Rebirth Of The Godly Prodigal Chapter 949

Chapter 949 Watershed

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Of course, dark energy was something extraordinary to others. After all, in the Milky Way, only Black-level Honorary Aristocrats were able to cultivate it. It was not that it was a rare ability. After all, the manuals were sold by the Galaxy Aristocrats. The key problem was that learning this skill required a certain amount of Strength, Agility, and Reflexes.

All three attributes had to be over 500. If you could not attain this prerequisite, no matter how much of a genius you were, you could not cultivate dark energymainly because without that amount of attributes, you could not even sense the presence of dark energy.

This was similar to mathematics. If you did not even know addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, how could you learn formulas and equations?

Hence, when they saw Li Haokong using dark energy, third-level dark energy to boot, the audience went wild! After all, the ability to cultivate dark energy was a watershed. Its power was far beyond anyones imagination. Ordinary martial arts practitioners who used dark energy would even have the confidence to challenge an energy user. Hence, the immense power of dark energy was imaginable.

Third-level dark energy? Levis faced Li Haokong, who used third-level dark energy right at the beginning, with a slight smile. Then, he shouted loudly, 600%!


Levis muscles started to writhe. This was his unique ability to control the strength of his muscles! Since Li Haokong used dark energy from the start, Levis, too, had to use his most powerful skill.

However, this time, his strengthening muscles, 600% seemed to be slightly different from what Hong Dali and the rest had seen before.

Young Master. On the spectator stand, Li Yang asked curiously, Brother Levis strengthening muscles seem different today.

Yes, its different. Hong Dali took a closer look. It seems to be much less bulky than before. He used to look like a tank when it was 400% to 500%. Now his muscles just look a little bigger. Interesting.

It was no wonder Hong Dali would say so.

Previously, when Levis strengthened his muscles, his muscles looked super scary. This time, they just looked a little stronger than before, and his body only bulked up a little.

Ever since he lost to the Aristocrat Wu Qing, Levis had been training with all he had. Later, he obtained the Secrets of Dark Energy. After combining the two, his muscle control was much less obtrusive than before, but the power was three times stronger!

On the stands, everyone saw Levis appearance and said, Look, what is this ability? His muscles seem to be much stronger than before, and he seems to have turned darker. I wonder what is going on.What does he mean by 600%, what a strange martial arts skill.

Hmm, this aura Li Haokong frowned.

The aura emanating from Levis body at that moment was really quite terrifying. Li Haokong had never felt anything like it before.

Gaslighter! With a chilling shout, Li Haokong swooped in, dark energy exploding. Like a clap of thunder, he aimed a punch straight at Levis chest.

Just what I want! Levis chucked and also raised his fist, throwing a punch directly at Li Haokongs fist.

Boom A dull sound was heard. This time, they were both evenly matched and each took three steps back!

For a moment, all the Honorary Aristocrats in the audience were stunned.

This martial arts skill called 600% could actually go up against Li Haokongs dark energy and still not lose?!

For someone who was practicing third-level dark energy, it was not a big deal to be able to punch through a ten-centimeter-thick steel plate. Li Haokong had already mastered third-level dark energy. Levis was actually able to go head to head with such power?!

Thats impossible, what kind of monster is this Levis? Did I see wrongly just now?

No, I cant take it anymore. He did not even use any dark energy and he can still hold his own against Li Haokong?!

Everyone was shocked, but Levis secretly frowned. It seems that Li Haokong did not use his full strength, just like me. Otherwise, if this is all hes got, he would not have become one of only five Black and White-level Double Aristocrats in the Milky Way.

Li Haokong looked at Levis, the look in his eyes inscrutable.

He really did not use his full strength. After all, how can someone so highly valued by Li Xuancheng have only this bit of ability?

But Li Haokong really did not expect this. Without using any dark energy, Levis was actually a match for him? How was it possible?

It seems that I have underestimated you. Li Haokong took a deep breath. Be careful, I will be more serious this time. As he spoke, Li Haokong rushed forward again. This time, his speed was twice as fast as before and his movement was even accompanied by a sharp whoosh! In a flash, Li Haokong was behind Levis right, and he attacked with a punch.

His punch contained immense power and its speed was lightning fast. Speed was not one of Levis strengths. In such a short time, it would be impossible for him to avoid the punch.

Hard. At this critical juncture, Levis whispered, and a dark undercurrent flashed under his skin.

Bang! A loud sound was heard. Levis took a direct punch from Li Haokong!

