Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator Chapter 149

Chen Fan wagered that there had to be an internal force cultivation art in the military.

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Since things such as internal force were not secrets even among the public, the government had to be aware of them as well. It wouldn't be difficult for the government to acquire the cultivation methods. That being said, the earth's environment was not entirely friendly toward cultivators.

The world was so devoid of Spirit Qi that Sentient Objects were rare and cultivation techniques scarce.

Of all the cultivators on the earth, only those extremely talented cultivators could have possessed the Internal Force. The internal force users who Chen Fan had seen so far, such as Guo Wei, Lin Hu, Wei Fu, Linbao, and Old Man Gu were powerful martial artists that dominated their local areas. Even Guo Wei who had just achieved initial success could have been named the top fighter of the entire Chu Zhou City.

The difficulty in obtaining Internal Force while cultivating on earth was

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