Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapter 406

Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Rebirth Of The Strongest Empress Chapter 406

Chapter 406: Xuanyuan Pill (1)

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Ye Qingtang's eyes brightened, but after seeing the words in the book, the light in her eyes extinguished instantly.

What was written on the book was “Moonlight Steps Swordplay Technique.”

“This Moonlight Steps Swordplay Technique is a high-level technique of Xuanling Sect. If you can master it, it will be extremely powerful. However, this swordplay technique is extremely hard to train. If you cultivate for another three to five years diligently, you'll be able to understand some basics. Take this with you today.” Elder Mo did his part as a Master.

Only a spa.r.s.e number of disciples in the inner sect mastered this Moonlight Steps Swordplay Technique. From this, one could imagine its difficulty level.

When Ye Qingtang saw the Moonlight Steps Swordplay Technique book, there was a subtle change in her expression.

Moonlight Steps Swordplay Technique…

Wasn't this the swordplay technique she practiced so thoroughly in her previous life?

The corners of Ye Qingtang's lips twitched, but looking at Elder Mo's behavior, it was inconvenient for her to express anything, and she could only accept it with feigned grat.i.tude.

“Thank you, Master.”

Elder Mo nodded slightly and asked again.

“Do you have any other matters?”

“No more.”

“You can leave then.” Elder Mo waved a hand. He was more or less helpless to Ye Qingtang's sudden request. It was a good thing that reserve disciples did not need to battle. Otherwise, he would probably not agree to her request either.

With Elder Mo's words, joy filled Ye Qingtang, and she was ready to take her leave.

Nonetheless, Elder Mo suddenly recalled something and called out to Ye Qingtang.

“Ye Qingtang, make a trip to the Sword Spirit Workshop today.”

“…” The smile on her face froze for a moment.

Sword Spirit Workshop…

Over this period of time, she was almost allergic to those three words.

After being dragged by the elderly to study the Daybreak Crossbow, the incharge would directly pull her into the workshop and tie her to the elderly's side whenever she pa.s.sed by, where she would be forced to continue forging the Daybreak Crossbow.

Ye Qingtang almost died from such suffering. Helpless, she took a roundabout route now.

However, never in a million times would Ye Qingtang expect Elder Mo to actually ask her to walk right into the trap…

Ye Qingtang was overwhelmed with anguish as she glimpsed at Elder Mo with a strange expression which read “How much money do you owe that elderly exactly!”

Elder Mo was a little awkward from Ye Qingtang's gaze. He did not intend to concern himself with this matter, but His Excellency kept nagging about it and blamed him for not bothering his disciple. He was very helpless as well.

Since Ye Qingtang happened to be here today, he treated it as merely giving her a task.

No matter how unwilling Ye Qingtang was, she had no choice but to go to the Sword Spirit Workshop since Elder Mo personally asked her. After all, she just made a request to Elder Mo, and he had already agreed to it. If she did not give him face this time, it would really be courting death.

“I'll head over right now.” Ye Qingtang sighed and left after bowing.

Elder Mo watched Ye Qingtang's back view after making a prompt decision and was at a loss of whether to laugh or cry.

With unwilling footsteps. she arrived at the Sword Spirit Workshop.

The moment she reached the entrance, she saw that elderly strolling around the furnaces. When he noticed Ye Qingtang, his eyes brightened instantly.

“Wow, little girl. Why are you willing to come here today?” The elderly beamed at Ye Qingtang. His smile was like that of a person whose crafty plot succeeded, and Ye Qingtang seriously had the urge to box him.

Why was she here? Wouldn't he be clear?

Ye Qingtang truly suspected that Elder Mo owed this elderly a lot of money. Otherwise, why would such a highly-respected person “betray” his disciple?

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