Actually, anyone who was hit by such a powerful punch infused with dark energy would at least have a few broken bones and ruptured internal organs, if they were not outright killed. However, unexpectedly, Levis just frowned, reached out, rubbed the place where he was hit, and nodded. Its really quite powerful. My bones may be a little fractured. Not bad.


After taking Li Haokongs punch, his bones were just slightly fractured? Impossible, right? That punch would have made a big hole in even a spaceship, but he was only slightly injured?

Li Haokong was really quite astonished this time. His expression was shocked.

Li Haokong knew very well how powerful his punch was. It was no exaggeration to say that in his previous battle against Li Tianxing, he completely smashed through Li Tianxings chest in the Virtual World with this punch. However, this young man named Levis was only slightly injured?

Hes really a lunatic, taking such a punch from Li Haokong straight on. Furthermore, he only got slightly injured! On the spectator stand, the audience was murmuring, eyes wide and in awe.

Cool! Everyone on Hong Dalis side was grinning and giving Levis the thumbs-up sign.

This time, Li Haokong was taking his opponent seriously.

Levis might have suffered a slight injury from that attack, but strength was strength. Who would dare to take such a punch without knowing that they had sufficient ability to?

Martial arts was like this. Most people saw the ability to turn defeat into victory, the seemingly accidental change of fates, as a stroke of luck. The insiders knew that, in fact, a lot of hard work, sweat, and superior understanding of martial arts went into it.

Without some actual ability, no one would dare play like that. It was like putting ones life on the line as a joke.

Now that he was face to face with his opponent, Li Haokong had no intention of being careless.

He was able to become a Black and White-level Double Aristocrat and got chosen and cultivated by the Li Family as a seed player. Li Haokong was naturally also an energy user! His ability was a match for his status and was extremely powerful!

The most suitable Soul Stone for fighting, the insect-type!

On the surface, an elemental Soul Stone seemed to be the most power type. It could do large area damage and was extremely powerful. However, those in the know knew that the strongest Soul Stone in battle was the insect-type!

Insects, the strongest individual bodies in nature. They were the target of Zerg Queen Zhang Yis research.

For example, there was a small ant that could lift an object that weighed four hundred times its own weight! There was another kind of insect whose speed could reach tens of times its own length.

Therefore, the insect-type Soul Stone was definitely the strongest Soul Stone to use in a battle after mastering dark energy.

Furthermore, the Soul Stone Li Haokong had fused with was a very powerful insect-type Soul Stone. In the Galaxy Alliance Center, they called this insect the Killer Beetle!

Woosh, woosh, woosh In an instant, Li Haokongs body was completely covered by bone armor. A pair of wings as thin as a cicadas grew on his back. His shoulders were full of spikes, and even his face was completely covered, leaving only a pair of red eyes exposed.

Coupled with the third-level dark energy that was constantly flowing out of him, Li Haokong at this time looked like a devil from hell!

Here. Li Xuancheng looked at Li Haokong and nodded with satisfaction. Haokongs strongest state. He is now at least ten times stronger than before. Although Hong Dalis lackey is really quite strong, against Li Haokong, he has absolutely no chance of winning.

Li Xuancheng was not bragging. Currently, Li Haokong had increased his original attributes by three times and also had the ability to fly. Anyone who had seen military warfare would know the absolute advantage flight had over ground forces. It was incomparable.

During the Second World War on Earth, the planes in the sky completely overwhelmed the presence of ground forces. With just a single round of bombing, the ground forces did not even have a chance to deploy.

Now, Li Haokong finally pulled out all the stops. It was obvious that he was really serious now.

This is my strongest state. Li Haokong inhaled gently. Be careful.

Actually, once he got into this state, he was almost invincible. It was no exaggeration to say that in his eyes, in the entire competition venue, the only ones who could be stronger than him were Jiang Dongliu and Li Xuancheng.

As for this one in front of him

Li Haokong was quite confident. So what if he was strong? In this universe, a warrior had two very obvious watersheds.

First, dark energy mastery.

The difference between mastering the dark energy and not mastering the dark energy was like the difference between heaven and earth.

And the other watershed was the Soul Stone!

Levis ability was indeed very strong, but it was at most just inherited ability. Compared with this authentic galactic Soul Stone, it was nothing.

This is your trump card? Unexpectedly, Levis only smiled when he saw the state Li Haokong was in. Since you are doing your best, then I should do my best too.

Strengthening muscles, percentage 1000! And

Third-level dark energy!

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