, its really scary!"

"I wonder whats that Young Masters identity, he actually has such a powerful Pops. Sigh, people will really die when being compared with others!"

Fifth Lord and the others were completely scared silly now.

Speaking of which, they had planned to plot against Hong Dali at first. But from the looks of things today, if they had really offended Hong Dali and gained the attention of this old man, his casino could be destroyed in just one punch too. He wouldnt have any chance to retaliate at all.

Yet, just as everyone was being surprised, someone suddenly pointed at where Gate and Hong Dali were and shouted, "Quick, look, someone else came too. I think hes an ability user too!"

Hearing this, everyone turned around to look at the direction that Hong Dali was in. Very quickly, everyone went quiet again.

At the spot where Hong Dali and the rest were, a door opened in the air and an old man wearing a vest and shorts walked out, then laughingly sat on the sofa

"Oh my god, my heart Its another ability user, and hes also an old mister too!"

"Is it that the old misters today are all so powerful? The previous one can cause earthquakes, this one can actually open a space door!"

"Am I dreaming? Two ability users appeared in such a short time!?"

At such a moment, who would still bother about going to pubs, flirt and such. Being able to see an ability user was definitely something that could cause them to wake up from their sleep smiling. At the very least, they wouldnt need to fret about a lack of topics to chat about for the next few years!

It was no wonder that these people were so excited. Hong Dali interacted with all kinds of powerful people normally, such as Feng Wuhen, Mister Gate, Honorary Aristocrats, and Galaxy Aristocrats. Anyone of these was enough to cause the jaws of ordinary people to drop. Even Li Tianxing who had the ability to control ice was beaten into a pig head by him.

But towards ordinary people, ability users were one in a million, tens of millions. In this universe, ordinary people belonged to the bottom of society. On top of them were the warriors, and on top of the warriors were the ability users!

Therefore, it was definitely an important event for them to be able to see an ability user!

Of course, while the crowd was all exclaiming and being surprised, Hong Dali was calmly sitting on the sofa. Once he saw this old man who opened the door in space, he instantly laughed and said, "Huh? Arent you that old mister who saved those people that day? I still wondered how those people were being saved last time, now I finally know its because you can open space doors!"

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