Rebirth To A Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief Chapter 384

Chapter 384 Someone Helped Provide For Her

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Anyway, since there was no way that they could solve it, it was better to spend time on some other things, rather than wasting time on the question.

Besides, there were so many people in class one. It was not that everyone who worked on the question was interested in going to the library with Qiao Nan.

Just like what Tang Mengran said, trying to solve the question would kill a lot of brain cells!

Because of this question, Qiao Nan finally managed to have some peaceful days. Nobody came to ask her to go to the library with them.

The people in the same dormitory gave a big thumbs-up for Qiao Nans brilliant plan.

Initially, they were still agonizing over what kind of method should Qiao Nan use so as not to hurt others and bring trouble to themselves.

She was, after all, a top student. Her way of refusal was so effective and domineering. This was something that ordinary people could not think of.

"Dad, I am back." Qiao Nan went back home in two weeks time. "Dad, whats wrong?" When Qiao Nan returned home, Qiao Dongliang was sitting in a daze at home.

"You have started school, and your sister has started school as well. Its been half a month, yet your mom hasnt looked for me even once." Qiao Dongliang said anxiously, "Your mom and your sister Nan Nan, do you think I should go back and take a look quietly?"

"Dad, are you worried about sisters tuition fees and living expenses? Theres no need to worry. My mom and my sister are leading a good life, a much better one than before. They can have whatever they want to eat or buy." Qiao Nan changed out of her pair of shoes and put her schoolbag in her room.

As it was inconvenient at school, she mailed her letter to Zhai Sheng on her way home.

Besides mailing the letter, she also had two letters from Zhai Sheng inside her schoolbag.

Zhai Sheng was a soldier. He was busy with military affairs, yet he could write her two letters in half a month. She felt ashamed that she only had one letter for him.

"How is that so? Where did your mom and sister get the money? Nan Nan, are you sure that what you heard is correct?" Qiao Dongliang did not believe it. Ding Jiayi did not have any cash with her, let alone such a big sum of money. Even though Ding Jiayi was in charge of the money at home, he knew how much money they were left with.

After they spent the money on sending Zijin to The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China and for his medical expenses from the car accident, the family really had not much money left.

"Zhu Baoguo was the one who told me this. It should be the truth. Besides, my sister treats Wang Yang as her younger brother. He is a dependable younger brother. Compared with Wang Yang, I am embarrassed to say that I am my sisters younger sister. Wang Yang has covered my sisters tuition fees and living expenses." Qiao Nan had two glasses of water in her hand, one for herself while the other for Qiao Dongliang.

With one glance, Qiao Nan knew that her father had spent the whole day agonizing over the problem of Zijins tuition and miscellaneous fees. Not to mention water, he might not even have had a proper meal today.

Her father could steel his heart and not care about Ding Jiayi, but he could not do so for Qiao Zijin. It was impossible.

Similar to the previous life, she was almost forty years old and was still not married. Her mother tried means and ways to prevent her from having a boyfriend, let alone getting married. However, even though her father was disappointed and had lost all hope in her, he would still remind her to find a partner and get married soon whenever he saw her.

Once, her father also hinted that as long as the man had a good moral character, his family background did not matter. More importantly, it would be best if the man stayed far away from them, if possible, out of Ping Cheng.

Qiao Dongliang took the drink and finished drinking it in one go. He was stunned upon hearing what Qiao Nan said. "Nan Nan, is it true?" Wang Yang gave Zijin so much money that it could cover for her tuition and miscellaneous fees as well as her living expenses?

How could this be?

There was nothing in this world that could be obtained without any hard work. There was no free lunch in this world.

Why would Wang Yang give Zijin so much money? Why would he provide for her expenses?

"I dont know. Zhu Baoguo told me so. I dont think Zhu Baoguo would lie to me." Qiao Nan said this matter-of-factly.

"Why would Wang Yang do that?" Qiao Dongliang was exasperated. He furrowed his eyebrows in anger.

"No idea. My sister gets along quite well with Wang Yang. Maybe my sister regards Wang Yang as her younger brother, and Wang Yang also treats my sister as his elder sister."

"Impossible!" Qiao Dongliang refused to believe it. Unless it was Wang Yangs father who regarded Zijin as his daughter, it was no use even if Wang Yang treated Zijin as his sister. Wang Yangs father was the one who earned the money, not Wang Yang. He might be able to pay for Qiao Zijins tuition fees for a semester, but it was impossible to finance Zijin all the way through college.

This was not a small amount. Wang Yang could not possibly have so much money. By that time, the elders of the Wang family would come to know of this matter.

This was definitely not that simple.

"Then, I really dont know the reason, unless Zhu Baoguo lied to me." Seeing that Qiao Dongliang had finished the water, Qiao Nan stood up and went to the kitchen, giving Qiao Dongliang enough time and space to figure out what was going on between Qiao Zijin and Wang Yang.

"No, Baoguo wont lie to Nan Nan. There is no need for him to lie." Qiao Dongliang did not notice that Qiao Nan had left the living room. He was thinking hard about the problem at hand.

Qiao Dongliang had always known that Wang Yang and Zhu Baoguo did not get along well with each other.

In that case, it must not be for Zhu Baoguos interest that Wang Yang offered help to Qiao Zijin. Nevertheless, in what way would this harm Zhu Baoguo?

He kept on reciting Wang Yang, Qiao Zijin, Zhu Baoguo, and Qiao Nan over and over again in his mind. Qiao Dongliang seemed to have figure out something, but he could not bring himself to believe it.

If that were the truth

Qiao Dongliang felt as if his heart was being wrenched by someone. It was so painful that he almost cried out.

Someone dared to make use of his elder daughter to deal with his younger daughter, and the elder daughter seemed to go along with them. There was no way that Qiao Dongliang could make himself accept this painful truth!!

"Dad, have a bowl of noodles." By the time Qiao Dongliang came back to his senses, a bowl of hot and fragrant noodles with fried egg was placed in front of him. "Ever since I came back, I could hear your stomach rumbling for a couple of times. Have you eaten anything today?"

Qiao Nan had just said this and there was another rumble from Qiao Dongliangs stomach.

Qiao Dongliang took the bowl of noodles, looking embarrassed. "I did not do my duty as a father. I did not take good care of you, but you have to take care of me instead." He could not remember whether he had eaten or not today.

"Dad, hurry to eat the noodles. They will not taste good when they turn soggy." Qiao Nan wrinkled her nose in disgust. She preferred her noodles to be slightly undercooked. Qiao Dongliang had the same preferences as well. However, as Qiao Dongliang had not had any food today, she was worried that the noodles would be difficult to digest. Hence, she cooked it longer than usual.

Regardless, Qiao Nan would never eat soggy noodles.

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