Rebirth To A Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief Chapter 1264

Chapter 1264 Soybean Milk In The Morning

If Qiao Nan committed any mistakes during her internship, he would not allow her to stay by his side even though she was his little junior. It was better for her to learn from her master and wait until she had graduated before she made any plans of joining the department.

He Yi had already thought of the worst-case scenario. To his surprise, the little junior might seem to be shy and young, but she was quite reliable and trustworthy.

After all, she was groomed by his master. She must be quite capable.

He needed the information at the last minute. Everyone had their tasks and nobody had time to take up the job.

Apart from Qiao Nan, there was another intern in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was quite close to He Yi. There was once when Qiao Nan heard the man addressed He Yi as his master.

However, from what Qiao Nan knew, He Yi never acknowledged the man as his disciple.

Although He Yi handed the task to Qiao Nan, now that there was finally a chance to improve and learn, the man volunteered to take up the task and assured him that he would do a good job.

In the end, it was Qiao Nan, instead of the man, who was assigned the task.

Qiao Nan looked very serious as He Yi spoke to her. She was on tenterhooks.

She had tried her best to prepare the documents. Although she felt that she had done a good job, she was not very sure of herself.

Qiao Nan was glad that she was finally assigned a task to do. She placed great importance on it and hoped that she would not fail in her first try.

He Yi read the documents seriously. He read through every word rapidly with a solemn look on his face. Qiao Nan dared not interrupt He Yi or ask him if there was any problem with the documents.

"Master." Deng Wenchang had a gloomy look on his square face when He Yi and Qiao Nan walked toward him. He recovered himself and smiled brightly at his master when they neared him. "Master, I just bought soybean milk. It is still very hot. Would you like to have it?"

Many people knew that He Yi had the habit of drinking soybean milk in the morning.

Since the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had an urgent task, Qiao Nan worked through the night to prepare the documents while He Yi spent the night at the office after informing his family.

His wife brought with her a change of clothes for him in the morning.

Since He Yi did not have the time to go back home to change his clothes, he also would not have time to buy soybean milk.

He had more important tasks, so it was alright to skip the soybean milk this morning.

Everyone was busy with work. Deng Wenchang, who was not assigned any tasks, had a lot of time on his hands. He grabbed hold of the opportunity to bring the piping hot soybean milk to He Yi.

He Yi smelled the scent of the soybean milk and raised his eyebrows slightly. He did not reject his kindness. "It just happened that I am thirsty."

Deng Wenchang beamed when He Yi took the soybean milk from him. He had to stop himself from looking smugly at Qiao Nan, showing her that he had the upper hand.

The Deng family had spent a lot of time building a close relationship with He Yi. He Yi watched Deng Wenchang grow up. In the past, Deng Wenchang would address He Yi as his uncle. Now, he wanted to be his disciple.

He Yi was Deng Wenchangs role model. He had decided that he wanted to be like He Yi since a young age and hoped that he would take him in as his disciple. When he joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the future, He Yi would be able to help and support him.

He would be the best master. There was no other alternative.

Everything had happened according to Deng Wenchangs plan. He graduated from a renowned universitys foreign language faculty and studied in America for two years before he returned to the country about a year ago.

Deng Wenchang had put in a lot of effort into the goal that he had since a young age. Now that he had returned from his overseas study, he could join the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He knew He Yi since he was at a tender age, and He Yi had a lot of experience in the department. With him around to look after him, he would be able to make his mark in the department in the shortest time if he put in the effort.

Deng Wenchang was full of confidence. All he wanted was for He Yi to give him a chance to perform.

However, Deng Wenchang lost his smile after a few days with the appearance of Qiao Nan. She had disrupted his plans.

There was a young and pretty young lady beside the man that he wanted to acknowledge as his master!

Deng Wenchang could not help but be prejudiced against Qiao Nan. After all, she was just a third-year student. She had no right to join the department, let alone to work with He Yi, the minister.

Deng Wenchang was very certain that Qiao Nan had come in through the back door.

He spent a lot of time and effort, yet he was worse than the young lady who got in through the back door based on her looks. Deng Wenchang felt unconvinced.

Deng Wenchang felt slightly better that Qiao Nan was in a similar situation as him. He Yi did not take extra care of Qiao Nan. Even if Qiao Nan came in due to her looks, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the central government would not allow someone who got in through the back door based on her looks to have her way.

As long as he performed much better than Qiao Nan, and with the Deng familys help, he had no need to fear Qiao Nan.

But he was once again dealt with a harsh blow. He waited for a long time for the chance to perform and prove that he was capable, but He Yi decided to give the chance to Qiao Nan.

Although Deng Wenchang was not assigned any task, he stayed up through the night, boiling in anger. He had bloodshot eyes when he went to work this morning.

Very few people knew that Qiao Nan was He Yis little junior.

He Yi had worked through the night and he was particularly happy when he saw Qiao Nan at the office this morning with the documents ready. He could not help but address her as his little junior.

It happened that Deng Wenchang was not around. He still had the notion that people like Qiao Nan, who was young and pretty, must have engaged in indecent offers in order to have such a chance, while he, who joined the department based on his abilities, was robbed of the opportunity.

Qiao Nan and Deng Wenchang stayed by He Yis side until he went into his office.

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