Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapter 978

Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapter 978 - Do You Really Want Me To Compete? (5)

Chapter 978 Do You Really Want Me To Compete? (5)

When Duan Tianrui saw Ye Qingtang seeking her own death, he laughed mockingly and said to Duan Tianrao, who was standing nearby, Second Elder Brother, Ive always said that this Ye Qingtang is rather stupid. Can she spar with Eldest Brother with her paltry skills? Im afraid that Eldest Brother will badly maul her with just one move.

Duan Tianrao did not speak, but his expression was dismissive.

After Ye Qingtang had recovered her looks, he had thought of reconciling with her. However, she had completely ignored his overtures and, later on, had even given him many cold looks.

To the arrogant Duan Tianrao, this was an insult.

However, at that moment, Duan Tianrao was rejoicing in Ye Qingtangs actions.

If not for her actions back then, he would still be engaged to her.

And then, how could he have come into contact with the Young Lady from the Long Family?

Now, Ye Qingtang was seeking her own death. He would enjoy the show.

Looks like you still have some courage. Duan Tianyun looked disdainfully at Ye Qingtang, who was standing in front of him. He calmly moved his flexed fingers, and the crisp sound of his popping joints could be heard.

Dont worry. On the strength of the past relationship between our two families, I wont let you suffer too much. Since you are a girl, Ill make it short.

Ye Qingtangs face was expressionless. She looked calmly at the outstandingly arrogant Duan Tianyun.

Whats the matter? Are you too scared to talk? Never mind then let me quickly end your terror. A cruel look flashed across Duan Tianyuns eyes. The next second, a ball of icy blue frost suddenly formed in his hand.

When the group from the Ye Family below the dais saw Duan Tianyun forming ice, their hearts sank.

Duan Tianyun had used this move previously to badly injure Dan Yifan.

Even Dan Yifan was unable to withstand this blow, much less Ye Qingtang.

Ye Qingtang! Tremble as you feel terror descend on you! Duan Tianyuns expression was viciously mocking. He suddenly raised his fist, and the frost in his hand smashed violently towards Ye Qingtang!

Innumerable wisps of cold air shot out together with the frost. It was as if all the moisture in the air froze instantly.

At that moment, almost all the youths from the Ye Family that were present shut their eyes tightly.

They did not dare to see what would happen next.

A resounding explosion rang in everyones ears.

The ice and frost that smashed into Ye Qingtangs body instantly exploded in clouds of frost and shrouded the entire dais!

Duan Tianyuns lips curved in a smug smile when he saw the billowing clouds of frost. He arrogantly straightened up and c.o.c.ked his head slightly. He deliberately put on a pitying expression.

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Oh how pitiful But before Duan Tianyun could complete his sentence, the clouds of frost that saturated the dais slowly dissipated.

A slender figure slowly emerged from the cloud of frost.

Duan Tianyuns unfinished words stuck in his throat.

He saw

Ye Qingtang standing unharmed in her original spot amidst the cloud of frost. Her robes and accessories were all in place and had not been disturbed at all.

Wisps of chilly air were dissipating under the invisible heat rising from Ye Qingtangs body.

Ye Qingtang casually glanced at the steaming vapor that was rising from her shoulders. She calmly turned her head and gently blew the vapor away.

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